My secret admire »DevAkshi« Episode 9

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Dev’s room

Elena : Very bad bhai, ur so rude u didn’t tell me that u love Sona (pouts)
Dev : Arey sorry..sorry meri behna
Elena : Hmm only on one condition, that u never ever will hide anything from me ok..
Dev : Ok
Elena : Good bhai
She taps his head and laughs
Dev : Haha ok but where’s Ayan
Elena : Oh Ayan bhai is sleeping
Dev : Hmm, u also go sleep it’s late now
Elena : Ok

She goes out but then stops

Elena : And bhai get ready to impress Sonakshi ok
Dev : Haan I will

Elena smiles and leaves. He looks around and his eyes fall on Sona who was looking towards he smiles remembering all their sweet moments and then winks at her she comes to her senses and she immediately closes the window and he laughs

Dev : Haha (looks up) Thank u so so much god, u made me realize that Sonakshi is only mine

Sona’s room

She closes the window and happily jumps on the bed

Sona : This idiot is such a chupa rustam. I never knew he will turn out to be my secret admirer(she smiles and blushes slightly)

Soon they doze off thinking about each other

Next morning


Ayan : Wah aunty what yummy aloo parathas this is yummy wah mmmm

Ishwari and Elena chuckle seeing his actions. Just then Dev comes and looks at Ayan eating and shakes his hand in an ‘impossible’ look and hits his head

Dev : Ay idiot..come we have to go enough of eating u already ate 15-20 parathas
Ayan : What so less???? I’m telling u I need to consult a doctor I’m eating so less

Dev : Ur coming or u need my kicks for that
Ayan : Chi u all r eyeing my food

Dev gives him a death glare signalling that he’s going to pounce on him like a wild tiger if he speaks one more word he will be a dead meat and Ayan gulps in fear

Ayan : Chill I’m coming

He sadly looks at the food on the plate

Dev : U coming?
Ayan : Haan bhai I’m coming

They leave from the house just then Dev sees Sona coming out from the Bose Mansion. He was mesmerized seeing her in a hot pink crop top with a plazo and her hair tied in a bun and she was looking awesome and stunning

Ayan : Hi Sona
Sona : Where’s Ele
Dev : Good morning sweetheart
Sona : Where’s Ele

He smiles seeing her attitude and she widens her eyes giving a ‘what’ look. He pulls her closer by her waist and whispers in her ears

Dev : Darling ur looking….

He caresses her cheeks romantically and she breathes heavily and closes her eyes and Ayan widena his eyes in shock looking at both of them. Dev smiles seeing his effect on her and continues with a teasing face

Dev : Ur looking like a 4 foot 2 inch wild khargosh not beautiful

She immediately opens her eyes and looks at him while he bursts out laughing

Dev : Hahahaha what u thought 4 foot 2 inch wild khargosh hahahahahaha

He pulls her cheeks and she pushes him and looks at him angrily because he was laughing

Sona : Ur also looking like a Obhodro not handsome
Dev : (stops laughing) Hey don’t call me that
Sona : Oh hello ur a Obhodro so I’ll call u one ok
Dev : Nah I told u before that call me dear it will be useful in future
Sona : Arg!!!!!

Just then Elena comes there

Elena : Hi Sona

She looks at Elena and then angrily at Dev and stamps his foot and goes while he winks at her

Sona : Elena come lets go
Elena : Wait wait Sona I need to talk to Vicky, just one minute haan
Sona : Wait I’ll also come it’s irritating here

She says this looking at Dev. Elena nodes and they enter Bose Mansion, Dev smiles and Ayan looks on confused

Ayan : Dev I have a doubt
Dev : Hmm what
He asks raising his eyebrows
Ayan : U really want to impress that Devil…I mean.. Sonakshi
He breaks into a cute smile
Dev : Hmm
Ayan : Then what u thought about impressing her
Dev : Before this impressing and all I want to spend some time with her
Ayan : Fine I’ll give u an idea for impressing her
Dev : Haan kya
Ayan : (seriously) Take her to a restaurant and make her eat all the dishes, she’ll be really impressed
Dev : Ya wait come here

Ayan comes towards him and Dev makes him turn and gives him a kick and he falls on the floor

Ayan : Hey what did I do
Dev : She would also give me a kick like this if I work on ur idea
Ayan : (rubbing his back) So if u don’t like this idea that doesn’t mean u kick me haan
Dev : Shut up! Let me think

