SECOND LOVE (swaragini) episode 9


Hi friends preets is back.

Sanky stood just like that when dadi was abt to scold himbut jat interpered
Jay: sanky its getting late lets go ……. bye dadi ragini we will come tomorow and pick u up be
ready.(saying this dragged sanky out and went out followed by lucky.
In the car
Sanky was looking at the photo in his phone.(which he took with rags)
Jay and lucky understood his thought and decided to tease him.
Jay:sanky what u did there oh my god its better u got escaped
Sanky smiled at his comment.
Lucky(keeping his face serious.): but sanky hw can u touch my wife hw dare u do that before
me. U know na she my wife.
Sanky (with a attitude):sry to say ………………… she is ur ex wife .right now she is not ur wife
remember what u did to her. Bhai stop car .
San: stop the car.

Jay stopped the car .
Sanky got down and went near the cliff.(u can imagine the place where ragini drank poison )
Lucky: sanky i was kidding seriously i didn’t mean that . really believe me.
Sanky: i know that u can’t mean that coz u didn’t love her. U know something .she didn’t do
anything wrong by loving a person . she did wrong by loving u she chose a wrong person.
(vallkai la pala per unmmaiya kadhalikuranga ana serina aala select panrathula than thappu
panranga. Life romba chinathu nama anba purinchikatha oruthrukaha nama wait pananum
avasiyam illa . unga unmaiyana love ah purinchika oruthar varuvanga.)
Jay :sanky why do u say that lucky didn’t mean to do that.
Sanky: i know bhai. But y he didn’t even gave her a chance. Really no one can hate her . after
all u too u did wrong with her bhai .
jay : wat i did.
San: u r the the one who made her like that . u used her for ur selfishness.and even lucky u
too.all of u used her for ur selfishness .
san: to hid ur truth u made her to hate her sister. Made her bad.
Jay: i am sry i don’t know anyother way.
Lucky:i couldn’t accept that fact sanky. I am sry.
San:no use in telling u guys. At least from now she needs to be happy.
She should be happy. She deserve a person who loves her a lot.
Jay: yes she will got her true love.
Lucky:yes . she will get.
San:(wiping his tears.):come lets go.
They all went to mm .

In hall.san : i am going to my room..
Jay and swa:but……….
San:y what happened. Oooooooooo i forgot. U guys r there right ok but wher will i sleep.
Lucky: u come to my room till ur room gets ready.
San: ok (saying this he went luckys room.)
In swasan room
Swa: sanskar did u had ur medicine……………………..after realized what she said
Ooooooooooo sry sry sry sanjay.
Jay: its ok swara. It takes time.
Swara today i feel light everyday i used to die in guilt but today i am so happy.
Swara: its ok sanjay .time heals everything . now come………. take ur medicine(she was about
to go but jay pulled her back and gave a peck in her cheeks .
Jay :i love u swara. Thanks for coming into my life .
( saying this they both hugged each other. Munba vaa theme music plays as bg.)
Lucky’s room.

After changing sanky was standing in balcony he was thinking something.
Lucky came there and saw him.

Lucky:what sanky ……….dreaming ah. With whom( enna kanava yaar kooda)
San: chi ila. Hw much thing happened with in a day .really i couldn’t believe it.(oru nal kula
evalo matrangal.)
lucky: changes are constant(marangal nilaiyanathu)
san:seri vidu. Hey nama china vayasula night elam vilaiyaduvom la . ippayum velaiyaduvoma
(hey during our child hood we used to play games in night shall we play that.
Jay&adi: what game.
Lucky:rapid fire. What u say na.

San,jay,adi:ok .
They four made a round in bed .(san ,jay, order)
Lucky: ok first we shall start from sanky.
Lucky(in mind): inaiki pala pal unmaigal valivara poguthu. Lets see)
San(in mind ):veerama ok solutom enna aha pogutho
Jay(in mind): iniki enjoy pana porom.

Adi: (in mind) epavumei en thambiga santosh ma irukanum.plz god.
Epi end with adis smiling face.

Credit to: preethi kalian

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  1. I did not understand the last para pls translate it

    1. Laksh in his mind:Today many truths are gonna reveal..
      sanskar in his mind:Said yes with much courage..whats gonna happen..??
      Jay:Today we are gonna enjoy..
      Adi:My brothers should be always happy..pls god..

      1. preethi kalian

        i was abt to do that but u did it thank u abhi. u r a tamilan ah?

      2. No no..Iam a malayalee.. i watch many Tamil i know Tamil too…??

      3. Thanks

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    1. preethi kalian

      sanjay is varun kapoor then whts the problem

  6. Difficult to understand plzz write in english
    And long one

  7. preethi kalian

    guys sry my next update will be little late as i will get my results tomorrow . bye

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