Second Love Rabul OS

This is small story on current and new track. In short the story will focus on Abhi’s memory drama and reuniting with Pragya. With the course of time a new girl enters Purab’s life like a cool breeze and falls deeply in love with him even after knowing his past. Will Bulbul come back? yes she will at the end.

Sapna : Doctor by profession who wishes to fill happiness around the people . Admist the girl brings light in everybody’s life especially to Purab. Though calm by nature but does not tolerate anybody hurting her loved ones . Forms sisterly bonding with Pragya and gets married to Purab.

The scene starts with Abhi canceling the deal with Saira’s company after the whole incidence.

Alia : bhai, you want to cancel the deal just because of this receptionist
Abhi : I am not canceling the contract because of her, but my principals are stopping me, place where a woman’s honor is at stake i don’t to make any professional relation there (leaves to the parking lot)
Pragya gets depressed remembering the whole incidence. While walking on road she notices a young girl with spark in her eyes at the orphanage. The girl is none other than Sapna.
Sapna : I hope everything is going fine here, and I don’t want any lack in this children’s life is that clear (says with stern voice)

Warden : yes ma’am don’t worry, we will take good care of children
Sapna : good
While coming outside the orphanage Sapna goes to gol gappa vendor when she spots a small girl sitting on bench staring at her.
Sapna : you want this?

The small girl nods positively and asks if she can invite her friends. Purab and Pragya witnesses whole situation when Sapna gives food to the poor kids and spend fun time them. Pragya remembers Bulbul’s childish nature seeing Sapna.
Purab : what happened sis

Pragya : nothing Purab , for a second I thought my Bulbul is back in front of me but she might be watching me from her own world (wipes her tears and leaves)
Sapna plays blindfolding game with orphanage children and is about to fall in hole but is saved by Purab in nick time. She immediately removes the cloth from her eyes and looks at Purab.

Purab : are you okay? (puts her in proper position)
Sapna : yes I am fine thank you so much
Pragya is sittng on bench when Abhi comes to her. He tries to cheer her up but in vain. His eyes falls on some balloons and small kids. He gathers his fans and plays song for guitar

Chak de, chak de, chak de

Chak de, chak de, chak de
Chak de, chak de, chak de
Chak de saare gham
Chak de, chak de, chak de
Tere sang hai hum

Haske toh dekh tu ek baar
Khud hi aa jayegi phir bahaar
Haske toh dekh tu ek baar
Khud hi aa jayegi phir bahaar
Gaale nayi sargam
Geet ek naya gaa
Aaya naya mausam
Aaya din naya

Chak de, chak de, chak de
Chak de saare gham
Chak de, chak de, chak de
Tere sang hai hum

Chak de, chak de, chak de
Chak de saare gham
Chak de, chak de, chak de
Tere sang hai hum

Chhed de dhun woh aaj
Cha jaaye mastiyan
Chhod de khulke aaj
Lehron mein kashtiyan
Chhed de dhun woh aaj
Cha jaaye mastiyan
Chhod de khulke aaj
Lehron mein kashtiyan

Thokar mein masti ho
Kankar bhi jhoome
Mann bhi thirak jaaye
Badal ko choome

Chak de, chak de, chak de
Chak de saare gham
Chak de, chak de, chak de
Tere sang hai hum

Chak de, chak de, chak de
Chak de saare gham
Chak de, chak de, chak de
Tere sang hai hum

Yeh hawa tere paas aake
Hai beh rahi
Jhoom le mere sang
Kaano mein keh rahi
Yeh hawa tere paas aake
Hai beh rahi
Jhoom le mere sang

Kaano mein keh rahi
Lehrake balkhake
Muskurake jee le
Peele hawaon ko
Ghungunake jee le

Chak de, chak de, chak de
Chak de saare gham
Chak de, chak de, chak de
Tere sang hai hum
Chak de, chak de, chak de

Chak de saare gham
Chak de, chak de, chak de
Tere sang hai hum

Pragya hardly controls her emotions when Abhi makes her smile.
Abhi : you can say thank you to me I won’t mind
Pragya laughs at this antics and thanks him.
Abhi : I know whatever happened was wrong, it is not easy thing for any girl but as far as I know, you are not from those girls who stick to one single thing rather than moving on
Pragya : you are right

