A Secret Love (episode 4)


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They all enter in haveli.

bihaan- this h for haveli is h for horrible.

Thapki (in mind voice)- bihaan always try to scare me.

Anu – really so big .

arooj (making a horrid face)-and so horrible also.

Anu – arooj you and bihaan are totally same.

arooj – and you.

bihaan – and thapki. (bihaan and arooj starts laughing)

they go to their room.

girl and boy room are different.
Thapki – this boys ufFf!
Anu – hey I have an idea to
take revenge and for fun also thapki wait and watch.

Anu goes .

Thapki are confused.
After some hours.
Thapki- i didn’t wait where are she some things happen.
Thapki goes.
she walking slowly.
and then she hear some fishy voice.
and hear foot steps.
and then one pats on his shoulder.
she gets scare.
she move back slowly.
and then shocked .
and starts saying loudly help me .
and start running.
she hide inside the table.
and again hear this voice and foot steps.

Thapki (in mind voice)- god please save me.
and then move back and faint.
In boys room.

Bihaan – oh this girls.
arooj – always scare on small things.

bihaan – and we never scare for something.
And thapki run to him and hug bihaan and continuesly crying .
They get shocked.
bihaan hug her back.

bihaan – thapki why are crying.

Thapki – bihaan.

Bihaan – yes.

Thapki – arooj.

arooj – yes thapki what happened to you

thapki- there I saw a ghost.
bihaan – what?

thapki – yes.
arooj – thapki there are not ghost anywhere we are only

Thapki – no guys i really saw a ghost.

bihaan- Ok where ghost.

thapki- let’s go.

They go to store room.
They switch on of light.

Bihaan – where are ghost.

arooj – thapki.

Thapki- guys i really saw a ghost.

Suddenly light starts fluctuating automatically.
Suddenly windows starts shaking.
and bulb fuse.
They all get shocked.

Thapki – ghost come.

Bihaan – thapki there is no ghost.

arooj – yes thapki it is due to air.
but in actually they are also scared.
Suddenly they hear a fishy voice.
and then they saw a shadow.
bihaan and arooj were also became scare but then they think.
bihaan – oh I understood in morning we scare you so you two taking revenge to us.

arooj – and I know this is Anu.
and then Anu come there.

Anu – what are you talking about me.
They get shocked.

Anu – what is this happening.

Thapki – see back Anu.
Anu – Ok.
she saw back and she gets a shocked.
Anu – who are you.
They are horrer song play.
and shadow start to move.
They all get shocked.
and then they saw a ghost and his scary face and bihaan and arooj are faint.
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  1. Ha..ha…ha… the boys are faint….
    I’m sure the ghost made up by the girls.
    Interesting…nice…keep writing

    1. Thanks so much and I am happy to know that you like it.

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    nice part,
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    plz try to post soon di
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    plz take care love you di lu lu so much…..

    1. Thanks so much and I am happy to know that you like story line

  3. Vinni7

    I like ur story line ? n I’m very excited to know what happened next ?? update soon plz ?

    1. Thanks so much for your support.

  4. It was so ?? …. When the boys faint … I know this must be Anu’s plan ? … But loved the way Thapki hugged Bihaan ? .. Plz upload soon

    1. Thanks you so much.

  5. Vinolin.d

    hai garima dear how are you???
    very nice episode.please upload the next part soon.

    1. Thanks dear.

  6. i made them faint actually I afraid a lot from ghosts i m laughing boys fainted so girls will hold them right ha ha ha

    1. Ya you are right and thanks for commenting.

  7. Navami

    Hi garima how r you…?it was a good epi dr waiting for next

    1. I am fine and thanks for your lovely comment and best wishes for you.

  8. nice part dear

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  9. plz give a mega epi wd love and horror……..very nice epi.

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