Second Marriage (Chapter-1 ; Memories Hurt)

Before you read this I want to say something I have already published this parts on wattpad publishing it again here just for some change and the next 4 parts are on the way

Second marriage ~A different love story

Anika’s pov

It’s been 2 years he left me he also took the reason for me to live he took my happiness along with him he took everything from I hate this world I miss you so much Ayaan pls come back I can’t live without you the day without seeing your face is incomplete my life is just incomplete without you I miss you every second I don’t know why I’m even living but I know very well taking my life is such a foolishness I’m not that coward lady I’m living all like a lifeless body these 2 years just for his one promise he asked me to move on and live happily but how could I !? So easy to say but in practical life no I can’t but still I wanted to be happy for my parents I want to be with them for the rest of my life I’m going back to Mumbai the place where I have lost my heart my every thing but still I’m going just because there are others who depend on me they love me I can’t let them be sad because of me from today I will forget my Ayaan that thought kills me but I want to do it , the flight landed on Mumbai and I was wondering did anyone come to pick me in that thoughts only I was walking I didn’t notice I have dashed some one very harshly I then raised my head to look into his face

He had a blue great or whatever eyes so Lovely it was ,his muscles damn his scent the same one which Ayaan uses the thought itself brought tears to my eyes

Done checking me out his voice brought me reality I was so embarrassed I wanted to hide somewhere arhhh slowly I moved a bit far from him

I murmured sorry to him and moved from there he is looking so rude and arrogant I can say it through his reactions whatever I’m now going to my parents home I was with my in laws till now they said me to live my life as I want actually me mom dad ( Ayaan’s parents) moved to New York as we couldn’t live in that house which had full Memories of my Ayaan I can’t be able to live there after 2 years I came back to India I wanted to surprise mom dad and after this no more crying that’s final !

I then reached my home Raichand Mansion

The watchman was new he does not recognised me I was very angry on him and I moved inside the house

Mom dad was rather shocked and surprised and ofcourse happy to find me there they immediately engulfed me into a bone crushing hug and that too on the entrance itself



Shivaay’s pov

I came back to Mumbai after 6 months I was in Australia for an important deal that deal which is very important I’m a successful business man the thing I can proudly say because I’m successful only in that field I failed as a son I failed as a Husband I hate it very much the memories of her I just want to erase them completely but only if God whises she is still alive but she batrayed me I still couldn’t forget her that doesn’t mean I love her I just hate her from the bottom of my heart I hate the name” Ahanaa ” I regret marrying her I’m wasting my time thinking about her tomorrow I have to meet Mr Raichand the soon to be prime minister of India because I need his help regarding this important project I’m doing its an international project so I need government’s help which I know Mr Raichand can do it for me but not freely this offer was not my idea it was dad’s and his idea kinda give and take he will give me his daughters hand with me and In return I will be given all the legal permissions to import and export goods internationally that too in very cheap rate a huge profit she was the same girl whom I met today morning I hate the idea of marriage but still this is My dream project so I had to do this irony is because of that girls husband only I came to know about Ahanaa’s truth

Tomorrow I’m taking her for a date everything is fixed now the next week I will be marrying her after that I will be doing my dream project then no one can beat shivaay Singh Oberoi if and only if this marriage happens A DEAL MARRIAGE and also our SECOND MARRIAGE too

Get ready Anika’ Raichand to become MY wife you are my key for everything right now


The next day

Anika’s pov

Mon dad was very happy to see me after 2 years while dad was a bit busy too his elections are very nearer I’m so happy for him I remembered even I wanted to be a politician I laughed at Myself remembering my college days but after that tho everything changed everything means everything leave it I don’t want to think about this and then mom called me down for breakfast I happily went to eat after ages though

When I went dad wasn’t there such a crucial time it is for him and there are lot of chances that he will win this time I’m so happy for him and me and mom had a hearty talks I felt so relaxed with her

After that I went for taking shower I missed this room so much now I’m happy that I’m back I decided that I will erase each and every memory related to Ayaan so that I live my rest life happily with my parents I doubt though then after shower I chose western wears which I used to wear during my college days i heard some noises from hall so I decided to see who it is

There again I met the same man whom I dashed yesterday he was smrinking towards me

Mom who is this I asked eyeing to him

Your future husband he told shocking the hell out of me

~~~~~~~~ to be continued

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