Abhi sees Pragya leaving towards the bus and feels restless to see her condition
Abhi : Sorry fuggy I have to do this so at least you are safe
Mehra house
Abhi plays his guitar intensely remembering Pragya’s condition during the whole incidence. He decides to tell Pragya everything when Purab comes to him.
Purab : where are you going in hurry

Abhi : To meet fuggy
After the accident Abhi regains his consciousness when Pragya is outside the room. Doctor is about to call Pragya but Abhi stops him.
Doctor : You are absolutely fine Mr Abhi, your wife’s prayer has saved your life, now you can go home soon

Abhi : doctor, I have request from you (tells everything to doctor)
Purab overhears too and asks Abhi the reason for his plan.
Abhi : Purab, I know Alia and Tanu very well, they will not keep quite until they ruin my Pragya, but till I am alive I will not let that happen
Purab : but happy why this fake drama, you know Pragya sis will not be able to live if she gets to know this
Abhi : Purab, I want something from you, will you do last favor for me
Purab : what are you saying? you know I am always with you
Abhi : just like till now you supported my Fuggy, you will have to take care of her while I am away from her

Purab : Abhi, please think over once, if you want to do this its fine but at least tell Pragya sis about it
Abhi : No Purab, if I tell her then I will not be able to control my emotions, and I don’t want any risk this time
Purab : fine, you don’t worry I will take care of her but be careful on whatever you do,
Abhi : even I want to get rid of all this so I can bring Fuggy back in my life with all respect she deserves
Flashback ends

Purab : wait Abhi, wasn’t that your decision to keep this secret from Pragya sis right
Abhi : yes it was but if I knew that things would go out of hands I would have brought Pragya back to me
Purab : if you ask me I think you were right that time to make Pragya sis go away from you or else you would have not got chance to teach Alia and Tanu lesson they would remember, and we are almost to the end, you can see how Tanu is going crazy behind you

Abhi : I guess you are right, but today’s incidence has disturbed me a lot, I don’t know how Pragya might be right now
Purab : she is fine Abhi, you don’t worry

Next day Pragya and Purab are walking to the park spending some time. One thieve steals Pragya purse and starts running. Purab too runs after him but Sapna catches him and starts to hit the thief mercilessly and slaps him
Sapna : what do you think of yourself? you saw a girl and you thought you would steal her belonging I will not spare you today
Purab and Pragya goes to stop the her from beating the goon.

Purab : calm down, tigress, he will die leave him (brings her up)
Sapna : wait where are you running (tries to run but is stopped by Purab)
Purab : take a deep breath and drink this water (hands her the bottle)
Sapna calms down after drinking the water.

Purab ; yesterday when I saw you with kids I thought you are very sweet simple girl but did not know tigress exist inside this girl
Pragya : stop it Purab, and thank you so much what is your name
Sapna : I am Sapna and thank you so much for the compliment Mr Khanna
Purab ; how do you know my name?

Sapna ; who would not know you, Abhi the rockstar’s manager and friend right, when you and your dear friend did my ragging in college, is that clue enough for you
Purab gets into some thinking
Pragya : what happened Purab
Purab : oh my god I can’t believe Sapna you are standing in front of me
Pragya : you know her

Purab : of course, but how much weight you lost, I know the girl who excel clothes and now look at you
Sapna : Purab, shut up or else i will seriously kill you
Purab : did you see sis, how much dangerous she is, I wonder how your husband might tolerate you
Sapna gets sad hearing his words
Pragya : did he say anything wrong

Sapna : no thats fine, I have to go, it was nice meeting you (leaves)
Pragya : why did she left suddenly changing her mood
Purab : I don’t know sis, actually she was just our good friend, and i didn’t really know too much about her
Pragya : I am feeling something stranger about her
Purab : leave all that and now come we are getting late
Both leaves from the place. Purab suggests Pragya to join her professor job in college.
Pragya : but Purab

Abhi ; so you are professor too? nice (says teasingly) no wonder how you slapped that Varun in company
Pragya : your day does not pass without irritating me right
Abhi : no way
Purab signals Abhi to stop teasing
Abhi : sometimes, I think you are not my friend but her brother
Purab : don’t you think you are overreacting (whispers to him)
Pragya : what? (says confusingly)
Abhi : no nothing
Purab : okay you both talk I will go I have important meeting (leaves)
While coming back Abhi sees Pragya in rain waiting for bus and offers the lift
Pragya : its really fine

