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Hi guys Rithika here,
I’m back with the 6th episode so read it soon and silent readers wake up!!

Next day.

It was the day of Elena and Vicky’s engagement. Everyone was busy in one or the other preparations


Sona who was dressed in a peach lehenga and the choli a duppata on her one side shoulder was looking gorgeous and stunning her milky soft belly was visible making her beautiful and pretty in a traditional dress
Sona : Arey bhaiya put that flower properly
He nodes and goes while Sona’s eyes fall on the roses which were decorated on the front door
Sona : Arey yeh bhi teek se nahi laga mujhe hi karna hoga
She takes a stool climbs on it and starts the work

Just then Dev comes a black kurta sleeves folded till the elbow looking handsome. His eyes fall on working Sona
Dev : Hmm… so 4 foot 2 inch wild khargosh is working
He raises his eyebrows thinks something and smiles teasingly

He goes towards her without making sound and looks at her designing the door. He smiles teasingly and pinches her belly and hides behind the pillar
Sona : Ah!!! Yeh kya tha? Leave it
Dev chuckles seeing her reaction she again gets busy and Dev again pinches her belly and hides
Sona : Ah!!!!!!! Again….who’s it who’s pinching me
She turns here and there but finds no one
Sona : Must be an ant

She again turns and starts designing the roses but in this process her dupatta falls and she doesn’t notice it, Dev who saw this widened his mouth he looks around and finds some men staring at her he passes them a death glare and they gulp in fear seeing his reaction. Sona finishes designing the roses and gets down but in this process she stumbles and is about to fall when Dev catches her, he smiles looking at her eyes closed in fear while Sona feels strong arms holding her, she felt protective in his arms and slowly opens her eyes and gets surprised to see Dev holding her

Sona : U
Dev : Haan me wild khargosh
He makes her stand
Dev : Waise u r a 4 foot 2 inch girl then y do u do these stunts. U can ask anyone else to decorate these roses
Sona : Arg!!!!!!!! Can u please stop irritating me
Dev : My dear make it ur habit it will be useful in the future
Sona : What
Dev : Nothing

He bends down and takes her dupatta and gives it to her
Sona : My dupatta how come it’s down I was wearing it…..oh I get it it’s u right….how dare…
Dev : (cuts off) Oh hello! I have no interest in doing these things. It’s because of u and because of these stunts that ur doing understood wear it now, and ur not hot or anythinf for me to see u from that view

She gives him a glare and takes the dupatta and puts it on the side but her belly was still showing he shakes his head and pulls her duppata
Sona : How dare u stupid give me back my dupatta
Dev : Ur a girl and u don’t even know how to wear a dupatta also huh!
Sona : My wish however I wear what’s ur problem I’m not hot right
Dev : I know ur not and as said before I’m not interested in seeing u from that view
He takes the dupatta
Sona : Hey give my dupatta back
Dev : Nah!

He pulls her by the waist she looks on as a current passed threw her body. But soon she comes to her senses and starts struggling
Sona : Leave me..stupid idiot donkey leave me or I’ll kill u
He smile teasingly and tightens his grip more on her belly squeezing it
Sona : Ah!!!! Idiot leave me
Dev : Chill I’ll leave u but wait a minute

He takes a corner of the duppata and tucks it in her lehenga, she feels butterflies in her stomach. The lehenga became like a half saree. While doing this both were sharing a cute eye lock
Asha : Dev beta come here na
Both come to their senses and Dev leaves her
Dev : Coming aunty
He leave and Sona standw confusedly

In the hall

It was time for the ring exchanging ceremony just then the light goes off and the spotlight falls on the girl who’s back is facing the audience

Gopiyon sang ghoome Kanhaiya
Raas rachaiya Ragha na jaaye re
Abb saanwra na bhaaye

{She does same steps as Alia does in the movie }

Radha on the dance floor
Radha likes to party
Radha likes to move that s*xy Radha body (x2)

{The girl turns …it’s non other than our elegant Sona who was looking more beautiful in a dim light }

Ayan : Devil Sona

{Dev smiles looking at her she gives him a angry look and goes towards Vicky and Elena and ask them to dance}

Panghat pe aake saiyyan marode baiyaan
And everybody crazy on Radha
Chhedde hai humka daiyaan bairi Kanhaiya
And everybody crazy on Radha

