A Secret Love (episode 2)

In school recess.
bihaan oh without Rahul every thing become so boring.
Anu – ya you’re Wright bihaan.
Thapki – oh bihaan don’t miss him so much .
bihaan – i don’t miss him.
Anu – really.
They’re starts laughing.
bihaan – uuuffffff .
Bell rings.
and seventh period start.
teacher come.
All students- good afternoon mam.
his lecture starts.
After some time.
peon come.
peon- mam principle call you.
teacher – Ok I come.
teacher – students when I going to office so you don’t make any noise Okay you understand.
students- yes mam.
when teacher is about to go they start making noise.
teacher – oh this kids. bihaan.
Bihaan – yes mam.
teacher – bihaan you mind the class and If any student create disturbance so write his name on the black board. bihaan – Ok mam.

mam goes students start making noise.
bihaan – (loud) don’t make noise
mohit- bihaan why are you making disturbance in class write your name on the black board.
All students started laughing.
Bihaan – Ok I write your name.
bihaan don’t because rood
bihaan- i become.
mam is coming.
mohit- (with qute face)please.
bihaan rub his name and said ok.
teacher come.
teacher – i have good news after holiday a competition is held so any one wants to participate tell me.
teacher – thapki I give all ready your name on dance.
Thapki – Ok mam but .
teacher – no but what you are a good dancer thapki.
Thapki – (smiles) Ok mam.
After some time school over. bihaan – oh where is this arooj.
Thapki – arooj.
Anu – thapki rohit nick name is arooj.
Thapki – oh I don’t know this.
bihaan – stop your talking.
bus come and they goes.

In next day.
bihaan – oh what is this rohit (arooj) didn’t come today.
Thapki – bihaan he will come.
arooj- hello guys.
They move back.
Bihaan make a angry face.
arooj- what happened to you bihaan.
Bihaan – oh why you not come tomorrow
arooj- relax bihaan this is because I finding of some place for our holiday.
bihaan – Ok.
Anu – so you find.
arooj – ya.
Thapki – which place.
arooj – my uncle haveli.
Anu – haveli.
arooj – ya.
Bihaan – oh it is interesting.
arooj – it is on Malaysia.
bihaan – Ok so when we goes.
arooj – on 2nd December.
Thapki – Ok.
Bell rings.

Precap – they going to haveli on van and enjoying it’s trip.

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