Abhi : please come, I will drop you at your home and look its raining
Pragya gets in the car without arguing further
Due to the weather Abhi and Pragya are stuck in traffic
Abhi : excuse me (Calls constable) how long is this traffic
Constable : there is land slide ahead and it will take 5-6 hours depending on the weather
Abhi : okay thank you (turns his car in reverse)
Pragya : now what? how will we go home
Abhi : I guess we have to wait, my flat is nearby if you want we can go there and rest for a while

Pragya feels nervous to hear to about it but later agrees. Both goes to Abhi’s apartment in a while.
Abhi : you are wet, why don’t you change, there should be something
Pragya : thank you (goes inside)
After sometime Abhi gets naughty seeing Pragya wearing his shirt.
Abhi (in his mind) : oh god, she is looking so cute but damn this luck I can’t even tell her that sorry Fuggy
Pragya : what are you looking (covers her shoulder shyly)
Abhi : you are looking cute
Pragya looks at him in confusion recalling when Abhi told her during their honeymoon concert
Abhi : where did you get lost (waves his hand)

Pragya : nothing (goes near the window)
There is complete silence in the room. Pragya remembers her moments how during last rain brought her love back. Abhi notices her sadness when Tanu calls him irritating him more.
Abhi : hello (goes to other side so Pragya does not know)
Tanu : Hi Abhi, you didn’t come to meet me today, is everything alright
Abhi : nothing I am just stuck in rain, here signal is low I will call you later Tanu (cuts the call)
Tanu : hello Abhi, why did he not talk with me properly

Abhi : I know how to cheer her mood (grabs his guitar) hey lets make this rainy weather bit more fun
Pragya sit on sofa admiring him playing his guitar.
Abhi : come on your time to sing first

Pragya : no please I don’t have mood (is about to leaves but is held back)
Abhi : no excuses come on, sing I am waiting
Pragya closes eyes and starts singing
Tinka tinka, zara zara
hai roshani se, jaise bhara
Tinka tinka, zara zara
hai roshani se, jaise bhara
har dil mai armaan hote tou hain
Har dil mai armaan hote tou hain
bas koi samjhe zara
Tinka tinka, zara zara
hai roshani se, jaise bhara
Tinka tinka, zara zara
hai roshani se, jaise bhara
har dil mai armaan hote tou hain
Har dil mai armaan hote tou hain
bas koi samjhe zara
Dil pe ek naya, sa nasha cha gaya
kho raha tha jo, khab laut aagaya
Dil pe ek naya, sa nasha cha gaya
kho raha tha jo, khab laut aagaya
yeh jo ehsaas hai jo karaar hai
kya issi na hi naam pyar hai
yeh jo ehsaas hai jo karaar hai
kya issi na hi naam pyar hai
pooche dil thumke zara
Tinka tinka, zara zara
hai roshani se, jaise bhara
har dil mai armaan hote tou hain
Har dil mai armaan hote tou hain
bas koi samjhe zara

Abhi is overwhelmed seeing intensity in her voice and pain in her eyes. He controls hardly his emotions to give Pragya all the warm and care she did deserved.
Pragya : what happened? was it not nice
Abhi : no it was great, I tell you what, if you have been known me from childhood then we would have rocked this singing
Pragya smiles hearing his words and tells him to sing for her
Abhi : anything for my special fan
Na hai yeh pana
Na khona he hai
Tera na hona, jaane
Kuyn hona he hai
Tum Se Hi din hota hai
Surmayi shaam aati hai
Tum Se Hi Tum Se Hi
Har ghadi saans aati hai
Zindagi kehlati hai
Tum Se Hi Tum Se Hi
Na hai yeh pana
Na khona hi hai
Tera na hona, jaane
Kuyn hona hi hai
Aa aa..aa aa…aa aa..aa aa.. aa.Aankho mein aankhe teri
Bahoo mein Bahe teri
Mera na mujh mein kuch raha
Hua kya
Bathon mein bathein teri
Rathe saogathe meri
Kuyn tera sab yeh ho gaya
Hua kya
Mein kahin bhi jaata hun
Tum Se Hi mil jatha hun
Tum Se Hi Tum Se Hi
Shor mein khamoshi hai
Thodi si behoshi hai
Tum Se Hi Tum Se Hi

