SECOND LOVE (swaragini) episode 3


Guys this is Preethi
San in mind . what….. the…. hell is this…… ,this … this is impossible. I am married ??
No ……….no …….no ,sanskaar u r not married u r not married there something fishy .
San (shouting) : this impossible .
All were shocked to see his anger .
San to swa : look here that’s not me . i am sure thats not me…. .i came back after 6 years
Lucky:what !!!but u came one year before.
San:no ……… way ,u guys don’t know wt happened to me after kavitha’s death.
Aadi :but sanska…..r u came back last year u came baadi u were acting like mentally disturbed guy and u did many things
San: plz bhai understand me i was in Tamilnadu all these year .then how can i be here and do all this things. And marry this girl.
Swa: sanskaar plz stop ur acting i know u can’t forget me i know plz don’t act . plz.
San : oh plz i am telling the truth i will tell u what happened to me after kavitha’s death.
Fb starts

Sanskaar was shattered with kavi’death he couldn’t accept the fact that his kavi is no more . (in this sanky didn’t think that dp is reason for kavi’s death)
All his dream was lost . he lost his soul his love his peace . he went bus stand .and he came to tn but all these two days he has not slept well kavi’s death news was confusing his mind.
He was keep on walking on road .he didin’t notice anything. He was walking like a life less body.
That time a truck was coming towards him. He didn’t notice . the truck hit him he got a hurt in his head

Immidia people took him to the hospital he was saved but he lost his mental balence.
So doctors sent him to mental asylum . he always used to blabber kavitha’s name and about her .
He forgot everything only kavitha was inhis mind nothing else . for 5 years he was like that .
One day when he was playing with his friends in asylum ball went out of the compound so all
insisted sanky to jump that side and take the ball . sanky too climped up but unfortunately he
fell from the compound got hurt in head . staff rushed him to hospital . this time also he was
saved and he got his mental balence he got cured he is normal now but he didn’t remember
everying now too he only remember about kavitha not anyone else. With help of asylum people
he got a job and he was working day by day sanskaar learnt everything . and slowly he got his
memory . and moved on in his life forgetting kavitha(not completely coz no one can forget their first love)
fb ends
san: and before two month i got my memory completely but i couldn’t come all of a sudden .
so i came now and u people are still angry with me . i don’t know whats all this but i am not married

i am sure that is not me . i am sanskaar maheshwari but not her husband.
All of them were shocked with this .all couldn’t believe their ears wat they heard is true or not.
Aadi:but sanky u came here last year .
Sanky(shouting):again i am telling that is not me .
Swara started crying vigorously . she couldn’t control her tears
She shouted
Sw: sanskaar stop this …………..just stop otherwise ………i am sure i am sure i will kill u .
saying this cried more .
That time a voice came
“what is this”
All saw the door everyone were shell shocked they couldn’t believe thier eyes. They couldn’t guess wat was going on .
Epi ends with swara’s crying face.

thanks 4 reading . guys pz comment on my story my mistake n everything so that i can address it next time.
i m getting less comment i think u don’t like my ff.okbye

Credit to: preethi kalian

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  12. preethi kalian


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  20. preethi kalian

    yeah guys almost all of ur guess is right varun kapoor is doing double role .
    and its swasan and ragsan

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    Sanskar pagal ho gaya hai kya??
    Or he is just acting

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