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Sona reached the airport and looked around and found Dev who’s eyes were blood red like he was controlling all his emotions from flowing, just then her phone rang it was Vicky

Vicky : Hello Sona wo Dev….
Sona : Haan bhai Dev mil gaya woh samne hai. U told the plane authority to delay the flight they did it
Vicky : Ok thanks god . Talk to him if u haven’t
Sona : Ya bhai
Vicky : Ok bye
Sona : Hmm bye

She kept the phone and went towards him. He became a lifeless body lost in thoughts. She went and sat near him and he was thinking about their moments

Sona : H..hi

He heard her voice and looked towards her and he was astonished to see her

Dev : Sonakshi……no she’s not here it must be my hallucination. She must be enjoying with Rithwick

He turns her face away not wanting to see her, Sona who heard him got angry and pinched him on his hand

Dev : Ah!!!!!

He looks at her who was looking at him in anger and he realized that she’s the real Sona not any hallucination. He was shocked to see her there

Dev :(surprised) U….how come ur here and what r u doing here
Sona : I cam here for the person who loves me
Dev :(mind)(sad) She’s talking about Rithwick

He becomes sad and a tear drop escapes his eyes and he wipes it immediately plastering a fake smile on his face. She clearly saw his pain in his eyes. She knew he saw Rithwick’s proposal and she wanted to tell him that it’s a lie

Sona : Waise what r u doing here
Dev :(avoiding eye contact) Wo actually I got some important work and I had to leave immediately
Sona : And y u left without informing anyone
Dev : Actually the work was very important so I had to leave from there on the spot without informing
Sona : Hmm….

Now there was a pin drop silence between them, Sona doesn’t know what to talk whereas Dev doesn’t want to talk because he feared he won’t be able to control his feelings or he might love her more which he doesn’t want to because it would hurt him more. But at last Sona decided to talk

Sona : Dev u remember y do we call each other Obhodro and Wild khargosh

Dev’s lips curved into a cute smile hearing this and remembered the cute moments


Little Sona was eating a chocolate while little Dev passed by and thought something and went near her. Her back was facing him he naughtily went slowly near her and grabbed her chocolate and ate it in one go while she turns back angrily, she gets more angry seeing him eating the chocolate while he smiles teasingly

Sona : Stupid idiot buffalo….how dare u eat my chocolate. Give it back to me
Dev : Hahahaha u have to take it from my stomach hahaha

She gets angry and holds him by the collar

Sona : Then buy me a new chocolate
Dev : No I won’t

He pulled her cheeks while she gets angry and pushes him on the floor and came on top of him ans began beating him

Sona : Give my chocolate….giveee!!!
Dev : Hahaha ok wait

He puts his hand in his pocket and takes a chocolate out she gets happy, she was about to take it when he immediately ate it showing his tongue

Dev : Hahahaha

Sona gets angry with his teasing and bites his hand hard with her rabbit teeth

Dev : Ahh!!!!!!!

She gets up and gives him a ”Don’t u dare tease me” look

Dev : (rubs his red hand) U have teeth of a rabbit or what huh!

Sona leaves from there angrily

Dev : Wild khargosh. Hmph!


In the Dixit mansion Dev’s room Elena was crying badly just then Sona came

Sona : How dare u Dev u always make Elena cry
Dev : Oh hello I’m Dev and I don’t any dare to make anyone cry

Sona got more angry

Sona : Oh hello dare wale, y is she crying first tell that

He takes out a crushed flower

Dev : By mistake I crushed her flower she cried then I shouted at her more she called me rude and I got angry and pinched her
Sona : Ugh!! She’s right ur so rude always doing dadagiri hmph! Obhodro
Dev : Hey don’t call me that…and by the way what does that mean
Sona : Obhodro rudie that’s what u r hmph!

She said and went out with a cute smirk


Both were laughing remembering that time

Dev : Hahaha how can I forget that haha
Sona : Hahahaha

Dev’s eyes fell on Sona and he remembered her confession to Rithwick and his eyes welled up again he turned away and she gets sad because she never in her life saw him with pain filled tears. She finally composed herself and continued

Sona : Dev u know I love someone
Dev heard that and the pieces of the broken heart were stabbing him and it hurt him a lot

Sona : The person I love is…
Dev : (with pain) I know it’s Rithwick right
Sona : No ur wrong. It’s my secret admire I love him, he left me and I came here to take him with me, to stop him, to tell him not to go….u’ll listen right Dev

Dev was surprised by her words, at a time he’s happy and at a time he’s confused about Rithwick and their confession. Just then Elena and Vicky come there and Dev looks at Rithwick

Dev : Vicky…
Vicky : I know what u want to know…

He tell everything and Dev gets extremely happy knowing Sona only loves him her secret admire and he looks at Sona

Dev : u love me??
Sona :(seriously) No..I hate u

They all get shocked by her reply

Vicky : Sonu(I haven’t put Sonu by mistake another nickname for Sonakshi) this is not the time to joke, u love ur secret admire right and u know it’s him
Sona : Yes bhai I know I love my secret admire…but not him, I hate him
Elena : But u know na they both r actually one
Sona : Haan Ele..but I hate him, he always irritates me I hate him for that he’s my foe I only love my secret admire not him
Vicky : U mad Sonu..
Dev : It’s ok Vicky leave it waise bhi I’m her secret admire and she only loves me

He finally becomes the old Dev while Sona looks at him in anger

Sona : Oh hello!! I hate u and I love my secret admire and I know ur my secret admire but I don’t love u I only love my secret admire
Elena : Wait y r u so confused
Sona : I don’t know Ele. Look Rithwick’s case was different so I accepted his proposal because I considered him as a good friend, but ur bhai…hmph! Always he irritates me irritating pest!
Vicky : But Sonu
Elena : It’s ok Vicky leave her alone

Vicky nodes
Dev : Oh my god !!! Means those letters I’ve been writing for u is a waste
Elena : Not at all bhai. See u impressed Sona for 6 years being an admire now impress her being Dev Dixit ok
Dev : Sure y not

Just then Ayan come running

Ayan : Sona Sona Sona

He pants heavily

Sona : What happened Ayan tell clearly
Ayan : Did u happen…to.. eat .. my burger..which was in the…car

All laugh and Ayan gets a slap from Sona

Sona : Ugh!!! Idiot ur such a gorilla
Ayan : Ah!!! U r laughing day will also come haan. Waise Dev I heard Sona is coming to tie a raksha bandhan to u

Dev who was laughing got angry and gave him one nice slap

Dev : R u mad she’s my love and u want her to be my sister huh!
Ayan : Y u slapped me
Elena : Because u said Raksha bandhan instead of love bhandhan, understood bhai

He goes and Ayan goes towards a brother and sister

Ayan : U r also in love bhandhan na
Brother and Sister : What u said fatty cow

Saying this they make him turn a give him a kick on his butt and Vicky and Elena laugh
Ayan : What I did now


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  1. Anjali333

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  6. Priya12

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