Pragya runs out of room hearing his song as she could not control tear falling from his eyes.
Abhi : are you okay? (puts hand on his shoulder)
Pragya hugs him emotionally letting all tears come out she has been hiding from months. Abhi too lets her cry and take out all emotions. After a while Pragya realizes what she has done and starts walking
“Will you leave me again Fuggy” soft voice echoes in the room which stops Pragya

She turns around and looks on Abhi in shock
Abhi : how did you think I would forget you? you are my life how can I not remember you
Pragya runs to him immediately without wasting a second.
Abhi : I am sorry for everything Fuggy, you had to go through and I was not with you
Pragya (grabs his collar) : why did you not tell me anything? you saw how much I was craving to see your one glimpse
Abhi (gets in tears too) : I know, I hurt you a lot, please forgive me Fuggy,
Pragya : don’t say anything, just let me feel this moment

Both share their emotional moment after big storm that has passed from their life. They get intimate with each other without realizing. Pragya gets shy seeing Abhi too close.
Sapna is stuck in the car and tries to get help but in vain. She starts getting unconscious due to lack of oxygen. Purab notices her car and breaks the window after unable to open the door. He takes Sapna to his house in his car. Later she comes to her senses and finds herself in Purab’s house
Sapna : Purab? why did you bring me here
Purab : oh I am sorry I did not know you were enjoying the weather in your car, I would have left you there

Sapna : at least sometime answer my question seriously
Purab ; I found your car in the middle of road and saw you unconscious inside so I thought I would bring you here, I suggest you stay here tilt the rain stops and anyway the roads are block
Sapna : yes I know, and my house is quite far from here, so how about this I will make coffee because I love drinking in this weather
Purab : how about cold coffee? it would be awesome (says teasingly)
Sapna : Mr genius, don’t forget you are with doctor, I will not let you drink cold coffee, you will get sick
Purab : you have become so boring by staying in this profession
Sapna ; whatever, I am going where is kitchen

Purab : right there (shows with his hand), I am sure you will find everything
Sapna : there is nothing that Dr Sapna cannot do in this world (says with bit arrogance)
Purab ; this girl is still the same, just like my Bulbul (gets sad saying her name)
Abhi’s apartment
Pragya and Abhi are sitting on bed finding solace in each other’s arm. Abhi looks at Pragya who dozed off before a while and keeps looking at her innocent face.
Abhi : I promise you Fuggy, just only few days then I will make your each day special like this and remove all darkness from our life (says holding her hands and kisses her forehead)
Khanna house

Sapna : here you go, try and tell me how is it, for your kind information my nanny always said that I make world’s best coffee
Purab : really? I can only tell that when I taste this wonderful smell coffee (takes the zip of the coffee)
Sapna : how is it (asks curiously)
Purab remembers how Bulbul used to make the same kind of coffee for him.
Sapna ; Purab, tell me na how is it? you didn’t like it
Purab : its very good, you reminded me of somebody, who had similar taste like you made
Sapna : somebody who?

Purab : a very special person, forget all that you tell me how is everybody in your family, your parents , your nanny
Sapna gets tensed hearing his question.
Purab : what happened? thats fine if you don’t want to ..
Sapna (sit on dining table) : mom and dad wanted to celebrate my success, they went to get the biggest gift for my but never returned back and nanny could not bear this incidence. she was sent to rehab but doctors gave answers that she will not recover but I have hope someday she will come out of that trauma

Purab is quietly listening her plea and realizes even though the girl had big tragedies in her life but still wants to fill happiness in others life
Sapna : Purab, my success remained incomplete, in a moment all my happiness, desires wiped away and I had nobody to share my sorrow or my joy of success (cries little bit)
Purab makes her stand up and wipes her tears softly and makes her look at him
Purab : from today, you are not alone, I am always with you, consider me as a friend, companion and lets celebrate your success come on
Sapna : you won’t rag me again na

Purab : till now I didn’t think about that but thank god you gave me that idea
Sapna : you (starts hitting him with pillow)
On Abhi’s apartment both of them their quality time together. Pragya wakes up after sometime and finds Abhi sleeping on the sofa peacefully. She goes to him caressing his and face. She is about lo leave but is held back by Abhi who gets on top her.
Abhi : what were you doing Fuggy? (says huskily)

