SECOND LOVE (swaragini) episode 6

Hi guys thid is preethi i am very happy with ur response. .
(I will mention sanjay as jay to clear the misunderstanding.)
Jay: i am sanjay mehra not sanskar.
All were shocked especially swara.
Lucky : what but how u did that ?
Jay : i tell everything plz………….. let me speak don’t get angry lucky.
I know what i did is a huge sin . but i couldn’t resist myself from doing this .
Dp : wait a min sanjay mehra ur md of karma industries right ?
Jay :yes thats my company i know u all have many questions in ur mind let me explain .
I didn’t do it for money as u know i own many companys.
Adi : then y u did it.
Jay :for love and affection .(he had tears while telling this )
Yes just for love and affection.

(we can hear jays voice as he narrating it and only visual is seen)
I am only son of rudra and parvati mehra . i was happy with them .
That day changed my life and it ruined my happiness . it was my birthday my parent thought
give a surprise so they left me in school and went some where. I was enjoying in my school. 1 hr
later my uncle dad’s accountant came to my school . he had tears in his eyes.
I know don’t y he came her like that . he took me to home . there saw two sleeping in the hall
they had white cloths on them . i couldn’t understand what was going there . i went near them
i saw two face which was familar to me . it was my dad and mom’s face.i didn’t got y they were
sleeping in hall like that i asked uncle y they are like tht . but he didn’t gave me the answer but
he took me to the room and said they will sleep like that only u take rest .after sometime he came
to me with a white cloth and asked me to change it . i too did it .we came down then we went
somewhere he gave me a stick and asked me to lit the thing which is infront of me i did that
people around were crying i couldn’t y understand anything coz i was just 5yrs old .later i asked
where r my parents he told they r near god .i didn’t understand that but i was waiting for them.
after 3days my uncle took me to boarding school and left me there . i don’t know y he did that
i used to cry all night thinking about my parents i missed them a lot . yrs passed i understood all
thing which happened in my life i got that my parents are dead . as no one is there to take care
of me uncle left me here. . all those yrs i was all alone . i had no one to love me no one to scold

me . i couldn’t tolarate my lonelyness. That hurt me a lot . but i had no other choice . i made
myself hard i had no one myside other than lonelyness its my only friend .
after my 12th i came back to my home . i took care of my dad’s bussiness which was taken care
by my uncle all these year . i did my graduation in bussiness. Nothing changed in my life . i was
always alone .i was afraid to make friendship coz of the fear of losing them . so always stayed
away from everyone i never showed my face to any one . i was with lonelyness always.
But that day brought a light to my life. I came to kolkata for my uncle as he insisted me to come
So i came and i went a shop i was purchasing gifts for his family. Suddenly a guy came infront of
Me and said
Guy :hello mr sanskaar maheshwari hw r u
Jay(in mind) sanskaar!!!!!!
Guy: it been yrs seeing u right . i think u had some misunderstanding with ur dad thats y i
didn’t see u in office ok see u later bye i have meeting (saying this he went away )
jay : y he called me sanskaar . dad ??? whats all this.
Later i went to to cafe and i had a coffee.
That time a girl came and sat infront of me .
Girl : oye !!!! sanskaar y r u staring like thta hw r u man hw is kavitha . do u guys have kids.
Jay(in mind) :what the hell who is this sanskaar and who is this kavitha now and kids this is too
Much. But y all r calling me sanskaar ??

Girl :u guys are very bad after marriage u never called us……… uff.
Ok bye . i am getting late . see u guys later this is my visting card call me yaar bye
Jay was very confused with what happened today . he went to his uncle’s house .
He was talking with his uncle .
Jay :uncle this place is weird…….. all r calling me sanskaar i don’t y .i don’t understand . who is this Sanskar maheshwari?
Uncle: what…… maheshwari but sanjay were having deals with them right . but sanskaar i had
never listened that name .
jay: uncle i need to know who is this . i need to know………
from that day onwards i started collecting details abt sanskaar .i got shocked to see him coz he
was just like mirror image of myself .my looklike and i understood y everyone called me
sanskaar .i started to know
abt him where he studied who is kavitha how she is related to him. I followed each and
everyone in this family i was impressed by all how u people love each other. How u adjust with
each other .. Bade papa show himself strict but he loves all of u. i wished myself to be sanskar
. so that i can also get all this love affection. But i thought its not possible. I tried to stop all
this but
i couldn’t stop myself so i thought to come here .i know if come directly as sanskaar u guys will
send me out of this place . so pretended to be a mentally ill person and i loved that.The care u

all showed me made me to lie more and more . i was like that .but that when mom saw me . i
was struck i don’t know what to say so i said i came here for revenge from laksh and
badepapa and even ragini got to know this so pretended to be like that . but stopped ragini
from doing all that but at last i showed myself that i changed coz swara and asked ragini to
change but she didn’t do that and she cheated swara and married laksh so i thought to help
swara but in that process i myself fell for swara . everything was fine swara went into my inch
by inch even though i tried to control myself from loving her she filled all my gaps with love
thought i will get my love from her always but dhe suspecting me in raginis kidnap so i too got
angry coz she don’t have any trust on me and i know that she has a love for me but never
showed that to me . thats y i sent her to baadi i thought she realize her n love will come to me
but suddenly kavitha came inbetween us(he told how kavi blackmailed him to marry her and all
. but some how i won my love coz my love was pure and selfless.
listening to this sanskaar was shocked .
san(in mind): omg what kavitha stood too low chi …..thank god now i don’t love her
i never thought that she will do that cha.
Jay : i know u all r angry with me give me any punishment plz.
I did this coz i was lacking for love and affection when i got that didn’t realize that i am

Someone’s Love .
Plz……….. i did it only for that…………….. really…… i did it only for that plz……………………….. believe me
saying this he fell on the ground and cried vigorously.
Epi ends with sanjays face with tears.

Guys thanks . but sry making lengthy episode is diffcult for coz i am in 12th i am getitng less time
to do this so kindly forgive me but i promise i will update regularly . bye guys.

Credit to: preethi kalian


  1. Shagun

    It is impossible to hve same faces
    If they have same faces then u can write that both sanjay and sanskar are brothers

  2. Eva

    So now Swara gets to know that she is actually Swara Sanjay Mehra…haina?cool…Ragsan and Swasan….superb

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