My secret admire »DevAkshi« Episode 22

Hi guys Rithika here
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Dev was sitting on his jeep looking at the window of Sona’s room, waiting for her to come there, so that he can take a glance of his love

Dev : Sona …Sona …Sona r u angry on me haan??

He keeps on murmuring looking at Sona’s room just then Vicky and Elena come there

Elena : Aw!!!!!! Sweetu the movie was just superb…hena
Vicky : Haan meri jaan, but not more than our story

He said winking at her pulling her closer to him by waist while Elena blushes Just then Elena eyes falls on Dev, she looks confusedly seeing him sitting on the jeep outside the mansion

Elena :(confused) Bhai ??
Vicky : What the hell …r u gone mad Ele that u r calling me bhai
Elena : Stupid (hits his chest) I’m talking about Dev bhai, look there

She points to Dev and Vicky looks back

Vicky : Oh!!!! Toh u were talking about Dev …uf!!! Thank God!!
Elena : Yes I’m talking about Dev bhai ….(Confused) y is he here…. Out… And more over he is looking lost some where

Vicky looks at Dev and finds him staring somewhere, He follows his gaze which is fixed on Sona’s room, Vicky smiles

Vicky : Haha ur bhai is lost over there

He points Sona’s room, Elena looks on and smile

Elena : Haha this Dev bhai na, Phir se he fought with Sona I guess….Come let’s ask him

She shakes her head Both Vicky and Elena go towards Dev

Vicky : hey hi Dev (smiles)

Dev comes to sense and looks at them

Dev : hi dude
Vicky : hey what happen Dev u r looking sad
Dev: woh Vicky actually so….(He pauses looking at Elena) (mind) no Dev don’t say in front of Ele if she comes to know She would start her lecture

As he was lost in his thoughts Vicky confusedly shakes him

Vicky : Dev …Dev ….
Dev: (comes to sense) haan .. Haan ….dude …
Vicky : bol na what happen
Elena : haan bhai …
Dev : Ahem Ahem … Nothing dude … Leave all this tell me how was ur date
Vicky : my date is always awesome dude … Hena Ele
Elena: (blushes)☺ woh I got some work have to go …see u later

She runs from there … Dev and Vicky laughs yet again Dev eyes falls on the window of Sona’s room He becomes sad Vicky notices this and ask him

Vicky : dude kya hua
Dev : (looks at him) woh Vicky actually today we were playing cricket then Sona (He tells everything) I’m waiting here for Sona … see her but… she angry with me???

Vicky brust into laugh While Dev looks at him confusedly

Vicky : Hahahahahaha dude ….u R scared … For the 1st time in ur life …u r scared
Dev : hey y r u laughing Vicky ….I’m worried here but u r laughing at me huh!
Vicky : hahahaha Dev what to do …. Hahahaha (Dev glares at him & he press his lips to controls his laugh ) haha …hmm okay …okay …. I’m sorry …sorry …. But y r u worried
Dev : arey ur sister would be angry on me then obviously I would be worried right
Vicky: hey Dev don’t worry dude …if she is angry on u … Then u be as well …

Dev: (confused) but y should I be angry on her
Vicky : she slapped u right …
Dev: haan …but I’m not angry on her
Vicky : if not … Then act to be angry on her
Dev: (confused) what r u telling dude I’m unable to understand
Vicky: dude listen (he tells something)
Dev:will this work
Vicky:haan Dev …. I know about girls … If we always try to impress them na …they will show their attitude to us …
Dev: haan Vicky u r right

Vicky: then come let’s go … Lunch is ready I guess … Today lunch in my home
Dev: okay dude

They were about to leave but just then Ayan comes there

Ayan:huh! Very bad dude U both r leaving me? … And Vicky u didn’t invite me for lunch too bad
Vicky: over urs … If over then let’s us go …(to Dev) come Dev

Ayan shocks and Dev chuckles. They leave from there

Ayan : Ahem …Ahem …. Wait dude I’m coming as well

Ayan runs behind them

Bose Mansion

Asha was arranging breakfast on the table Just then Dev, Vicky and Ayan comes there

Vicky : Ma serve the lunch we r getting hungry
Asha:(looks at them) Vicky … Dev ….
Dev : hi auntie (smiles)
Ayan: auntie u know Vicky invited us for lunch and I’m hungry
Dev: bhukad
Ayan widens his mouth

Asha:(laughs) hahaha U all sit I will serve it

All nodes with a smile and takes their seat just a voice comes from the kitchen It was Sona’s voice

Sona : ma ….ma Koun aaya hai


Dev and Vicky look on surprised

Vicky: ma Sona????? What is Sona doing in the kitchen
Asha : Vicky, For the 1st time Shona is preparing something I’m soo happy

Dev and Vicky look on shock Yet again Sona’s voice comes from the kitchen

Sona: ma bolo na Koun hai

Asha : haan …shona … Vicky , Dev and Ayan have came

Sona :(happy) Dev!!

