My secret admire »DevAkshi« Episode 4


Hi guys Rithika here
Thank u for the positive response so glad u liked the idea. And thanks for liking the lines of the secret admire it means my effort has payed off it took me hours to make it

Dev and Ayan were sitting in the lawn

Dev : Dude I’m getting bored
Ayan : Same here
Just then Dev’s eyes fall on kids who r playing cricket….he thinks something and gets happy

Dev : Dude let’s play cricket with those kids
Ayan : Hahahaha dude do those kids even know how to hold a bat
Just then a boy hits a six and Ayan widens his mouth
Dev : Got ur answer
Ayan : But they wouldn’t win over me…
Dev : Hahaha joke of the year. Let’s see come
Ayan : Ok

They took a bat and ball and went towards them
Ayan : Wait I’ll go I know how to handle kids better than u
Dev : Hahahaha I know u were a aunty in previous birth hahaha
Ayan : Very funny…Now see my jalwa

He goes towards the children
Ayan : Hi kids my friend and I want to play with u
Adi(one kid) : Buddies y is this fat girl barking like a dog ask her to play some doll games
He went to Dev with a widen mouth and Dev who was laughing out loud holding his stomach
Dev : Hahahahahahahahahaha those kids r so true hahahahaha
Ayan looks at him angrily
Ayan : Is that so then u go ask them
Dev : I was going u stopped me by saying(mimics) I know how to handle kids better than u …..see my jalwa hahahahaha amazing dude
Ayan : Dude stop now go it’s ur turn

Dev goes towards them
Dev : Hi bacha log
All look at him but ignore him
Dev : Hmm.. means the chocolates I bought were a waste
Children look at him
Children : Chocolates!!
Dev : Ya but now it is a waste u don’t want to be my friend right
Shyam (another kid) : Ya we r ur friends. What u say friends
Chikdren : Ya we r
Adi : But Shyam..
Shyam :(whispers) Quiet….its the matter of chocolates so it’s better to be quiet
Dev : So glad ur my friends
Children : Us too
Dev : Then let’s play cricket
Shyam : Fine but chocolates first

Dev gives the box to them they all get happy and hug him while Adi makes faces. Then Ayan comes
Ayan : So let’s play cricket
All children glare at him angrily and Dev chuckles. Children come forward to him as if they will kill him any moment
Dev : Kids stop he is my friend he will play with us
Shyam : He’s ur friends??
Dev : I know u all r surprised that how can a sweet, handsome boy have a donkey friend kyunki chote chote deshon mein aise bade bade baathien hoti rahti hai
Adi : Copying Shahrukh Khan’s dialogue haan
Dev : Isse copying nahi interchanging kahte hai beta…….anyway let’s play
Adi looks at him with faces and children nod and start playing. Ayan runs the ball on his thigh he was about to throw it when Adi puts his leg in between and he falls and he looks at him with a angry face
Ayan : (murmurs) Half-ticket
Adi : Waste creature

They keep playing when Sona and Elena come there and they were surprised seeing kids playing with Dev and Ayan
Dev : Hi wild khargosh
Sona looks at him angrily
Sona : Kids
All children stop playing and look at her
Sona : Kids what r u doing….why r u playing with donkeys
Adi goes to Sona
Adi : Look na sweetu I told not to play but he bribed them giving chocolates
Sona : Which monkey bribed u
Dev hides behind Ayan and Adi points at Dev and Sona thinks it’s Dev and looks at him while he gulps in fear
Ayan : Not me
Sona : Shut up
Adi : Sweetu not him that guy
He points at Dev hiding behind Ayan
Sona : Who??
Adi : Arey who’s face is like milk
Ayan bursts out laughing
Ayan : Hahahahaha dude he’s calling u milk hahahahaha
Sona goes to Dev angrily and goes towards him

Sona : Hey u…how can u bribe small children…don’t u have shame
Dev : Hey hey stop ur bashan and save it for the future
Sona : (confused)What
Dev : Nothing go and let us play…..wild khargosh…ops! 4 foot 2 inch wild khargosh
Sona : SHUT UP!!
Dev : Chi chi chi what bad manners how can I pull up my shirt here have some shame
Sona : Arg!!! I’ll kill u
Dev : Dear wild khargosh how many times I told u kiss is not allowed in public
Sona gives him a angry look while Elena giggles
Adi : Hey u..stop irritating my sweetu
Dev and Ayan look towards each other and start laughing loudly and kids look at them confusedly

Ayan : Hahahaha I can’t control my laugh Dev
Dev : Hahahahahahahaha lol dude hahaha sweetu is he ur friend hahaha
Adi : Yes what u’ll do
Dev : Hahahahaha…nothing…waise nice choice u r a 4 foot 2 inch wild khargosh and he is half-ticket made for each other hahahahaha
Ayan : So true dude hahahahaha

Sona fumes in anger and looks at them with blood shot eyes and Ayan gulps in fear while Dev is still laughing
Sona : Today ur gone
He starts running and Sona runs behind him
Dev : Hahaha stop it Sona
Sona : No ur gone today
He runs inside the Dixit mansion and Sona follows him there also
Sona : Stop Dev
Dev : No catch me if u can
Both keep running and enter a room. While running they fall on the bed and Sona falls on Dev and her zip loosens a bit and opens slightly, they look at each other in shock and tears fall from Sona’s eyes and they share a cute eye lock. He closes his eyes and travels his hand to the zip and closes it just then they hear Vicky’s voice and come back to reality and Sona gets up from him
Sona : So..orry
Dev :(cuts off)Ah!! wild Khargosh ur so heavy go to the gym and reduce ur weight
She gets angry and starts throwing cushions on him
Dev : Stop
But Sona ignores him and keeps beating him

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