A Secret Love (episode 1)


Hello I am garima come with new story.
a girl of 13 year wear school dress and look sweet like a princess is walking.
who is she our thapki.
she goes to 10th class room.
Thapki – hello.
Anu- hy thapki.
Thapki – hello my dear friend how are you .
Anu- i am fine.
Thapki – oh! where are this bihaan goes.
Anu- how you forgot our hero bihaan panday doesn’t come in time.
Thapki – ya I forgot.
A boy come with a cool look and a stylish bag look like a hero and Prince.
bihaan- hy friend
thapki and Anu move back.
Thapki – oh latu bihaan panday come.
Bihaan – what is this latu?
Anu- latu called to him who never come in time.
Bihaan make a angry look.
Thapki and Anu starts laughing.
bihaan- stop( make a irritate look and said) and where Rahul gone.
Thapki – he never late.
Anu – you forgot he have some important work.
bihaan- oh so sad.
Bell rings.
They all sits.
teacher come.
teacher start talking attendance.
and then.

teacher- so you learn which test I give you.
Thapki and anu shocked.
Anu – thapki when?
Bihaan – Saturday when you two gone for Delhi for some medical camp.
Thapki – oo”ho.
Anu – i tell the teacher that we don’t come on Saturday.
teacher- and students if anybody don’t come then so don’t give excuse it is not my fault .
Thapki and Anu get shocked.
Anu – Ok (with sad mode) so which whom lesson mam taking test.
bihaan- on 2nd lesson.
Anu – yes!

Bihaan and thapki get shocked.
bihaan- why are you happy.
Anu – because.
Thapki – because?.
Anu – because In tussion I learnt it .
bihaan – oh wow.
Thapki – so it mean only I.
teacher start put question.
line wise line.
bihaan turn came and then Anu.
Thapki turn came.
teacher- who is chief minister of Delhi.
Thapki- (start deep thinking) .
teacher – thapki” you are intelligent girl.
Thapki -(in slow voice) maybe bjp narander modi.
teacher – what?
thapki make sad face
bihaan in low voice.
Thapki thapki kenjiriwal.
Thapki – what.
bihaan – ( in low voice. ) kenjiriwal.
Thapki – (in mind oh aam admi party kenjiriwal. )kenjiriwal.
teacher – very good sit down.
Thapki – thanks mam.
( in low voice. ) thanks bihaan.
Bihaan -(making a cute face) welcome but please don’t thanks me I don’t like it
thapki- ooo hero dialogue.
bihaan – i am a also a hero .
They all smile.

preacap- they all thinking to go somewhere for holiday.

Thanks for reading and please give your review ?? .

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  1. Vinolin.d

    hai garima…how r u???its very nice and great imagination.thahaan in school days…its wow…I am waiting for the next episode.keep it up dear

    1. Garima

      Thanks my awesome friend

  2. Nice dear… i like it..

    1. Garima

      very very very very very very very very very very very much thanks.

    1. Garima

      Thanks so much for your support dear friend.

  3. good…keep it up

    1. Garima

      Thanks my sweet heart.

  4. Juveria.ghalib

    Nice episode Garima…loved reading it

    1. Garima

      my dear friend thanks so much for your support.

  5. Manish ki deewani

    Hello garima awsm episode loved it keep writing and dear wait 4 ur next part

    1. Garima

      Thanks my bestes friend.

  6. Good epi!! Keep it up dr..

    1. Garima

      Thanks so so so so much.

  7. Dear Garima…S for Short S for Superb.

    1. Garima

      hy my dear friend pooja and thanks so much for your awesome support.


    nice dear….

    1. Garima

      Thanks dear your allways support me thanks you are awesome.

  9. Nice episode…keep writing…

    1. Garima

      Thanks so much sweet heart.

  10. Good episode

    1. Garima

      Thanks manyasa thanks for your lovely comment.

  11. Nice pls iplod next epi soon

    1. Garima

      Thanks my dear friend nitya.

  12. I told u to add my name but u didn’t?. Btw episode was amazing and nice thought ( thahaan in school days)

  13. oops sorry I didn’t saw it so sorry an first of all you tell me that you are boy or girl.

  14. U add me gajabbb too good…. ?????

  15. Garima

    Anu thanks.

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