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Before starting with todays episode I would like to tell u guys about the raport Vibhu’s family and Siri’s family share with each other…Vibhu’s family is really close to Siri’s family within a short span of time because of the good nature and kind hearted nature of those people..both the families cordially respect each other..
As I already mentioned in the previous epi that someone is following the couple..that person keeps a check on all their activities…this person is none other than Naazil who loves Siri but she refuses his proposal since she loves this guy Naazil starts to trap her and Vibhu by clicking their photos keeping a check on where ever they Naazil handovers all the photos to both the families and now the scene with Preethi and Parnika..
Naazil:See Preethi aunty…what si u r son upto and watch out Parnika aunty u r daughter is going out of control..
Preethi:Naazil is all what I m seeing true or there is some trap behind this?
Parnika:My Siri will never do this..she tells me about her crushes and all the boys who have proposed her she does’nt get scared in such matters…she approaches to me strongly and tells me the issue and asks me for an advice…how can she do something like this…
Naazil:Maybe she knows that she is something wrong…anyways I m no one to say…I just thought that as a friend it is my responsibility to take care of my friends when they are going in the wrong way so I thought if I would tell this issue to their families then they will take care of it …so I told it remaining is u r job..Bye aunties..
Preethi:Parnika…I dont know what to do now…our children are in a relationship..I know this is common in these days but don’t u think this is too early and they are in their most crucial part of their life…they are going to write their boards which will decide their future within months and now they end up in such a situation…what do we do now?
Parnika:See Preethi..the situation is still in our hands..u dont worry much we love our kids as much as they love us so they will be ready to do what we want them to do and alos if we counsell them about the issues they will face regarding this relation at an early age…I think they will understand…let us talk to them first..

Vibhu and Siri come back from school and now at their home..

Vibhu:Hi ma..I m hungry pls cook something to eat…I m starving…
Preethi:Yes Vibhu..I m coming..

Preethi brings some food to eat and sits beside him on the dining table..

Preethi:Can I talk to u for 5 min..
Vibhu:Ofcourse y do u need to ask permisiion for that..go ahead what is it about?
Preethi:About Siri…

Vibhu’s face turns blank and he thinks about how did his mother know about this..

Preethi:I know everything between u and Siri and I also know that Gauri has helped u a bit in this entire there is no use of hiding anything from me….my only point is yes u ppl are young u can develope feelings for each other ok everything is at its point but this is not the right time to commit in a relationship…u still have time to get into a relationship…u should know to handle u r self first if u can do that then u can handle u r life partner or girlfriend later too…u have u r boards in next 2 months if u pass them with the perfect score I require then I will approve u r relationship with Siri and will point my finger at u nor her…u can enjoy u r self thoroughly..but if u fail to reach my level expectations then we will shift the appartment somewhere from Siri’s house and beacuse of u our relationship with the Khanna’s also will be now I have given u two options choose for ur self and tell me u r decision tomorrow..
Vibhu cries out loud…

The same story repeats at Siri’s hoemt oo and she gets the same warning from her mother…
Vibhu calls Siri..
Vibhu:Siri r u OK…what do we do now…??
Siri:(crying):just now we statred knowing each other why does god make us stand in a situation like this always…
Vibhu:Don’t cry Siri pls I don’t like it…we will work out together and will find a solution to this just stay calm..
Siri:Vibhu…I have decided I love u so I will do anything to save our relationship…I will and I can study and I promise that which condition my mother put forward me I iwll cross that at any cost and reach u…will u do the same for me??r
Vibhu: Ofcourse I will do it infact we both can do it..either ways on either roads we both will be waiting for reach other..Ok lets us tell the same thing to our parents tmr and put and end to this..its justa matter of months I m sure we can manage it..
Siri:OK Vibhu…we will tell it to our parents tmr mrng and end it there…when I have u as my support I don’t need to worry…
Vibhu:ok relax now and sleep..By e good night and I LOVE U
Siri:Love u too bye..

Both Vibhu and Siri think about how to prepare well for their exams to reach their parenst level of expectations..


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