My secret admire »DevAkshi« Episode 13

Hi guys Rithika here
I’m really angry with?? u all especially Ayushi, how can u not know my writing style u commented on all my ff’s didn’t u ??? Ya I was the only one who wrote ‘Mushkil yeh ishq’ yesterday as I told u my di was busy so know since I’m handling 2 ff’s I don’t know how often I’ll write. I only like Niki and Maleeha only they guessed me ???. And ya one more thing can I write my di’s ff through my ID ??? I mean is it ok with u?? Anyway leave my bak bak


Sona was blushing reading the letter given by her secret admire i.e Dev she kept it in her hand bag. She was feeling so happy perhaps it’s a new feeling for her. She sits on a chair and keeps remincing her moments with Dev with a cute smile playing on her rosy lips

Just then the cabin door opens. Hearing the door knob sound she comes to her sense and looks at the door and find Vicky, Elena and Dev standing there scanning the whole cabin with widen eyes and open mouth

Sona : (smiles) Bhai, Ele u came!!

She gets happy to see Vicky and Elena and goes towards them while Vicky looks at her in her anger

Vicky : What is this Sona??
Sona: What bhai (innocently)
Vicky : Son’t act innocent..y did u mess the cabin. Is this a way to behave huh!!
Sona : Ask the same question to ur friend
Vicky : Sona I…
Dev : (interrupts) Arey Vicky don’t scold my sweetu. What is mine is her’s and what is her’s it’s mine and today she proved by messing my cabin I’m so happy

He say’s this pulling her cheeks & winking at her while she jerks his hand from her cheeks in anger and Elena chuckles

Vicky : But Dev this isn’t good, she is acting like a child
Sona : Enough bhai u know ur a Hitler….. idiot always point out my mistake!!! What about ur this so called friend huh!!!

She looks at Dev pointing him and he raises his eyebrows

Vicky : Sonaa I know him very well and u also how
Elena : (interrupts) Arey stop fighting u both and bhai what did u do with Sonakshi huh!

Dev was about to speak but Sona interrupts

Sona : Ur bhai is a big stupid Ele u know he locked me in the cabin and went out so I took revenge from him by messing his cabin idiot!! How dare he ….

Dev looks innocently

Vicky : If he locked u, u could have waited for him to open right…. what’s the need of messing the cabin and it’s his office.. not house!
Elena : Stop it Vicky, Sona is right at her place. Is this a way to behave with the person whom u love???? Huh! Will also do this to me?? Will u lock me also in cabin??? Answer na!

Dev chuckles while Sona looks on angry and Vicky’s words stuck in his throat as he thought to tease Sona but himself got trapped in it..

Vicky : I…didn’t… Me..a..n ..
Elena : (cuts off) Enough Vicky this is too much!!! Y r u always scolding Sona huh! It was bhai’s fault !! Do u think u boys r perfect huh!!

Vicky : (sweetly) Arey darling..
Elena : I don’t want to hear u

She leaves from there angrily

Sona : Huh! From now on wards dare u scold me bhai

Sona smirks looking at Vicky while he looks at her in anger and Dev smiles looking at Sona

Vicky : Tujhe baad mein dekh lunga

He says this to her and leaves from there while Sona looks at Dev and smirks. She was about to leave from there but Dev held her wrist not letting her do so and she looked at him in anger. He pulled her closer to him wrapping his arms around her waist while she struggles in his arms to free herself but he tightens the grip..

Dev : Where r u going jaan??
Sona : (struggles) U will never change!! Leave me u duffer, Elena might be waiting for me
Dev : Sweetheart, Vicky has gone behind Ele then obviously they might be together.. so don’t disturb them and let them spend sometime and even we will
Sona : But I don’t want to! Leave me!!
Dev : No!! Never in a million years!!!

He pulls her more closer to him and looks into her big doe eyes lovingly while she struggles in his arms. Just then Ayan comes there with a hot chocolate in his hand and widens his eyes seeing DevAkshi’s position

Ayan : What r u guys doing???

Dev comes to his senses and looks at him irritatingly

Dev : Idiot…bad timing
Ayan : (confuse) What??
Dev : Nothing

Ayan’s eyes falls on Dev’s pic on which Sona had shown her talent and he brust into laugh.