Pragya : nothing, (tries to get off but in vain)
Abhi : don’t fool me, I know what were you doing, you are taking advantage of alone rockstar not good
Pragya : shut up, I am your wife I have at least that right to do it (Says looking at the other side)
Abhi (moves her chin to him) : after all truth came out, you made to my level soon
Pragya : leave me I said, I have to go

Abhi : today nobody can save you my dear fuggy sorry (kisses her cheek)
Both of them end up spending their beautiful moment together forgetting their pain and problems around them
Khanna house
Later Purab sees Sapna resting on the sofa

He admires the beautiful and innocent face he ever saw after Bulbul though she is still brave enough to face any situation. He covers her with the duvet properly and goes into the room. In the evening Sapna wakes up after her alarm rings.
Sapna ; why didn’t you wake me up? Purab its almost seven
Purab : why would I ? you looked so cute while sleeping I didn’t feel to wake you up

Sapna : i should leave its so late (gets up from sofa but finds her ankled sprained)
Purab : Sapna wait, you are not in condition of walking and you want to go out, you are not going anywhere
Sapna : but Purab, I have work tomorrow (says hesitantly)
Purab : I will not hear your any excuses, and come on you are a doctor, at least take care of yourself sometimes (carries her in his arms)
Sapna feels delighted to see Purab’s concern for her.
Purab : now sit here quietly, I will do something
Sapna : thats okay i am fine

Purab : if you say anything else I will put tape on your mouth so be quite
Sapna pouts like a child when Purab holds her feet gently and twists it in a moment. She shouts for a second and realizes what just happened
Sapna : I don’t believe this, did you do orthopedic course somewhere
Purab : no I did not for you information but at least I some of medical techniques
Sapna : not bad

Suddenly due to bad weather outside lights go off when Sapna gets scared.
Purab : oh god, this light, Sapna don’t be scared I will bring candle
Before Purab finds the candle Sapna lights it up and holds it.
Purab : oh thank you for that I have been trying to find it, put it here (on table)
Sapna gets scared hearing the thunderstorm and hugs Purab tightly holding his collar. He hesitantly puts hands on her to comfort.
Purab : its okay, I am here with you

Both of them are uncomfortable when lights turn off. Sapna gets into her senses and leaves his collar.
Sapna : I am sorry, I am scared of thunderstorm
Purab moves away after he realizes what happened. Sapna notices the picture of his and Bulbul on the table and asks about is
Sapna : Purab who is this girl

Purab shares his feelings with Sapna and pours his heart out as nobody after Bulbul was with him to hear his plea
Purab : you know Sapna, after Bulbul I didn’t have any hopes to leave, she left me at the altar, I just wished to fuilfill her desire for uniting Pragya sis and Abhi. I thought I could live with her memories thats why I did not remarry even the family told me to
Sapna gets in tears even though trying to control it. She wants to give all the warmth and care which Purab only received from Bulbul
Purab : she was my whole life, my family but destiny took her away from me
Sapna : Purab, what if somebody wants to complete your life (wipes her tears)
Purab : what?

Sapna : I know I cannot take Bulbul’s place but I can be that person whom you can tell me everything, remember you told me that to become friends it is not necessary to have known from long time, can I be your best friend (forwards her hand)
Purab puts his hand on her hoping to start the new life
Next day at Mehra house Abhi walks in with attitude looking at Alia who is sitting of couch lavishly
Alia : bhai, where were you I was so worried whole day
Abhi : I was stuck in the rain, i know there is nobody who can care so much about me other than you
Alia ; thats true, but bhai I want to talk something important
Abhi : about what?

Alia : I wanted to ask do you like Tanu, she is the type of girl you want, rich, successful
Abhi ; yes you are right, she will be a perfect match for me, why don’t you do one thing, lets plan our new album success party, I will propose the girl i love in front of whole world
Alia : okay, bhai I will invite Tanu (says excitedly while Abhi smirks)
Other day Abhi is trying to explain Pragya how he set up a trap for Alia, Tanu and Nikhil.
Abhi : Pragya, I promise (Swears on her head) this time I will not let anybody come between us and punish those people who tried to separate us from long time
Pragya : even knowing one of them is your own sister, will you be able to punish her

