My Secret Lover…. (SS) Chapter 1

My Secret Lover

Chapter 1~~~~~

The scene starts from a college , we can see a number of students everywhere they r going towards there classes it seems….

A girl enters the college dressed in pink top with black jeans, her hair tied in a pony while a few strands of hair where touching her face
She was looking simply beautiful, without any makeup but just a little gloss on her lips and black kajal

She seemed to b in a hurry …. She reaches her class but while the tym she reached the class already started

She ask in her sweet voice
Girl: May I come in ma’am

Professor: Swara u r again late
(Yes the girl is Swara😘)

Swara:Woh sorry ma’am I was preparing the notes which u asked yesterday ….

Professor : but that were to b submitted tomorrow na

Swara:Yes ma’am but I completed them today itself
(Took them out from her bag and showed the professor )
Professor : Oky … Go and take ur seat but b careful the next tym

The class started

Other side

We can c a boy seriously listening the lecture

He seemed to b very attentive

Soon the class gets over
And one of his friend calls him

Friend : Hey Sanskar!

The boy turns and is revealed to b Sanskar ….. Sanskar a very intelligent personality , topper of the class and obviously a very handsome guy

Sanskar: Yes Tanmay.! Hey buddy how r u

Tanmay : M all fine dude (share a friendly hug) M giving u all a treat today so come at the canteen
Sanskar: No dude m quiet busy today
Tanmay: Oh come on Sanskar…. Don’t b so formal… I said u r coming and u r …

Sanskar: Ok fine bro

After some time


We can see a girl searching for a book …. It seems that she is not getting it from quite long…
She’s none other than Swara

Finally she got the book and was abt to take it when someone else came and took it … The girl gave a frown upon the boy who took the book (which was Sanskar)
Sanskar saw that , that she also wanted the same book and seemed that she AAA really finding it from long
He called her when he saw her leaving disappointedly

Sanskar: Hey listen! U can take this book I’ll take it some other time
Swara: Ahhh! No u take it u must b having some important work with it ….

Sanskar: Let’s do one thing we both need the same book ., and at the same time
Let’s share it if u don’t have problem but there’s only one problem that u have do it here only

Swara: Ummmm…. Oky fine… Let’s share it

They both settled then selves on a desk and started doing there respective works
Swara was actually trying to maintain a distance with him or ignore him which was unnoticed by sanskar who was busy with his work

Soon Swara also became busy they both didn’t noticed when the college got over
Then only Swara saw her wrist watch and realized that she’s really late for something…

She hurriedly packed her back said a quick thank you to sanskar and left the place in a great haste

Sanskar took few moments to realize that what happened then only he noticed that Swara left one of her book there
He was not knowing her name or anything abt her so thought to c the book only where it was written
Swara Dubey
Third year
Computer science

Sanskar: So her name is Swara…. (Unknowingly a smile appeared on his lips )


Swara’s room

She was completing some of her assignment when she stood up and started looking for the book which she left in the library

After finding it in every nook and corner of the room she sat on the bed as if she lost something very important

Swara’s POV

Ohhh shit! I think I left that book in the library only whole leaving in a hurry…. Oh my God if he saw that letter in that diary then what will happen

I still remember the day when we first met

Flashback starts

Swara was a confident and independent girl so on the first day of her college she denied to do the task which was given to her by her senior .

She even gave them a long speech on this
(The seniors were not that typical type but just a little pranksters )

After a week Swara was given a assignment to complete for which she really worked hard …. She skipped her sleep to complete it

On the day of submission

Swara came to her class and was reading her assignment once more when a girl came and told her that professor is calling her (the one who gave that assignment)
Swara said oky and said she’s coming and was abt to go back to keep her assignment and take her bag
When the girl forced her to go fast however Swara kept the ass. Safely in her bag and went from there

As soon as Swara went the girl Gave a ‘👍🏻’ to seniors who were hiding behind the desk and went from there

One of them slowly took out a the assignment out of her bag and took it with him

After half an hour

Swara was roaming here and there finding her assignment she had mixed emotions on her face tensed , worried and a bit of moisture in her eyes

After some tym

The lecture was abt to start and swara was all set to burst out crying any moment when someone came running and patted her shoulder
She turned and was almost lost to c the person
When he started saying which brought her back to senses

Boy: M really sorry! I don’t know how your assignment came in my bag …. I think my classmates wanted to play some prank on you and then left it in my bag …
When I was abt to ask them I heard them saying that u need to submit it now so I rushed to give u back this
Sorry once again

(And he left without giving Swara a chance to say something ….)

Swara felt as if something new is happening around her … And from that day she fell in love with that boy

She was head over Heals in love with him and is still

Flashback ends

Swara POV continues

I wrote all my feelings in this letter ., and this is very precious for me … I don’t want to stay near u cause it will make me fall for u more deeper and c destiny only plans my meetings with you …

I don’t want to come close to u because m not so strong to bear ur refusal for my feelings as I know u don’t love me so its better that I maintain distance from uu


M really sorry for this boring Episode but half of it I have to write again as it got deleted by mistake when I was submitting it …. So I seriously don’t know what I wrote because it is very irritating to write the same thing again

So avoid mistakes and I’ll b waiting for ur response


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      Oops sorry mica …. But c it was boring …. U r only beating me pink nd purple …. Waise thank God these colors r better than blue and black

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    Seriously where was i? damn where is my comment? i didn’t use my account n commented with only ID… but why TU didn’t upload it.. !!
    it’s not good.. !!! hopefully i saw ur recent comments otherwise …. goshhh !!!
    Shreeyuuu ek hard pinch padega gaal pee toh pata chelega.. !!! huhhh it’s awesome dear… loved it.. !!! continue soonn… sooooon means really sooonnn… okkkii !!!
    Thnk u.. ;-*

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      Areyyyyy….. Omg my cheek…. U will beat me …. Mumma mumma …. M toh chotu si bachchi hoon Di this is not fair….. *meditating a revenge against u

      Thnkew so much Di … I’ll try my best to post soon Di but really can’t promise ….
      Ufff idea mil gya … An idea can change ur lyf *Secretly hiding ur submarine and rockets tyres … Lo ab kya karogi … In next update of urs u can’t escape to Pluto. … *evil smile hahahahaha

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