He thinks of something and smiles teasingly

Dev : Get ready my darling khargosh

He goes towards her scooty and makes a small hole in her petrol tank so after a distance her scooty can stop

Ayan : What did u do
Dev : Wait and watch

Just then Elena and Sona come

Dev : Bye girls
Elena : Bye bhai

He looks at Sona who turns her face away angrily and he smiles at her

Sona : Ele we r getting late
Elena : Haan Sonu let’s go

Sona starts the scooty and they both leave

Dev : Ayan dude lets go

Ayan nodes and they start the jeep. After sometime they stop the jeep near a bus stop

Ayan : Wah Dev staying with me u’ve become so intelligent……..what a great plan to spend time with Sonakshi

Dev gives him a ‘r kidding me’ look. Just then he spots Sona and Elena coming on the scooty and he smiles

Dev : Look they came

Ayan turned towards Sona and Elena and he got confused

Ayan : But their Scooty is fit and fine. What did u do to it
Dev : Chill they r coming here u’ll find out in 3……2…..1 stop

And at the same time their Scooty stops

Elena : What happened Sona
Sona looks at the petrol meter(I actually don’t know what is that called)

Sona : Petrol is over Ele
Elena : Arey how? Yesterday itself u filled na
Sona : Haan but it’s empty…how?
Elena : Leave it we r getting late for college
Sona : Hmm

Dev smiled seeing Sona’s confused face

Dev : Hey Ele, wild khargosh here

He waves his hand and they look at him confused

Elena : Bhai here??
Dev : Come here

Elena : (nodes) Come Sonu
Sona : But..
Elena : Arey come na

She drags Sona towards Dev

Elena : Bhai see na our Scooty’s petrol is out drop us to college na
Dev : I can’t my jeep is punctured so I’m standing here
Sona : Y is there any monkey ride in which u monkeys will go to office
Dev : Sweetheart I’m ur handsome and dashing would to be hubby not monkey
Sona : Arg !! Ele lets go

She was about to go when Dev pulled her towards him and Elena chuckles while Ayan scratches his head like a monkey

Dev : Sweetheart bus will come at any moment come with us in bus
Elena : Bhai u ok….u and bus u serious bhai
Dev : (gives her a glare) Yes this is me

He smiles looking at Sona while she frees himself from his grip. Just then her eyes fall on his jeep tiers which weren’t punctured and she looked at him angrily

Sona : This is how ur jeeps tier is punctured na

She points towards the tier which wasn’t punctured he takes a sigh and punctures it while Elena and Sona widen their eyes

Dev : Now its punctured
Sona : Arg!! Idiot

Just then the bus comes
Dev : Wild khargosh bus came

Before she could say anything he dragged her in the bus and Elena chuckles and enters the bus along with Ayan

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  1. Anjali333

    Soooo wonderful update…….loved it so much.
    I have becone addicted to this ff. This is my favourite…… plss update soon

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      Thanks Anjali

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    Waise Sona kuch zyada hi Bhaao kha Rahi hai ab??
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    Post soon
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    1. Rj12

      Thanks Ayushi
      I’ll try and post regularly thanks for ur wishes ? These are actually small tests

  3. Priya12

    Ad usual suoerbbb……awesomeeee rithikaa…..lovely fights of dev and sona…..superbb ….funny ayan , getting beating from dev….dev’s idea 2 spend eith donakdhi ….superbb dr,…post it soon

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  6. Asmita...

    She points towards the tier which wasn’t punctured he takes a sigh and punctures it while Elena and Sona widen their eyes

    hahahahahahaha………….. too good…

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  7. Its a super duper episode and sorry for always disturbing you but what can I do I I am get addicted of this ff.

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  8. Alka

    Dev n sona ki fight bhi mujhe bahut cute lagta haii ??????… Awesome update ?????

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  9. Hilarious and really fantastic…. Loved it

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  10. Heshine

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  12. Hey wht a wonderful update
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    It was amazing like always……. funny bhi tha aur devakshi fight scenes were very cute one


    It was amazing like always……. funny bhi tha aur devakshi fight scenes were very cute one…loved them alot please post the next wala episode soon

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  15. Niki645

    It was superb!!!! And veryyyyyyyy funny????

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