Abhi : you know me from months, that I don’t care when it comes to do right things even if it’s my sister, I will not let anybody face injustice, and I want to clear one thing that my Alia is dead since your Bulbul died, the girl in front of me is only a murderer
Pragya senses the pain in Abhi’s voice but does not argue with him anymore.
Pragya : I am with you, but please don’t do anything that can harm you, this time I won’t be able to bear this did you get it (asks him sternly)
Abhi : no worries Fuggy, only one more execution then we will fulfill all our dreams
Flashback ends
Alia informs Tanu about Abhi’s idea to propose her in front of everybody, Unaware to Alia who puts phone on speaker Abhi is listening to their conversation

Tanu : you are saying truth Alia? did Abhi say that (starts jumping)
Alia : calm down, don’t be so crazy and get dressed up nice so everybody can know who is Abhi the Rockstar’s girlfriend is
Tanu : don’t worry Alia, the whole world will remember our day
Abhi : yes Tanu, the whole world will know you real face that you have been hiding behind this face, I promise you will never forget that either

Later Abhi goes sneakily to Pragya’s house and reaches her window. He gets irritated when Pragya does not realize his presence
Abhi : this fuggy, let her come back I will make sure that all her time is for me
Pragya hears noise from the window and goes near it but does not find anybody. She sees somebody’s shadow behind the closet and takes a stick. She is about to hit the person but Abhi puts hand on her mouth. Pragya signals him to remove his hand
Abhi : Fuggy, you got more unromantic after staying away from me

Pragya : shut up, what are you doing here at this time,
Abhi ; how rude, this rockstar came to meet you and you are shooing me away (turns away in despair)
Pragya : okay I am sorry (holds her ear) what can I do to make you happy
Abhi : promise you will give me
Pragya : what else do you want after yesterday

Abhi : give me good night kiss
Pragya : you came here to ask for such a small thing, seriously
Abhi ; I came to tell you something else (tells his plan to Pragya)
Sapna looks at the date realizing its Purab’s birthday next day.

Sapna : wow, that means I will get chance to surprise him, (holds krishna statue) god you know I share everything with you, I know last time I could not Purab about my feelings but this time I will not let this chance go to win his heart, and you have to help me in this, I know he could never love me like Bulbul but I want to become his companion in everything
Sapna calls Purab at her home with different excuse
Purab : what happened are you okay?

Sapna : you please come here quickly, I can’t tell you on phone (hangs up)
Purab reaches Sapna’s house and turns on the light when roses shower on him
Sapna : surprise (is standing in center)
Purab : Sapna, are you crazy do you even know how worried I was

Sapna ; sorry, but how could i tell you it was a surprise, happy birthday
Purab : thank you, its amazing, but its my birthday then why are you decorating your house
Sapna : it is my friends’ birthday, how can I miss this chance, last time you and your friend escaped from me not anymore but thats for later, right Abhi?
Purab gets surprised to see Abhi and Pragya at the house
Purab : sis, what are you both doing here

Abhi : my sweet innocent brother, I am not kind of friend who would his best friend’s birthday, no chance thats different story this time somebody else took that chance (looks at Sapna)
Pragya : if you are complaining can Purab cut the cake please
Everybody sings for Purab which makes him quite emotional at the same time as he had no family to wish him though Abhi was always with him.
Purab : here, bro you are the first one to always eat from my hands (feeds the cake)
Abhi : thanks but this time Purab, it is this girl who made this plan to give you surprise you
Alia sees all of them together and talks with Sapna after everybody leaves
Alia : listen Sapna, I know from college time you were eyeing on my Purab, stay away from him (snaps her finger)
Sapna ; excuse me, who are you to threaten me in my house

Alia : I am Abhi’s sister and you very well know who he is, you have no idea whoever comes between Purab and me I destroy them, you can ask anybody about that
Sapna (laughs sarcastically) : really? listen Alia, keep this fake threatening with you, I don’t even care who you are or what are you because one thing is for sure people only know you as Abhi’s sister, you don’t have identity of your own and the person who does not that his own identity in my dictionary has status equal to a beggar

Alia reges on Sapna’s words and is about to slap her but is stopped by her
Sapna : don’t you dare, Alia, keep this delicate hand of yours carefully or else it will not take me time to break it
Alia : how dare you? whats you status to talk to me like that, you can’t even imagine what i can do to you for this deed

