Second Marriage (Chapter-2 ; Date)

Anika pov

I asked mom who is he that man smrinked evily and replied replied ” I’m your future husband ” shocking the hell out of me I mean am I hearing something like that or that really true I rubbed my ears to just confirm is that true or I became deaf

” Ms Raichand you heard it right we are going to get married why are you stressing yourself so much ” he asked me just to pour fuel in the fire I gave an angry glare to my mom and turned towards him

“Its Mrs .Sinha for you ! I’m already married who has even told you that I’ll marry you !! Just out”I yelled at him !!

“Excuse me don’t you have manners im your future husband give some respect atleast “he replied to me irritating me even more badly

I was the one who told him that you’ll marry him ” a voice came from behind it took seconds for me to recognise it was dad but still I’m unable to digest what was he even saying me marrying again no way !!

Dad are you serious say that it’s lie I can’t take it anymore if you feel me as burden then say it face to face I’ll move from here but I can never marry again no way ” by saying this I marched towards my room but was stopped by dad’s voice

If you respect my words u have to marry him u remembered that day when you asked me that you wanted to marry Ayaan I agreed happily now I’m asking you to marry Shivaay Singh Oberoivnarry him atleast for our sake ! He told me

I stopped there itself I know my mom dad are the best ! I can do anything for them but second marriage! It will be batrayal to Ayaan but I remembered I promised him that I will move on and live happily for his sake but still this thought kills me I’m so confused I wanted to talk with him that shivaay I heard his name first time I want to ask why he wants to marry me a widow with the permission of mom dad I took him to my room



Shivaay’s pov

Mr Raichand called me yesterday night to inform me that his daughter had come back from her in law’s house I do know that and it was his plan to get Ms Raichand back to India he used Ayaan Sinha’s parents help to send Anika back now when she came back it’s time for me to execute the next plan making Ms Anika to agree for this marriage he told me it’s a tough job well I guess so I’m now sitting in the hall of Raichand Mansion waiting for Mr Raichand to come back just then I heard some humming sound from upstairs as she came down she was surprised to find me there even I was surprised I didn’t thought I will meet her well she was looking breathtaking she asked her mom who I am I replied her I’m her future husband shocking was clearly visible on her face she started blabbering something I was not paying any heed to her as I know this marriage is for sure and she is going to be Anika shivaay Singh Oberoi in next week then I will be working on my dream project that’s all I want as I told she is my key right now I can do anything and everything for this deal to take place and just then Mr Raichand came the daughter dad had an emotional talk I was not interested in this at all but I have no option left too -_- then she called me to her room I wonder what she is upto

So Mr Oberoi you know I’m a widow why do you want to marry me !? She asked almost teary eyed

I don’t care even I’m married now I’m divorced I want to marry you well I don’t want to keep it as a secret I have so many plans and intentions in marrying you ! It’s a deal marriage sweetheart and yeah I want you to be very loyal to me after marriage u will be just MINE because you are my precious possession I don’t wanna loose it and don’t say me you love Ayaan he is your past he will never come back! You better plan your future with me that’s good for you and dare not you say no for this marriage

What if I say no she asked look at her guts

U will say yes I’m pretty sure about that now go change your dress no doubt you look hot but I don’t want you to expose outside so change soon and come in waiting for you down ! By saying this I moved from there I know I’m behaving very badly and rudely but once it’s decided and it’s final she will be my wife the past is past I don’t care im so possessive about my things from the very beginning and this Ahanaa played with me she just batrayed me she gave herself to someone else too !! I’m unable to digest this though I was very particular about my belongings I lost her how can I forget I loved her a lot !! But she cheated me now when I’m going to marry again I don’t want this girl to do that with me again I’m going to be a bit more conscious about her because she is my precious gift a Key for my success and no doubt im happy with this deal

I’m getting huge profit along with that a pretty woman too !!

Mr Raichand asked me what she told I explained him what I told her and then there she came down dressing all beautifully as I wanted from now on she is mine just mine !! I can’t wait to take her in my arms

Before you assume some thing else let me clear you all one thing she told gaining everyone’s attention towards her

We shook our heads indicating her to proceed

“See you are making fun of my life by give and take games I want to be very clear I’m not interested in this marriage at all but I’m doing this just because my dad has asked me something fur the very first time and I can’t say no that doesn’t mean Me Oberoi you will be getting all the husband’ rights on me I’m ready to give you myself it will definitely take forever time and yeah as this marriage deal is very important I hope you don’t have any problem with my conditions then only you can marry if not forget this ” she told coldly I was very angry on her because no one dares to speak with me in that way but I’m tolerating all this because of my deal I held my fist Tightly to supress my anger then I smrinked

Condition accepted Ms Raichand I told her she looked shocked may be she thought I would not agree but I’m not going to leave her afterall she is my key right now !

Ok then I’m ready for this marriage she stammered to say

Me and Me Raichand passed a smile to eachother and I noticed tears on her eyes I don’t care i then asked her shall we move Ms Raichand

I asked her

she nodded her head and we moved to our date


Anika’s pov

Ayaan see I’m fulfilling the promises which I gave you I’m finally moving on in my life hope you won’t hate me I just hope you are happy

I went inside his car it was just fab and I closed my eyes as I’m getting the memories of past our first date I opened my immediately as I don’t want to go back to my past I want to see my future I decided I will also join some NGOs soon as I need something to divert my mind and then i noticed him looking at me his eyes changes colours it’s so different

Did you like me eyes Ms Raichand !? He asked me while driving

It’s Mrs Sinha !? And I don’t like your eyes nor you just remember I’m marrying you only for the sake of my Ayaan and dad that’s it don’t expect more than that ..

I guess I told something wrong he stopped his car immediately ..

~~~~~~~~to be continued..

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