My secret admire »DevAkshi« Episode 2

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Sona was blushing looking at the letter just then Rithwick came
Rithwick : Hi girls, I’m new to the college so can u all be my friends if u don’t mind

All look at him
Sona : Sure y not
Rithwick : So friends
They shake their hands he goes towards Elena and Natasha who give him a not liking expression Sona looked at them and signaled them to shake hands then Elena pulled them in side
Elena : What r u doing Sona how can u accept friendship like that
Sona : Arey he asked sweetly and politely
Elena : But Sona
Sona : Ele…Natasha come

She dragged them to him
Sona : Ok from now ur our friend
She glares at Elena and Natasha to shake hands and they do so with a fake smile later they r on the scooty
Elena : Jaldi Sona
Sona : Arey how fast…U r acting as if u r seeing bhai for the first time
Elena : Shut up chal

Dev’s Cabin
Dev : Put it Ayan
Ayan : wait
Dev : Dude fast
They were playing cricket in the cabin while Ayan was rubbing the ball on his thigh he throws the ball and Dev hits it
Dev : Yes…yes
Ayan : Don’t be happy no one can win over me
He starts rubbing the ball on his thigh
Dev : Hahaha ur looking like a money scratching his body hahaha
He keeps rubbing the ball which makes Dev angry
Dev : Will u put it
Just then Ayan’s eyes fall on Dev’s dad
Ayan : Oh no! Hitler!!
Dev : How dare u call me Hitler
Ayan : Not u ur dad
They quickly neatly present his cabin and act as if they r working and they take the laptop and just then his father comes in and gets happy seeing them both work
Ayan : This project is perfect
Dev : No I don’t think she’s perfect……..I mean…this project is not perfect
Ayan : Dev look she’s so hot
Dev stamps his foot hard making him realize what he just said
Ayan : Ah! I mean It’s so hot
And he fans himself and his dad thinks they r working sincerely while they were looking at pics of girls
Rohit(dad) : I’m proud of u son(he will be more proud knowing what they were actually doing 😉 )

Dev looks at him with fake surprise
Dev : Dad aap yahan when did u come
Rohit : When u both were working
Dev : Ok come sit
Just then Bejoy enters and Dev bends down to take blessings
Bejoy : Khush raho
Dev : Hi uncle
Bejoy : U r right Rohit we r proud of him
Dev : Thank u uncle
Bejoy : Ok toh chale Rohit
They leave from there while Ayan’s stomach grumbles
Dev : Dude how much will u eat
Ayan : What to do my stomach wants food..Come let’s go to the canteen
Dev : No dude
Ayan gives him looks
Dev : Ok fine…let’s go

He hugs Dev
Dev : Ayan control
Both leave for canteen
Ayan : U sit I’ll bring the food
Dev nodes and wears his shades and bumps into Sona and she loses her balance and falls on him
Dev : Miss do u mind getting up
She gets up
Sona : Sorry
Dev : What sorry if we boys would have fallen on u then u would have given us kicks but u fall on us then ”sorry” oh hello I know u fell on me intentionally seeing a handsome man
Sona : Oh hello u r not handsome ok u bumped in me seeing a beautiful girl
Dev : Hm…….
He lifts her hand and checks her
Sona : What r u doing dirty fellow
Dev : Checking weather ur beautiful
Sona : What?
Dev : Hahahahahaha very good joke lol hahahaha
Sona : How dare u laugh at me
Dev : That needs a dare hahahaha
Sona : Stop laughing idiot
Dev : No I won’t stop
He laughs more which makes her angry she takes the cake beside and throws it on him he bends and escapes while it hits Ayan
Ayan : Ay girl how dare u throw the cake and spoil my new shirt and how can u think of throwing such a amazing cake….
Sona : (cuts off)Ay u shut up or ur head will be in my hand
He gulps in fear
Dev : Haha u got scared of her shame on u
Sona : I’ll kill u
Dev : (fake anger) Oh spare me please……hahahahahahahahaha u’ll kill me 4 foot 2 inch haha
Sona : What u said
Dev : 4 foot 2 inch haha
Sona : I won’t leave u
She holds his collar and shouts everyone looks at them Elena and Vicky who were busy in their romantic conversation heard them from a distance
Elena : Bhai
Vicky : Sona
They immediately went over there
Dev :(confused)Vicky, Ele u both here
Vicky tries to free Dev from Sona
Vicky : Sona chodh isse
Sona : Nahi bhai today I will kill him

After enough struggle she let go of Dev
Vicky : Woh actually I came to meet Elena
Dev : U didn’t tell me
He was going to speak but Sona interrupted
Sona : Bhai u know this duffer
She points at Dev
Elena : U mean u both don’t remember each other
They both nod no
Elena : Bhai she is Sonakshi and Sona this is Dev bhai remember something ……..Arey u both fought a lot with each other when u were small
Dev : Oh so she’s wild khargosh
Elena nods yes
Dev : Haha so she’s the same wild khargosh
Sona looks angrily and Vicky giggles
Sona : Oh so ur the same person who has done a course in fighting……..ugh! I hate u!!
Dev : I know 4 foot 2 inch wild khargosh hahaha
Sona : Argggg I won’t spare u

She goes towards him raging while Vicky holds her back
Vicky : Sorry yaar u know her right
Dev : Ya I know haha
Sona : Bhai leave me now

He takes her from there without listening
Elena : Bhai u didn’t realize it’s Sona
Dev : Ummm….No y
He was about to go when he saw Ayan licking the cake from his shirt and he looks at Dev
Ayan : Dude this cake is so yummy u want to taste it
Dev : Go give it to ur girl friend
Elena laughs and Ayan makes faces and they all leave


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  1. Alka


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    Wow…. War between Dev n sonakshi 😘😘 a cute fighting ….hahahahahahah ❤❤ sooooooooooooooooo goooood …I’m loving it 💙💙💙💙

  2. Manya


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    Super duper funny😂😂😂😂😂and Awesomeeeeeeeeee❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
    4foot 2inch😂😂
    Post soon
    Love love💘❤️

  3. mahi sama

    Niiccccc episode. …..
    Well lov devakshi part ….no part…fight……

    Plz upload nxt prt Asap plz

    I thnks sona’s admire is none other than DEV

  4. Erina


    |Registered Member

    Superp , awesome nd hight of fun 😂😂but I wounder how u made 5foot7inch into 4 foot 2 inch 😅😂😄😉😉😉

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