Sapna : you know what Alia, girls like you never come above of yourself are never happy, now just look at this, I heard Purab dumped you at the wedding why because he know it is the right way to straighten your mind , but poor soul he did not knew that people like are like poisonous snake but let me tell you one thing I know how to suck out that poison very well so better stay way from me
Alia : you will pay for this insult badly Sapna, just wait and watch, I am telling you last time stay away from Purab

Sapna : I will not, do whatever you want, if you think by going away from me he will come to you then forget Alia because looking at your state I feel one day seeing your condition even a stray dog will not ask you, if you are fond of hearing your insult then stay or get out of here or else I will drag you out holding your hair alright
Alia leaves in disgust hearing Sapna’s words

Tanu : what? who is this girl?
Alia : do you remember that girl whom Purab and Bhai ragged by mistake, she is the same one, she came back
Tanu : that Sapna? but Alia do you really think that downmarket girl is equal to you, forget about her
Alia : she will not leave Purab easily, I will get rid of her soon too after yours and Bhai’s relation get settled, I will make that girl pay for her insult

Abhi books special venue to propose Pragya and executing his final plan.
Abhi : okay there should be no mistake alright (talks on phone)
Alia : wow, bhai Tanu will get crazy looking at the decorating
Abhi : you are right Alia, she will definitely get crazy tomorrow

Alia : okay bro, your music album launch date is schedule after three days so be ready
Abhi : thank you, I am so lucky to have you as my sister
Alia : of course brother (says with attitude)
Abhi : this is what I want to break my dear sister (in his mind) your arrogance

Alia calls Nikhil at hilltop to meet her
Nikhil : why did you call me here? are you not satisfied to see me roaming like beggar
Alia : well, I have great deal for you, it can make you millionaire
Nikhil : what is it?

Alia (gives him picture of Sapna) : I heard you are very good in teaching lesson to people, I want this girl to be ruined
Nikhil is shocked to see the picture and remembers Sapna’s slap to him when he did a small fraud in her friends’ company
Nikhil : And I heard you are very useful person to be working with, even I have to settle some old scores with this girl

Alia : really? can I know what?
Nikhil : that is none of your business, your work will be done alright
Alia : don’t leave anything behind, torture her to the core that she would get afraid seeing her face in the mirror

Nikhil : fine, I will finish this task, bye (leaves)
Alia : Sapna darling, now you will know the result of messing with Alia Mehra
Sapna is treating a child patient in hospital and is about to put injection to him
Sapna : what happened ? dear
Child : I am scared of that big needle sis, I won’t put that (crosses his arm)
Sapna : dear, look if you get this injection you will get to play with other kids and then you come first in your running rase, this will make your fever run away
Child : but sis, it will hurt

Sapna : close your eyes and take a deep breath, (puts injection while talking) now open it looks its done
Child : wow, sis I didn’t even realize (kisses her cheek) thank you sis
Sapna : you are welcome, now go your mom is waiting and now you can run in your race
Child : and come first right sis
Sapna : yes my champion, all the best
Child : thank you, bye (runs outside)

Nikhil sends some goons behind Sapna who is coming out of her clinic. One of them puts chloroform on her mouth and takes her in car.
Pragya fakes anger on Purab for hiding truth from her

Purab : di, I said sorry na (holds his ears)
Pragya : you both friends made fool out of me, not good, I won’t easily forgive you both
Purab : sis please (gives her sorry card) I will do whatever you say
Pragya : whatever?
Purab : not something wrong
Pragya : do you think I am like that? you are friend to him not for me
Purab : sis please, tell me whatever you say

Pragya : get married Purab please (holds his hands) move on
Purab : sis please, you know very well I can’t do that and I won’t

Pragya : I am asking you something for first time Purab, I want to see my brother settle down in life
Purab : I will live with Bulbul’s memories for lifetime but will not give her place to anybody
Pragya : fine Purab, if you don’t want to do this then I won’t ask anything to you, its your life you have to decide
Purab : Pragya sis

Pragya ; no its okay, I know I am not your real sister so why would you listen to me, its fine (leaves the room tearfully)
Abhi overhears their conversation and gets in some thinking. Sapna regain consciousness and finds herself in a old factory.

