Hello everyone I m back with yet another episode of SECRET LOVE…for all the silent readers thank u for reading and not commenting but u see I can wait for u r comments…I can wait for long till I get my response from u guys…
Anyways let me start with today’s episode….

After some cute little talks Vibhu and Siri go back home…

At Vibhu’s house…
Vibhu:Hello Ma…U know I m so happy today…feel so light at heart and so joyous..
Preethi:what happened that u are so happy…tell me even I will celebrate with u
Vibhu:Nothing Ma…just like that ok I m going to my room I iwll fresh up and sleep I m not hungry today I ate my dinner at the school party itself…
Preethi:what happened to this guy today…??(she thinks on)
Gauri:(Vibhu’s sister):what is goign on my bro…I guess my idiot brother has found someone who he loves and was craving since years..Am I right??
Vibhu:No Didi..there is nothing like that..its just that the school party was nice and I had fun there thats y I m happy..nothing else..

Gauri:Oh…so Vibhu started lying to me…good then next time u ask me anything about my personal then I will not say u…dont complain later ok good night..
Vibhu:Ok wait…stop blackmailing me emotionally…I will tell u …
(Vibhu then all tells what all happened in the day and ends his story by terribly blushing…OMG BOYS BLUSHING IS JUST SO SCUTE…)
Gauri:OMG…Vibhu thats great yaar…u always loved her and today u got to express it too…u r just lucky man..
Vibhu:I was worried that whether she like me or no…I got the confirmation once I could not stop myself from telling her this…I was just so nervous before telling her..
Gauri:Ok give me her number I want to talk to her..
Vibhu:but why..she willf eel embarrased Gauri didi…I will make her talk to u soon…U dont worry I promise..
Gauri:AHHH..From now only u care about her so much and worrying what she will feel…possessive boyfriend…good keep going and I will always wish that u two and u r relation will be very strong run the longest…
Vibhu:Thanks Didi..good night..

At Siri’s house…
Siri:Mummy I feel so happy today and refreshing…
Parnika:what happened Siri…something should have happened that makes u so happy what is it??
Siri:I got a fairy tale dream in the evening when I was just taking a nap…could not believe my eyes…but it was really nice and pleasant….
Parnika:ok looks like u r tired go and sleep now …good night
Siri:Ok mummy good night..

Siri gets a call from Vibhu just then…
Vibhu:hello may I speak to Vibhu’s girlfriend…oh sry Vibhu’s Life..
Siri:(blushing):Oh I m sry Vibhu’s girlfriend …I mean Vibhu’s life is in Vibhu’s dreams…she told me she could not sleep without him so she ran away to his dreams…both of them must be enjoying there..
Vibhu(laughs out loud):I always wanted to talk to u during the night…look at the changing moments of life till yesterday I used to think about u today I m talking to u with full rights as a boyfriend…
Siri:yes that’s true…finish u r dinner?

Vibhu:Yes I had it…I had Siri’s blushing face as my starter then Siri’s proposal acceptance as my biryani and Siri’s kiss as my dessert…what about u??
Siri:I had veg biryani with paneer tikka…actually they taste much more better than u r dinner items..
Vibhu:U r not all romantic..
Siri:I will learn it from u soon…Ok I m really tired…we will talk tmr..Bye good night and I love u
Vibhu:Ok bye good night and I love u too..

Next Morning…Vibhu convinced his mother and Siri’s mother that both of them will go together to school…even Gauri Didi helped him out in this situation…
Vibhu:C’mon Siri..get on u dont have to worry about anyone we have taken all permisiions required to go together dont get tensed at all Cmon now..
Siri:U r so daring ya..but ya its required in a relatinship u see good keep it up..

Both of them stop at a Cafe Coffee Day to sip little coffee before they statr of their day in the school
Vibhu:what would u have??
Siri:Cappuchino Latte..
Vibhu:dont tell me even u drink that…that really cool even our options are similar I m happyok I’ll place the order and come..

Vibhu and Siri hold each others hands and talk…someone is clicking their pics and following them everywhere they go…
Vibhu and Siri go to their school and the entire school starts gossiping about them…another character named Mannat enters the scene..
Mannat:Great play Siri…u have finally got Vibhu as u r boyfriend…
Vibhu:Ok Mannat tell me what game did she play to egt on hold of me..

Mannt:we just can’t explain u Vibhu…its that mastermind u should ask not me..
Vibhu:Before u take out differenet meaning let me clarify one thing…I was the one who proposed her and I was the one who love her and I was the one who always followed her and behind her…so If u r blind then God help u..Siri is not that cheap like u who will catch hold of boys by buying them whatever they want or by just seducing them with u r words…Siri does not have catch hold of boys because she is one of a kind and automatically all the boys will be attracted to her only…one knid information the boy who u r trying for…he will not fall for u and u r cheap tricks because he has already fallen for Siri..

Vibhu holds Siri’s hand and announce out loud to everyone that both of them are committed to each other and they dont care abput what the world cares until there is love between them there is nothing which can seperate the two…he tell this and go away from the hall..

Vibhu:Siri u dont worry all this will just go on like this everything in this world needs time to settle down even this issue will also be normal..u dont distract u r self and concentrate on my and u r studies ok..just relax..
Siri:(with tears rolling out of her eyes):Vibhu I did not know u love me so much..thank u so much..
Vibhu:u r my girl and anybody commenting on u means they are dead..
Siri hus Vibhu tight…and a cute hug between them..


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