Second Marriage (Chapter-3 ; Mysterious)

Shivaay’s pov

I took Ms Raichand for a date because I wanted to know her I’m not that so interested but a bit curious to know more about her

we are in the car and I’m driving it she was looking into my eyes I smrinked and asked if she liked she replied me she is not interested in me and asked me to address her as Mrs Sinha that’s it I lost my cool I stopped the car immediately !!

She was scared by this move but I’m not going to spare her because I can’t bear my to be wife still loving her ex husband no way

” Ms Anika Raichand I know you love your husband but he is no more and you are going to be my wife remember that you are stuck with me forever I don’t like you taking his name infront of me I won’t spare you next time this should be the first and last time ok ”

She nodded her head forcibly I can sense the hatred in her eyes I don’t care !

We reached our venue it’s our first official date I remembered bringing Ahanaa here I want to erase Every memory related to her for that to happen I will replace Anika Everywhere where ever I will have her

( Ahana) memories with this I will be erasing her memories from my life forever and in this process this Anika also will remember that I’m her husband here after !

We entered the cafe I have already ordered everything

I took Anika’s hand in my hand

I made her sit like a gentle man

She forced a smile on her face I know she hated even my presence but I don’t give a damn

Soon the waiter came there and placed my order , the table was decorated with beautiful roses as its a rose day

She looked into the table her eyes lightened up with glow which I never saw till now it’s only two days since I met her but all time I saw her weeping or pale first time I saw her bright face

” Ayaan loves them ” she told argg why should she bring him in our date this girl is making me hate her even before I start liking her

After those words I have no more interest to eat them so I didn’t touch those she kept looking at me why was I not eating but atlast she completed the whole plate by herself I guess she loves food Ahaana hates that damn why should I remember Ahaana all the time I stopped myself from thinking rubbish because I’m with Anika if I think more about Ahana I may end up hurting her because I may become mad at times because of my ex !

“Thank you for this ” she said with a little happy face but I’m not happy because she is happy but the reason for it makes me really very angry I ignored those thoughts and asked her if we can dance she nodded no

I gave her one glare with one glare she stood up I liked it she scares for me

“Look I don’t fear for you I’m doing all this nonsense just for my parents and most importantly my Ayaan” she stressed those words my Ayaan wantedly to irritate me

I gave her an irritating look and we moved to dance

Her hands on my shoulders and I placed my hands on her waist

We danced for a light music this is exactly what happened on my first date I want to recreate all those moments with this girl so that I forget that girl forever

” Mr Oberoi you are so mysterious I can’t understand you at all why you behave so wierd !?” She asked me while dancing I couldn’t help but chuckle

” What’s so funny in that !?” She asked again

” Nothing sweetheart don’t try to know me remember one thing you are so precious to me and u will get all the respect that my wife deserves !”

She nodded her head faintly and concentrated on the dance later we finished dancing at last I don’t know when the song stopped too I was lost into her eyes it shows all sadness and pain it hurted me too but I didn’t want to show her infact I’m scared about this relationship what if she cheats me like her but I know she won’t because her love is no more and this is one of the important reason I’m marrying her

She then waved her hands to bring me to reality

I was so lost in the past !

I then asked her to turn around with confused look she turned

I Clapped my hands then a man came there and gave her one box

She was confused

From the hole of the box a cat came out

It was really a cute cat I gifted one cat to Ahana too but she hated those I hope she doesn’t hate them

I like to gift something unique not all the girls like diamonds and expensive gifts

She was so lost into that I can say she liked it

” Omg !! This is so cute is this for me pls say I really loved it !” She asked ever so cutely

I nodded my head indicating yes

” Thank you so much Mr Oberoi !! This gift is really very precious for me because I love cats ”

You are very precious for me !! I murmured slowly

” Excuse me !? ”

” nothing I was saying every thing is a deal ”

(narangpurva shall we make another one ?)

” So !? I’m not getting you !” She asked confusedly

” Nothing come let’s go !” I took her out

We are in car once again going back to her house

She was looking happy after ages I guess I’m somewhere happy that she is happy

” So what will you name this cat ” I asked to pull a conversation with her because I wanted to know more about her which I couldn’t ask in cafe all credit to that Ayaan who is no more but is involved in her thoughts everytime

” Hmm I will name him BILLU “. She smiled

I stopped it there only ” what are you serious no name it something else because I don’t like that word Billu argh ”

” Oh I see so it’s final his name is Billu , Billu say hi for your shivaay !! ” She was speaking with that always repeating those words just to annoy me !!

Argh BILLU !!


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