My Secret Lover…. (SS) Chapter 10 (CONFESSION SPECIAL)




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Swara was watching TV in her house when the doorbell rang

She opened the door and there was Akshat standing with a smile on his face

Swara: Akii…!! Get in..!!

Akshat got in and sat on the couch
Akii: Cupcake chalo get ready fast we r getting late?

Swara looked at him with confused look

Swara:Where r we going and when did you told me abt this ???

Akii:Oh Han I forgot to tell u… You go and get ready we r going out for a movie… Jaldi Karo Cupcake 8:30 ka show hai ! It will take 10 minutes at least to reach there

Swara: Akii have u gone mad? U shud have told me earlier na…Now…(interrupted)

Akshat dragged her towards her room and pushed her inside and said : Cupcake m waiting in drawing room get ready fast

Swara left with no other option got ready

Akshat on call
Åk:yes just come here after 5 minutes….

Sanskar opened the door of Swara’s room and remembered how he and Akii made a plan according to which Akii took Swara out so that he can do the necessary arrangements

He opened the door of balcony and started doing the work


After 3 hours and some fifty minutes the door of Swara’s house got open

She entered the house cursing Akii as they went out but he kept her hungry and didn’t allowed her to have anything

Swara:Oh God I’ll seriously kill that idiot… (She moved towards the room to change when she was abt to open her wardrobe )

When suddenly someone came from back and closed her eyes with a cloth gently tying it

Swara was abt to shout when that person kept his hands on her mouth


Swara recognized the person and slowly whispered : Sanskar

Sanskar: Han Swara it’s me…!!

(Swara was shocked to find him there)

Before she could say something or even understand something Sanskar took her to the balcony
Leaving her on the door step he went in

Sanskar: Swara just two minutes

Swara was really shocked to react anything

Swara (gaining some senses are asked): Sanskar..u.. u here???

Sanskar ignored her question and continued His work

Swara was abt to remove the blind fold just when Sanskar saw her and said: Swara don’t u trust me just wait for few minutes

After a couple of minutes Sanskar gradually removed the blind fold from her eyes and asked her to open her eyes slowly

“Swara now slowly open your eyes”

Swara lifted her eyelids and was astounded by the sight in front of her

There were several heart shaped candles arranged beautifully in a specific pattern…
They were arranged in the three beautiful words of English language — I Love You
Surrounded by rose petals

Swara was amazed to c this, her heart was filled with utmost happiness

She turned back and her eyes caught Sanskar’s eyes who was standing just behind her trying to decode her feelings

She could not control her happiness and just hugged him tightly while few drops of tears escaped from her eyes…
Sanskar’s hands were reaching Swara’s back to hug her back when Swara Suddenly broke the hug and looked into his eyes
Whereas Sanskar who was till now thinking that Swara shud not feel that, became sad thinking that his thoughts r coming true
Swara: Sanskar u need not to pretend that you love me for my happiness… I know that u don’t love me and I don’t want to be a burden on you…
(Saying so she was abt go when Sanskar caught her one hand)

He pulled her making her turn and looked straight into her eyes

Sanskar :Swara I would just say one thing after that u r free to judge me
‘ Sometimes I wonder what my world would be like
If I didn’t have someone like you in my life.

I come back to reality only to see
That I wouldn’t be myself without you and me.

I am looking forward to the future, hoping you’ll be with me,
Growing old together and being happy as can be.

I want to spend the rest of my life making it up to you.
I know all of the hell I’ve been putting you through.

I am so sorry, and I can’t say that enough,
But I hope that’s the last time it will ever be rough.

I love you completely, with all of my heart,
I will love you forever, ’til death do us part.’

Saying so a tear rolled down his cheek…

Swara: San..skaaaar (whispered not able to react after seeing so much of love in his eyes which was only n only for her)

Sanskar bent down on his knees before her
” Swara, u r the best thing that ever happened to me , you r like a rainbow who colored my life… I know that I had hurt u a lot in the past… But now after realizing my true feelings for you I want to start afresh, I just want to say I LOVE YOU SWARA,I LOVE YOU WITH MY HEART AND SOUL…!!!

Before he could even complete his sentence Swara just rushed into his arms… And started crying…


They kept hugging each other for a couple of minutes when Sanskar said breaking the hug: Swara chalo now get up only 30seconds left for 12… Now come on cut the cake

Sanskar had kept a small(bahut small nhi???½kg ka) cake on the table

Swasan got up from the floor and as soon as the clock showed both its hands on 12

Swara cut the cake while Sanskar sang

Sanskar: Happy Birthday to uh… Happy Birthday to u… Happy birthday dear Swara , Happy birthday to u…!!!

Swara raised a piece of cake towards Sanskar’s mouth but he held her hand and made her have the first bite …. Then Swara fed him …. Just then Swara’s phone rang , but she was unable to attend the call as her hands were not clean… Sensing the situation Sanskar accepted the call and held the phone near to Swara’s ear…

Swara: Hello

Other side: Happy Birthday Princess…!!