Hearing Dev’s name She gets happy and Immediately she comes to dining area and looks at him

Sona : (happy) Dev

Dev looks at her and gets happy seeing her normal He was about to smile but Vicky who notices this gestures him to act angry Thus, he turns his face Sona looks on confusedly

Dev : auntie what did u prepare for lunch
Asha : (smiles) paluv …Dev
Ayan : wow paluv!!! auntie serve na
Dev : (smiles) yes Auntie
Asha: hahaha …I will serve

Asha takes paluv bowl and was about to serve in Dev’s plate But

Sona :maa don’t serve to Dev

Dev and Vicky look on shock
Asha : y shona …. what happened
Sona : maa i want Dev to eat the food which I prepared

Asha gets happy and Dev looks at her lovingly

Vicky :(whispers) dude … Anger … Anger ….Ahem ….Ahem …

Dev comes to sense and acts as if he is angry

Dev: no aunty … I don’t want to eat that food …. Serve me what u have made auntie

Sona: (mind) y is he behaving like this (to Dev) no Dev u have to eat what I made only
Dev: auntie please serve the food made by u

Asha nodes and was about to serve Dev but Sona takes the bowl angry

Sona : no no .. U have to eat what I made only
Vicky : Sona what is this …he doesn’t want to eat right then y r u compelling him Don’t behave like a kid Give that bowl
Sona : u shut ur mouth bhai y do u Always poke ur nose in between Dev will and have to eat what I made

Vicky looks on shocked

Dev : no I don’t I will not eat what u have made
Sona : No u have to eat

Ayan : arey Sona leave him na I’m there na I will eat please serve it to me
Dev : haan Ayan will eat Serve him

Sona gives death glare to Ayan he gulps in fear

Ayan : Ahem …ahem .. I don’t want u serve it for Dev only

Dev : but I don’t want to eat

Sona:u have to eat Wait I’ll get it

She runs to kitchen and brings the food bowl made by her While Asha looks on confused but gets happy as well

Asha : Dev …have it na beta u know she was making it from 3hours and For the 1st time she made something and asking u to eat 1st I’m soo happy

Dev and Vicky: 3hours

Sona smiles and keeps the bowl on the table As soon as Dev and Vicky eyes falls on the bowl Vicky coughs while Dev spits the water which he was drinking on Ayan face and Ayan looks on shock

Ayan : chi!!! Dev y r u spiting on me (Wiping his face)

Asha : what happen to both of u …
Vicky : ma was this …she made this for 3hours

He said pointing the bowl

Sona:yes …any problem

Dev and Vicky brust into laugh

Dev : hahaha … Sona …hahaha …. Hahaha seriously A simple maggie u made and it took 3hours … Hahaha
Vicky : hahahaha Dude right .. I’m unable control my laugh hahahaha

Sona :(irrithated) stop it u both whats there to laugh huh! Stop laughing
Vicky:hahaha then ..what should we do a Maggie which hardly takes 3min to prepare but u …. Hahaha …3hours

Sona : r u jealous bhai that I got know how to prepare Maggie and u don’t know still
Dev: hahaha Vicky Hahaha … R u jealous hahaha

Vicky: hahahahahaha … Very funny …hahaha

Sona:(irritated) ma!!!!!….ask this bhai to keep quiet It’s irritating
Asha:haan shona ( to Vicky) Vicky chup raho Don’t laugh at my shona

Dev stops laughing

Vicky : hahahah ma haha

Asha : Vicky!!!!
Vicky: okay okay I’m not laughing …okay

Sona : thats better (Turns to Dev) Dev I will serve u. U have it …

Dev was about to smile but

Vicky : (whispers) ..Ahem … Dude angry …angry man …

Dev nodes and acts to be angry

Dev : no I don’t need

He leaves from there giving her a angry look while she looks confused

Sona:(confused) isse kya hua
Ayan : thappad …slap …flashback hua ….

Sona reminces her slap to him

Sona : ohhhe is angry me for that slap …(to Asha) ma I will be back Don’t allow anyone to touch this Maggie Dev should only eat this

Sona glares at Vicky & Ayan and Asha nodes confusedly While Sona leaves from there immediately


Thats it
And ya happy news Di’s boards got over!! But her school just started sooooooooooo……it will take time for her to post the ff

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  1. That was commendable Rithika… this is the first tym I m commenting on ur ff… u rocked dear…. n I m just a year older than u…. it was fab. …..

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  3. Awesome episode it was really funny post the next episode soon as possible

  4. Manya

    She prepared Maggie for 3 hours???
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  8. As usual nice n aussmmm n funny chapter….next update kab kar rahi ho

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