SECOND LOVE (swaragini) episode 7

Hi guys this is preethi .

Everyone had tears in their eyes even sanskaar.
Swa went near sanjay and kept her hand in his shoulder.
Sanjay lifted his head and saw swara and hugged her .
Jay :i am sorry swara i know u will never lie but me i always lied u sorry swara.
Swa: sanskar…………opps sanjay i will believe u coz ………..i can see truth in ur eyes u haven’t
done anything wrong really i believe even they don’t trust u i trust u.
Jay: thank u swara thank u.
San: (quickly wiped his tears before anyone can see him but ragini saw his action.)
Hey sanjay i am sure u should be in rajasthan .come on go there .
(everyone were eyeing sanky angerly thinking y he he said that)
Jay: (he thought sanky is sending him out the city not disturb them)
But y rajasthan i will go to mumbai (saying this stood up and started to walk)
San: oye watertape stop (all were shocked with his name )
Jay: what……..watertape???
San:ss thats the reason i told u to go to rajasthan.
If u cry like that flood come in kolkata its loss right . so if go there water scarcity will be reduced
Right (saying this started laughing )
Everyone understand his words but no one laughed as they were tensed.
Lucky:sanky its a bad joke at bad timing.
San :oh sry ok looking at sanjay )sry bhai holding his ears like a child .
Sanjay and swara were shocked.
Jay: what….. what u said bhai……… bhai
San:han if ur son of my mom then u r my bro right .saying this he winks at lucky .
Lucky: sss ur right sanky he is our bhai .and winks at adi
Adi :well i got three brother i so happy .right papa.
Dp:u r right we got another son sanjay maheshwari .
Listening this sanjay runs towards dp and hug him.and he hugged rp,ap ,suj.
Adi :hello boss we r also present here saying this he hugged jay.
Then all brothers had a group hug.
Seeing this swa hugged ragini.
Lucky : sanjay maheshwari welcome maheshwari bros committee.
Jay :thanks.thanks so much.
Pari :sanjay i have to thanks to u personally coz of u i got to know abt some innocent peoples
face saying this she stare at adi . adi puts his head down.
Suj :yes yes coz of u we got know abt many things saying this she goes near sanky and lucky and
Pulls their ears.
San &lucky:ahhhh.. its paining.
All laugh at them .

Suddenly adi shouts coz ap is pulling his ears .
Ap: wow wt an acting adi we thought ur innocent but no man u r the one who spoiled ur bros .
Adi :ma ahhhhh it paining . i thought abt their happiness thats all ma.
Both ap and suj left them.
Lucky: sanky tell me ur first crushs name yaar plz.
Lucky:plz u were abt that time but jay bhai interfed so tell me plz.
San:mmmmm…… ok ragini ……….ragini gadodia.
All were shocked especially ragini.
But sanky didn’t notice it .
Sanky:by the way .jay bhai was telling some ragini ragini who is she .
Lucky points ragini and tells ragini.
Sanky gets shocked.
San(in mind) : what that means she is lucky’s wife cha vada poche.
Lucky: but we r divorced she don’t love me or i do we broke our mariage . we r just friends so
(lucky got that sanky likes ragini.and after all ragini is sankys first crush right.)
Sanky(in mind ):thank god my root is clear.
Sanky: ok i am hungry plz give some food yaar plz its has been years eating the food made by u
ma .

all had their breakfast while having
sanky: wow what a food what a taste .all these years i was eating only idly dosa vada. Cha . now
i am happy very happy.
Lucky: bhai i am very happy we shall go for pinic for a refreshment what u say.
Adi :thats a nice idea.
Sanky :where shall we go .
Jay: mumbai i have my home there we can go ther no need book resorts. No travelling
expense.what say na.
Dp:thats nice.we shall go day after tommorrow..
Ragini :but i can’t come
All were shocked .

Epi ends with rags face.

Credit to: preethi kalian


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