Ayan : Hahahahahahaha

DevAkshi looked on confused and Sonaa gets irritated

Sona : Y r u laughing chimpanzee. It’s irritating
Dev : Dude stop ur laugh. It is irritating my sweetu
Ayan : Hahaha.. what can I do Dev, hahaha. Look there.. haha

He points towards the pic and DevAkshi looked on and Dev widened his eyes and Ayan walked toward the pic and laughed

Ayan : Haha look at this pic. It’s ur pic hahaha… I guess who made this extra fitting in this pic is a Physco hahaha

Sona gets angry because she is one who drew it and Dev chuckles

Dev : (mind) Ab tu gaya

Dev : Hahaha look at this, that person would’ve thought to make u look a like devil, hahaha but instead it finished up as a ghadha..hahaha u r looking like a

Sona had enough of her insult of her talent..she got angry and slaped Ayan hard and his face turned red due to the slap and he looked at Dev and Sona leaves from there

Ayan : What did I do dude I just said ki u r looking like donkey then y this devil slapped me

Dev : Not only slap u but also kicked u

Saying this he also slaps Ayan and leaves from there and due to the slap Ayan’s hot chocolate falls and he cries

Ayan : Aaaaa my hot chocolate!! Aaaaa this world is so cruel


Sona’s room

Sona was looking at Dev’s bedroom via window his room was dark ,she was unknowingly waiting to see him because he wasn’t there in his room,even though she tells tat she doesn’t love him, is it true??If yes then y she is eagerly waiting for him ? Y he has become a habit of her or need of her???

Sona : Where is this idiot ? I’m waiting for him from past 1 hour and still he didn’t came to his room …..(realizes) wait …wait but y am I waiting for him..No no I will not wait for him,Sona let’s sleep!

She was about to go when her eyes fell on Dev standing outside the mansion cupping a girls face. Sona widened her eyes

Sona : Rhea. Same girl here also..I forgot to ask him about her (Looks at them) but what r they doing here at this time’s late night

She looks at Dev who was talking with Rhea still cupping her face and Sona looks doubtfully, she didn’t like his way of cupping other girls face. Her eyes turned into anger of pure jealousy

Sona : Is she his girl friend.. if so then what about me..what was that which he was telling me all this time

“Doubting ” is what she could do now. She knew he loves her, but about this girl whom he is talking for so long. She see’s him hugging Rhea and caressing her hair. That was it for her. Her anger raised from 0° to 500°

Sona : Is he cheating on me?? How dare he??? Let’s ask him

She walked out a came outside the mansion and found Dev and Rhea still hugging, she fumed and went toward them and claps sarcastically. Dev and Rhea broke the hug hearing the clap and looked on shock seeing Sona

Dev : (shock) Sona
Sona: Wah wah Dev what a game u were playing with me really hats of to u…
Dev : (confused) What r u talking Sona
Sona : Oh so u want to listen from me huh ! Don’t act innocent Dev …what were u doing with a girl …at this time huh! Playing dhandiya
Dev : Sona …
Sona : (interrupts) Oh sorry what questions I’m asking ..waise bhi .it’s ur person life whom I am for questioning to u
Dev : R u gone mad Sona

He sounds anger understanding what she means while Rhea was sobbing silently

Sona: Oh shut up Dev u r a cheater …one side u will say that u love me ..and at other side u r romancing with this girl (points Rhea) …if u love ….

Her words left incomplete as he slapped her hard ….yes Dev slapped Sona …that Dev who used to say that he loves Sona slapped her. Sona looked on shock holding her burning cheek tears rolled down from her beautiful eyes

Dev’s eyes turned red due to anger, he transferd his gaze from Sona to Rhea hearing her sobs, he looked on concerned and went toward her and held her hand. Seeing this Sona ran from there and Dev looked at her going and takes a sigh looking at Rhea

Dev : Rhea come I will drop u!
Rhea : (sobs) Bo…but…
Dev : (cuts off) I said I will drop na come..

He sounded angry so she nodded. He took out his jeep and soon both left from there


How was it hope u all read the note I posted. Anyway how was it please give ur views

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  7. It was amazing rj….. Loved it how dev is teasing sona…. But the slap shouldn’t be fitted… It shows that how weak dev is that he raised his hand on his women… Eager to know who ria is???? I think dev must be helping him in some way…And consoling her…. Anyways…. It’s superb

    1. Rj12

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