Hello everyone..I m Vilakshana Mohan.I m new to this field.I would be very happy if all of you support in my story writing.If there is any problem or something boring or irritating you can freely post it back or message me I will immediately correct those mistakes in my further stories.I hope I get all the support and blessings from all you guys.

So I start my introduction of the story here…
Well this is a story about two head strong people who love each other so much but due to their arrogance and ego they refuse to accept their feelings towards each other.The main part of the storyis who will first realise their feeling among these two and how will they proopse each other and what are the consequences of their relationship..

The character names are Vibhu Sharma and Siri Khanna..
Vibhu: Mama…where is my milk…Why is it so late today??
Preeti(Vibhu’s Mother):I m coming Vibhu..Good Morning Beta…C’mon finish you milk quickly and get ready for school..
Vibhu: Yes Ma..

At Siri’s house..
Siri:Ma get up…here is your morning coffee…I love you Ma…
Parnika(Siri’s Mother):Good morning baccha…My darling you are..Thank you…go get ready for school I will prepare lunch for you…
Siri:Yes Ma..I have to leave early today..I have work in the class to be done..ok I m going i will be back in half an hour..

Both Vibhu and Siri get ready for school and step out of their house and both reach the lift…both of them stay in the same floor..Now..


Vibhu I love you so much…I dont know how to tell you..I dont know why I m hesitating..may be I m shy..look into my eyes once u can understand what place you hold in my heartand u can see what you mean to me…they say first love is the best love and most memorable I think I have found my first love and I dont know why I feel that u r my soulmate too…I feel secure and happy when u r around me…when u r around me i feel like just staying in your arms…Vibhu I can die in the warmth of u r arms too…I love you Vubhu…we only fight but care so much for each other I dont know what name to give our relation…Vibhu if u tell me once that you love me I will leave everything behind for you…

Siri…my love for you is just immortal…it has been 3 years I m dying to tell you that I love you Siri…I want to shout out so loud that I love you the most…I m scared that if i tell you my feeling if u reject me then I will die and my life without u is just impossible…my only hope of life is u baby…I can live my whole life seeing you…I dont know in what way I express my feelnigs to you….when i fight with u…just look at me I m the most happiest person int his whole world beacause we look into each others eyes that moment and talk so many things…thats enough for me …when u r around me I feel like pinning u to some wall around and justt kiss you so madly that u just kneel down in front of my love and understand my eternal love for you…my every moment with u whether good or bad is THE BEST for me…I love you SIRI…

Siri:(on phone):Yes..Sir I have done all the paper work sir…I will be there in 15 min…our school will definetely win this Sir..U dont worry..
Vibhu:(with his guitar):Should I drop you..if u need any help I m just a few steps away…
Siri:Its ok…I can go by myself…I dont need you help and as i can see u already have a partner with u to ride(sarcastically the guitar)..U enjoy with her..
Vibhu: YOU…I m trying to help you and u show so much attitude…mad u r just mad thats why we have no talks only whatever u want I m leaving with my guitar baby…go to hell
Siri:Arrey..he can request me twice more I would have told yes..Anyways my VIBHU only na..(blushing)…OMG I HAVE TO LEAVE..

Unfortunately the school bus fails on the way and Siri is getting late…Our hero VIBHU enters with full swag on his bike and stops near her…
Vibhu:I f u want to save your respect in front of the school then get on fast..

PRECAP:Siri gets on the bike and their journey…

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