{Vicky and Elena dances on the above lines in a romantic way}

Hoga woh lakhon dil ka chor
Humka toh laage woh
Hua hai aise baawla jo kehta jaaye

{Sona and Natasha comes and tease Vicky. Sona pulls his hairs he gives a death glare to her}

“O Radha teri Chunri
O Radha tera Jhalla
O Radha teri natkhat najariya
O Radha tera jhumka
O Radha tera thumka
O peechhe peechhe saari nagariya” (x2)

{Vicky, Elena and Sona, Natasha enjoys and dances on the above lines …Ayan also joins them and does a monkey dance Sona gives him a “stupid ” look and Ayan makes faces}

Radha on the dance floor
Radha likes to party
Radha likes to move that s*xy Radha body (x2)

{Sona, Elena and Natasha dance beautifully on the above lines}

O o…
Maathe pe pankh more
Kehte hain makhan-chor
Bajaye bansuri
Bada aaya chitt-chor
(But Radha wants more)

{Natasha and Sona dances on the above lines shaking there body beautifully making actions according to the lines }

Dhoondungi charon aur milega koi aur
Dungi main haathon me mere dil ki ye dor
(Cuz Radha wants more)

{Elena dances on the above lines giving a naughty and teasy smile to Vicky}

O Radha Radha bholi deewani hai
O Radha Radha do pal jawani hai
O Radha ko sambhalo koi isey bata do
Ki milega na koi Sanwariya

{Vicky dances on the above lines giving her reply for her teasing}

O Radha teri Chunri
O Radha tera Jhalla
O Radha teri natkhat najariya
O Radha tera jhumka
O Radha tera thumka
O peechhe peechhe saari nagariya

{Elena and Vicky , Sona and Natasha and Ayan dance on the above lines }

Hey Radha Radha kaahe itna guroor bhala
Chhodo bhi nakhre ye kaisi ada
Tune kya socha ek tu hi mash.hoor yahaan
Laakhon hain Gopiyan bhi humpe fida
Ho saari hi duniya ye naari hai
Shuru humse teri kahaani hai

{Dev holds Sona’s wrist and pulls her towards him she looks at him angrily and jerks his hand, all girls along with Natasha come towards him he holds Natasha and smirks looking at her}

O rehne de re Kanha
Bhoolega tu sataana
Jo girungi main ban ke Bijuria

{Sona smirks back and dances on the above lines}

O Radha teri Chunri
O Radha tera Jhalla
O Radha teri natkhat najariya
O Radha tera jhumka
O Radha tera thumka
O peechhe peechhe saari nagariya

{All dances on the above lines Ayan falls on Natasha he looks at him angrily and pushes and he falls on the floor widening his mouth}

Now finally after enjoying the dance its the time to exchange the rings

Ishwari : Ab agar nach gaana hua toh ek dusre ko anguti pehnao
Asha : Haan Shona woh rings lana
Sona brings the rings and gives it to blushing Elena and Vicky and they exchange rings and all clap

Ayan : Ho gayi sagai now I can eat come Dev
Dev shakes his head and they go and Elena, Sona and Natasha talk

Asha : Shona check if the sweets person came
She nodes and goes but finds no one then her eyes fell on the paper decorated with hearts she takes it and reads it


Sona it’s ur secret admire

Tumhai mujhse Milne ki chahat thi

Tumhai uss din ka intezar tha jab mai tumhare ankhon kai samne apne pyaar ka ikraar karon

Toh lo wo din aayaga .

Sona come to the lawn area of ur mansion I’m waiting there for u come fast


Sona gets happy and blushes and goes
Sona : Wow so happy he’s finally here oh my god I’m finally going to meet him

She blushes and goes to the lawn and sees a man who’s back is facing her
Sona : Secret admire
He turns and she gets surprised to see Rithwick. She gets happy and goes towards him, he bends in front of her
Rithwick : Sona thank god u came I want to tell u something really important

In Bose mansion

Asha : Dev beta can u find Sona I asked her to see if sweets person came but she didn’t come till now
Dev : I’ll see she might be doing some stunts like always
Asha : Ok

He goes outside and sees Sona first but doesn’t see Rithwick
Dev : Lo wild khargosh is here
He was about to call her when he saw Rithwick

