Second Marriage (Chapter-6 ; Wedding)

Anika’s pov

I remember lastly I was talking with shivaay and then blur !! Oh shit I stressed a lot I guess it’s morning already oh yeah it’s my wedding today and after this I’m no more Anika Ayan Sinha but Anika shivaay Singh Oberoi I’m feeling to run away from here but no I have to do this I should move on

I woke up and went to take the shower

After taking the quick shower I came out and wore the heavy lehenga it’s 5 kgs argh so heavy it is

Then mom came and asked if I’m awake she was surprised to find me getting ready

She got ready and emotional she hugged me tightly and said

” Dear pls don’t spoil your future by thinking your past and move on in your life that is best for you because we all will be happy only if you will be happy !” She told me weeping heavily

“I know Mom I promise you I will try my best to move on” I assured her and soon make up artists came there

Mom kissed my cheeks and helped them in making me get ready

Soon I am now ready as the bride once again mom kept one kaala teeka for me and blessed me

And there came my monkey cousins they took me into a big bear hug

Then I heard one girl saying pandit ji is calling me down

I took baby steps and went to the mandap

There he was standing looking so dashing and he is looking so angry bit wait why is he angry he must be happy right afterall it’s his wish too

But then my gaze fell upon my best friend Aryan Khanna and his girlfriend Ahana shinghaniya I invited them personally as they were with me during my sad times and it’s their right to be in my happiness I passed a smile for Aryan he returned a big bright smile tooo

As soon as I reached beside the Mandap that arrogant beast took my hands eyeing towards Aryan and Ahana they were passing angry glares to eachother I wonder what’s wrong btwn them

And then the priest started Chanting mantras

He asked me to place my hand on his I heavy heartedly did all the rituals and it was time for him to fill my vermilion he did I closed my eyes to control the tears I composed myself and opened the eyes and he tied the mangalsutra around my neck

We have taken 7 vows I don’t know if I ever will be able to keep up theses new promises ! I promise that I will be a loyal wife at the same time I can never give myself to him never !

And after taking the vows the pandit said ” shadhi sampann hua “.

So from now on I’m Anika shivaay Singh Oberoi it hurts a lot for me to even imagine I’m no more the wife of Ayan but it’s truth I should accept this

We then took blessings of elders now it’s time for photo session

He whispered into ears ” so welcome to my life Mrs Oberoi ”

I gave an irritating look to him

Every came there and blessed us we took photos

And now my bestfriend Aryan came to the stage eyeing shivaay with lot of anger something is really wrong !!

Seeing him and his girlfriend the arrogant best slid his hands on my waist and pulled me closer to him I wasn’t feeling uncomfortable at all though I’m confused of why is he behaving so wierd !



Shivaay’s pov

Today is the d day and I’m ready sitting on my mandap waiting for my bride yesterday she was unwell hope she will be fine by now why am I so worried come on shivaay she is your precious possession afterall you should be worried and my eyes fell upon two unwanted persons in my life that Aryan and Ahanaa argh what the hell are they doing here !? Who invited this bastard !? And that b*t*h he noticed me too he was beyond shocked too go to hell why are they even here if they know it’s my wedding wait did Raichand’s invite them but why !?

When I was thinking all this Anika came infront of me standing like bride yes she is my bride mine !!

I was very angry but I controlled the rage and proceeded with the rituals and then I filled her vermilion and tied mangalsutra and I took vows with her then she is my wife

Anika shivaay Singh Oberoi

We took the blessings of elders

And then the photo session started my concentration was not on the present world’ I’m still thinking why are they here what they want from me again

I was tired of clicking photos from three days and then they both came to take pic with us I can see Ahana eyeing me with guilty go to hell she and her guilt argh and this Aryan I’m sure he is eyeing my Anika lustfully did I say my Anika yeah she is MINE. So I immediately slid my hands around my waist

” Shivaay this is my bestfriend aryan Khanna and Aryan he is my husband shivaay Singh Oberoi ”

Aryan smrinked and told ” who doesn’t know him he is the business man afterall am I right Mr.. before he could reply me I took anika’s hand and pulled her from there in the excuse of taking blessings from my grandma

” Shivaay that’s so rude why did you behave like that !!”she asked me

” I don’t care I hate him you stay away from them and mainly that aryan understand ” I screamed on her

And then we went to dadi she blessed us and hugged both of us

She kissed anika’s cheeks

” Puttar I’m so happy for you and Billu stay blessed and be happy always ?”

” But dadi my Billu is sleeping in my room which Billu are you talking about !? ” This girl asked

Arggh dadi I hate you now what’s that Billu !!

Dadi started laughing she told I was her Billu and then she eyed me mischievously and asked Anika which Billu she was talking about

‘oh I see that’s why you told me to change its name ah Billu ji.!? She asked me while smrinking nothing dadi it’s my cat ??

Stop calling me like that I told her and glared dadi angrily

Both of them bursts into laughter and my eyes are struck on my wife she looks so beautiful while laughing

” Shivaay beta what the hell is that girl doing here ” mom came in between and asked me

I’ know for whom she is pointing that b*t*h

Mom she is anika’s Friend it seems

I tried to convince her but I myself was very angry after seeing both of them together here

~~~to be continued

How was that !?


Ayan didn’t die in accident but I killed him

Said someone

Who you think is that someone 😉

We’ll stay tuned for the next update

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