My secret admire »DevAkshi« Episode 3


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Night time

Dev’s room. He enters the room and his eyes fall on the open window he goes to close it
Dev : Ma bhi na…..forgot to close the window
He went to close it. (Bose mansion and Dixit mansion r opposite to each other) Dev’s eyes fell on Sona who was doing work he thinks of something and goes to her teasingly
Dev : Wild khargosh……wild khargosh

Sona’s room
She hears the voice and comes out

Dev : Hey wild khargosh over here ur window
She goes and to her utter surprise it’s Dev
Sona : Ugh!! It’s u I hate u!! And dare u call me that name…….understand

Dev : Ok 4 foot 2 inch wild khargosh how’s that
Sona : Arg!!!(thinks) Obhodro…obhodro

His mouth got widen hearing that name
Dev : Ay dare u call me that name or else..
Sona : Else what Obhodro huh! What u thought I’ll forget what I called u
Dev : Ay
Sona : Dear Obhodro it’s late night be a good rudie shout and sleep ok

Saying this she closes the door

Dev : Ok my dear khargosh I’ll se u tomorrow…..Ops! Wild khargosh

Next day. It was a Sunday morning Bose and Dixit family were having morning tea together. Elena served tea to all just then Dev arrives
Ishwari : Beta itni der se kyun uthe
Dev : Ma…..U know ur son right……I went for Sunday morning prayer at temple
All smile while Elena giggles
Elena : Sunday prayer…..ya right!

Just then Sona comes and ignores Dev and he raises his eyebrows
Sona : Good morning Aunty, Uncle
Ishwari and Rohit : Good morning Beta
Sona : Good morning baba
She hugs Bejoy
Bejoy : Good morning my sweet daughter
Dev : No not sweet

Everyone looks at him Sona makes faces Dev snatches the ladoo from Elena
Dev : Um..this ladoo…ladoo is not sweet
Elena : Bhai did u taste
Dev : Ya Ele…..only spices
He winks at Sona and she makes faces
Elena : Spices ?

Dev : Yes dear waise Sona u didn’t wish me
He hugs her
Sona :(whispers)I’ll kill u
Dev :(whispers) Sona kuch toh sharam karo ur asking a kiss in front of everyone
He breaks the hug

Ishwari : I told know Asha they won’t fight like before
Asha : Ya u were right
Both talk amongst each other

Just then Ayan comes there
Ayan : Good morning dude
Dev : Good morning
Just then Natasha comes

Sona : Hi Nats(Natasha) Ok bye guys going to college
Dev : Arey Sona today’s Sunday so college….
She gives a glare to him and leaves

They go towards the box she just blushes
Natasha : Enough haan pick it up

Just then Dev and Ayan come
Dev : Hi sweetie what’s ur name
He said to Natasha who was flat seeing him
Natasha :(mind)Oh my god! He’s so hot
Natasha : My name is Natasha
Dev : Oh! What a sweet name just like u
Sona : Mr. Flirt stop flirting Natasha let’s go
Natasha : Sona wait and what’s ur name
Dev : Oh I’m Dev
Natasha : Oh ur so handsome
Ayan :Thanks and I’m Ayan only for u
Natasha makes faces
Natasha : I’m talking about Dev
Ayan stands dumbstruck and Dev giggles

After sometime they all leave and both of them go to the box and Sona picks up the letter

Mein tere samne, Tu mere samne
Phir kyun tu mujhe na pehchane

Tarasta hoon tujhe dekne ke liye
Kyunki tu hi tu bani mere liye

Mein karta hoon tujse pyar beintahaa
Par yeh dooriyan kyun le rahi hai mere pyar ka inteham

Jald karronga pyar ka iqraar
Nahi karwaaonga tumhe or intazaar

100% discount pe bhi kisiko nahi milunga bar bar
Kyunki janmo-janam tumse hi milna chaonga har bar

Bana ke rahunga tujhe mera humsafar
Ki tu bhi yaad rekhegi humare pyar ka safar

Yours only


She blushes even more reading the letter. All his letters showed his love towards her she only wanted to see him once. So she took a pen paper and replied

Mai nahi janti kon ho tum
Bas itna janti hu ki
Meri mohabbat tum hi ho
Mujhe farak nai padtha tum kaise dekh tai ho
Bas itna chachthi hon ki
Ek baar humari mulakath ho
Natasha and Elena smile

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    Omg….. … This was fantastic!!???
    I really want to know who is the secret admire??
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    Wowowowow! It Was Awsm! U R An Awsm Writer! Update Soon! And The Poetry’s Were Marvellous! Did You Write Them On Your Own!?

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