Second Marriage (Chapter-4 ; Engaged)

Anika’s pov

Yesterday’s ” date” was one of the terrible date I ever had in my life the most irritating person is that man but his gift is just aww I’m in love with that cat. whenever I’m around BILLU ,I forget all my sorrows he is such a cutie pie but I don’t understand how that arrogant beast got this idea of gifting me a cat I’m thinking a lot I gave Billu his milk and went to take my shower

When I came out I saw mom dad waiting for me I wonder what brought them here !

Good morning I wished them with pale face

Good morning sweetie we have a news for you ! Mom told in her sugaring voice

What’s that mom I asked her

Before that I need to talk with you dear dad came towards me he asked me to sit on the bed I obeyed he carresed my hair slightly and said

” Annie I know you have gone through a lot but as a father I can’t see you suffering everyday so I have decided this marriage hope I will get my old and chirpy Anika back ”

I know this before too that’s the reason I agreed to this marriage because mom dad’s happiness is all important for me

” I know dad ” I replied him

Actually today is your engagement and day after tomorrow is your wedding mom told me in one go

I was not able to either register what she saying or digest the fact that that I’m no more Ayaan’s wife

” Ohh Really ” is that what I could reply with utter shock visible in my voice

Yes dear we will have all the functions in hotel as the guests from groom side is many so pack your bags and get ready the groom’s side guests have already arrived to the venue dad told me stammering

I was shocked would be an understatement right now but alas I should do all this not for me atleast for my parents happiness and also for the promise which I gave for HIM


They reached the venue

They were given the room keys

But on the way to room Anika was stuck with the old aunties
They and their never ending talks Anika was feeling very suffocating there

Shivaay was coming that way he found her annoyed so he thought to take her away from there
He went there and placed his hands around her waist her eyes went wide he didn’t care to look at her

” Excuse me ladies if you don’t mind can I take her with me ? ! ”

They all nodded their heads within no time he pulled Anika out from there

He took her inside his room

” So !? ” He started a conversation with her

” So!? ” she replied as if she don’t know him

” Come on anika’ it’s our engagement why you always show your sad face and spoil others moods atleast pretend to be happy !”

I don’t know to act I’m not at all happy with this wedding I’m doing all this just for my !!

Shh not again don’t take his name I may spoil my mood atleast keep one smiling face and go get ready we are getting late as the engagement is within 2 hours and I hate the people who are late ! You shouldn’t be late not atleast in your engagement

Ok fine I’m going leave me

He holds her hands she raised her eyebrows

To leave you I should hold you right !? He asked her with his usual smrik

What ever now leave I want to get ready

As you wish come down quickly can’t wait to see you in that dress he told me winking at me

I gave an irritating look and went towards my room


Shivaay’s pov

My works are all pending because the goods which needs to exported are still not yet done I need to do that work quickly it is possible only when I have Anika then Mr Raichand will help me forever he needs his daughter to be safe and happy I need a person to help it’s all give and take , EVERY THING IS A DEAL FOR ME” so I asked them to keep the marriage within three days they agreed so easily

Today is my engagement and tomorrow Mehendi and haldi day after tomorrow morning is wedding then after a week Mr Raichand’s results will be out every thing is favorable for us 99% chances are there he will win it and there is a chance 1% his opponent team and my life time enemy ” Aryan Khanna”  to win I don’t think he will win such a womanizer he is now I’m thinking so much I just wanted to be away from this buisness world atleast for this three days

I was called down by my sister

I went down and found everyone busy with their chats

After I went there every one’s gaze fell on me and they started gossiping I didn’t bother to see them as I was waiting for my to be wife to come

And there she came down looking all gorgeous in my choice

Immediately we were asked to exchange rings

It was my turn I took her tiny hands in my hands and slid one diamond ring on her finger

Every one clapped

And she as usual after thinking so much took my hands in her hands and slid the ring

Every one again Clapped

And now we are ENGAGED !

And soon the media people came to click our photos they are really very annoying they just need something or the other to get peoples attention I cursed them and forced smile along with her she was looking so tired too I couldn’t help even I was helpless there

They clicked number of pictures of us

All the while we both were faking a smile on our faces

And I was looking at her she was just perfect in my choice I chosed that dress for her matching to my one
I felt proud of my choice both this lady and her dress

To be continued ..

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