Swara:Thnk u Papa

Shekhar: God bless uh..!!
Sharmishta:Happy Birthday Beta…God bless u..!!
(Call was on speaker from their side)

Swara: Thnk u Mom
(she continued talking to them for few minutes on her own as she cleaned her hands with a tissue paper)

By the time she was talking Sanskar started arranging dinner for them (After all he and Akii kept her hungry from so long)

Swara:(on call) Han oky bye Papa…good night…!!

She turned after cutting the call and by the aroma of the food she recognized the dish and her eyes started shining…

Sanskar: Swara come and have dinner…!! I know Akshat kept u hungry actually I asked him to do so, so that we can have dinner together

Swara: Thnk u so much Sanskar for everything…I still can’t believe that this is not my dream but reality…!

Sanskar: Swara no need to thank me in fact I shud be the one thanking u for coming in my life..
(Diverts the topic)
Now come fast sit here, or else your white pasta of you so called favorite restaurant will become cold…

Swara:Han Han Han… My white pasta… God I just love it ….

[Ah ha ha… White pasta!!! I just love it… My mouth is watering after writing this…!!)

Swasan finished their dinner just then Swara’s phone rang…

On call
Akshat:Happy Birthday Cupcake…!!

Swara: So u r wishing me so late…

Akshat:Arey nhi Cupcake… I thought not to disturb u both…

(Continued talking for awhile)


Swasan were sitting on the floor of the balcony… They were just talking and in between admiring each other

After all they spent whole one month without each other… Without each other’s talks… Without each other’s presence, and without each other’s love… For one the love was realized and for another it was unrealized love

But whatever happens, happens for good… After all there’s a saying “Ishwar Yat Karoti Shobhnam Karoti”

They were busy talking to each other without realizing the time, Swara was sitting beside Sanskar and her head was on Sanskar’s shoulder…

Just then Sanskar’s eyes fell on his watch…which showed 1:30 am

They were so engrossed in each other that they completely forgot abt the time…

Sanskar( whispered): Swara

Swara :Hmmm

Sanskar:Swara, I shud go now, 1:30 ho gya

Swara:Thodi der ruk jao Sanskar (wait for sometime Sanskar)

Fifteen minutes passed….

Sanskar: Swara…


Sanskar: Shall I leave?

Swara remained quite…

Sanskar also wanted to stay but it was already late, he stood up to wash his hands (as while talking they finished half of the cake and he was the one feeding both of them so)
(Idiot how can he stay with those chipchipe hands )


Sanskar came out from washroom when he saw Swara sitting on the couch of her room with a guitar

Before he could ask her she began playing it and started singing

Swara: Dil charkhe ki ik tu dori (x2)
Sufi iska rang haye

Isme jo tera khwaab piroya (x2)
Neendein bani patang

Dil bharta nahin
Aankhen rajjti nahin (x2)

(Sanskar came and sat beside her lost in her voice)
Chahe kitna bhi dekhti jaaun
Waqt jaaye main rok na paaun

Tu thodi der aur thehar ja soneya
Tu thodi der aur thehar jaa

Tu thodi der aur thehar ja zaalima
Tu thori der aur thehar jaa

(He started singing)

Sanskar: Haaye din tere bin ab jee na paaye
Din tere bin ab jee na paaye
Saans na leti raat
Ishq karein tere honthon se

Ishq karein mere honthon se
Bas ik teri baat

Teri doori na sahoon
Door khud se rahoon (x2)

Tere pehlu mein hi reh jaun
Tu hi samjha jo main chaahun

Tu thodi der aur thehar ja soneya
Tu thodi der aur thehar jaa

Swara:Tu thodi dair aur thehar ja zaalima
Tu thodi dair aur thehar jaa

Swasan together :Naiyo lagna, naiyo lagna
Tere bin dil mera (x4)

Sanskar :Dil minnate kare
Na tu jaa na pare (x2)

Tere jaane se jee na paaun

Swara:Tu thodi dair aur thehar ja soneya
Tu thodi dair aur thehar jaa

Tu thodi der aur thehar ja zaalima
Tu thodi der aur thehar jaa

Sanskar:Tu thodi der aur thehar ja zaalima
Tu thodi der aur thehar ja.. (thehar ja)

Tu thodi der aur thehar ja zaalima
Tu thodi der aur thehar ja
Tu thodi der..
Bas thodi der aur thehar ja


Pheww…. Completed this chapter…

MSL finally completed 10 chapters… Thnk u so much for the love and support u gave till today….

I really worked hard for this chapter, so really curious to know whether u liked it or not…*fingers crossed

And if there r any silent readers at least comment on this one guys …. As I said story is moving towards it end… Hardly few chapters r left…!!

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