Rithwick : (continues)Sonakshi I love u I love u so much
Sona was standing still her dream of seeing her secret admire came true she also wanted to express her love in front of him and he was standing in front of her but she didn’t feel good but she brushed of her thoughts while Dev was just staring at her with shock
Sona : I love u too
A drop of tear escaped from Dev’s eyes he leaves from there immediately and reaches Dixit mansion and goes to his room takes all his cloths and puts it in the suitcase his eyes were red he controlled all his tears and sat on the bed

Dev : Hello Tina
Tina : Yes sir
Dev : Book a ticket for London immediately
Tina : But sir
Dev : (cuts off) Book the next flight now got it
Tina : Yes sir


Rithwick : Can I hug u Sona
Sona : (mind)Gosh! Y am I feeling bad he’s my admire Rithwick loves u nothings wrong
She smiles and hugs him. Soon they release the hug she feels uncomfortable by his gaze, he cups her face and pulled her close but she hesitated to move
Sona : (mind) Sona he’s ur admire there’s nothing wrong

She disobeys her heart and moves closer and their lips were and inch apart he was about to kiss her when someone slaps him. While Dev was driving the car harshly his eyes were red he controlled all the emotions hidden inside him he didn’t let any emotion flow out. He immediately stopped the car and looked out the window it was Sona’s college gate he walked towards the box in which Sona got the letters he touched the box lovingly and a tear of drop of tear escaped his eyes


While in the Bose mansion Rithwicks cheeks were burning because of the slap he got from Vicky with fury and angry eyes
Sona : Rithwick. Bhai y u did

Before she completed Vicky held Rithwick’s collar
Vicky : How dare u, u bl**dy jerk
He punched him hardly Elena and Ayan come there and Sona was standing with a shocked expression he was going to give one more to Rithwick

Sona : Bhai stop it now why r u beating him
Vicky : How dare he kiss u
He was going to give him one more

Sona : Bhai enough is enough he loves me I love him and he has the right to kiss me
Vicky was about slap her when Elena holds his hand
Elena : What r u doing Vicky she’s ur sister
Vicky : (shouts)Aur kya karo….don’t u have a heart Sona or…
Sona : (cuts off)Bhai Rithwick loves me
Vicky : Wow love! He met u, u became friends and now lovers then what about the person the person who loves u from 6 years
Everyone gets shocked hear that including Rithwick
Sona : But bhai Rithwick loves me truly……..wait what? What u mean teh person who loves me for 6 years
Vicky : U mad Sona. U think he’s ur secret admire r u Rithwick
Rithwick : What admire?
Sona : What? U mean u don’t know about my admire
He nodes no and she tells him everything
Vicky : Means u never knew what happened all along. I’m sorry for ur state
Rithwick : No it’s ok I know u only did this for ur sister
Sona cries and hugs Vicky
Sona : Sorry bhai I didn’t believe u
Dev : Sh!!! It’s ok nothing happened
Just then Rithwick got a call and went

Ayan : Everything is solved Vicky
Vicky : Ya
Ayan : But my intelligent brain says somethings missing. Hmm!! Ya how u know Rithwick is Sona’s secret admire
Elena : Right Ayan bhai zindagi mein pehli bar kuch sahi kaha
Ayan : Ur praising me or insulting me Ele
Sona : Haan bhai how u know about it

Vicky holds her hand and takes her
Vicky : Fine come here

He takes her to the Dixit mansion and all follow them he enters the mansion and takes them to Dev’s room

Sona : Why r we here
He takes her towards the shelf of books
Ayan : Y r we near the shelf of books is there an exam????? But I hardly know ABC
Vicky : Shut up !

Vicky slides the shelf to the side and they all get shocked seeing a door
Elena : This door in bhai’s room I never knew about it
Vicky opens the door and gestures them to get in. They entered the room and Vicky switches on the light and they all get shocked seeing the room filled with Sona’s images every image from her childhood till today morning were there on the wall and all were confused just then Sona’s eyes fell on the lines written on the wall below her photo

Dev :
Teri Aankho Me Dekha Hai Ek Suroor

Ae Haseena lazmi Hai Tera Guroor

Par Ek Baat Yaad Rakhna Ae Hujoor

Aashiq Hai Hum Mahobbat Karenge Jaroor


Sona reads all the lines written on her letters that she got
Sona : Bhai….De..
Vicky : Haan Sona he’s ur secret admire

How was it please give ur views and if u don’t like tell I’ll end it 2-3 epi’s

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