Nikhil : welcome Dr Sapna to my kingdom
Sapna ; you creep? what are you doing here (says angrily)
Nikhil : yes thats what am I (grabs her hair angrily and touches her cheek) you made me into one, that slap still echoes in my ears just because of you (throws angrily on floor)
Purab goes to meet Sapna at her home but is unable to find her
Purab : kaka, did Sapna came back

Kaka : no, she usually comes back by 5 but she did not
Purab calls the clinic and gets to know she left early from work.
Purab ; where could she have gone, her phone is also switched off
Abhi tells Alia to bring Tanu at the venue and calls Pragya too. Tanu is coming excitedly in the venue and pretends to be popular in front of media.
Tanu : today I will be famous again by marrying with Abhi the Rockstar
Alia : control your over reacting Tanu

Abhi comes on stage to make announcement while Pragya comes there walking
Abhi ; guys, till today I thought love only gives pain nothing else, in love relationship what matter is status and money but a bright sunshine came in my dark life and taught me that there is more than money and it is love (says looking at Pragya) and that sunshine is
Moment of silence when Tanu jumps on the stage which makes Pragya fume.
Abhi ; that girl is right here (points to direction where Pragya is standing) yes that girl is my fan no 1, Pragya
Everybody encourages Pragya to go on stage

Abhi : please come on stage (forwards his hand and sits on his knees) and complete me
Pragya runs emotionally into his arm giving tight crush hug
Alia stands numb on witnessing the incidence. She tries to stop Tanu but in vain. She breaks Abhi and Pragya’s hug
Tanu : Abhi, you cannot do this to me, how can you propose this middle class girl (holds his collar) you know I love you a lot before this girl even came in your life
Abhi removes her hand from his collar and gives hard push on floor
Abhi : and this is your status, leave alone model, you are not worthy of being a clerk
Alia : bhai, you cannot insult my friend like this

Abhi : I will talk to you later, stay out of this and Tanu rewind your memory that I told you that I will make this day very memorable for you, audience the show is not over yet
Pragya : everybody please stay back, your rockstar is presenting entertainment for you right Mr Mehra
Abhi smiles looking at Pragya’s attitude but ignores it.
Abhi ; projector, can you play the movie please
The clip shows Tanu and Nikhil in compromising position which Abhi found when Tanu and Nikhil spend their night

Abhi : I know fuggy, it is wrong to play with a girl’s character but after what she did to you she does not deserve any respect from us

Pragya : I am with you
Flashback ends
Abhi : so my dear fans, do you think after looking at this clip this girl loves me
Fan crowd calls Tanu characterless for claiming love to Abhi and sleeping with another man. The group of woman starts abusing badly to Tanu which she could not bear at any cost. She tries to run but the woman group catches her and beats her up with sandals.
Purab tells Abhi about Sapna’s disappearance.

Abhi ; what? but where could she go
Purab : I don’t know but I am worried, I hope she is not in any kind of problem
Abhi ; don’t panic we will find her
Nikhil tries to burn Sapna’s hand slowly with iron rod. She gets in tears not able to bear the pain. Purab remembers about GPS tracker in Sapna’s phone, Luckily Sapna’s phone remained in her pocket.
Purab ; bro, I found the location, it is some kind of old factory. Nikhil keeps torturing Sapna and forces her on himself but Purab comes on time and bashes him up.
Abhi : finally I found you, I have settle some old scores (starts hitting him badly)
Nikhil : leave me please (begs him)

Purab ; leave you? definitely not for this cheap act, even if law leaves you I will not spare you today (punches on his face)
Pragya comes with police and tries to stop Abhi and Purab.
Pragya ; Purab, leave him, police is here lets handle Sapna first
Sapna is lying on floor lifelessly shaken by whole incidence. Purab tries to console her and covers her with jacket.
Abhi : Purab, you take her home, I have to finish one last task

Purab : okay Abhi,
Later at Sapna’s house Purab looks at Sapna who is trying to put medicine on her wound and helps her
Purab : give me, I will help you (takes medicine) I know you are shaken by today’s incidence but trust me he will not come back today
Sapna does not answer his question and stares at the picture of her parents thinking about the consequence if Purab did not come to save her
Purab : hey, lets go out for dinner, today will be my treat what do you say
When Sapna does not react to his response he decides to leave her alone but she holds his hand
Purab : what happened (sits again and wipes her tears)

Sapna ;Can I hug you once please
Purab is unable to refuse when he sees the pleading in her eyes and nods positively. Initially he gets uncomfortable but reciprocates the hug.
Mehra house
There is a loud noise of slap echoing in the house by none other than Abhi
Abhi ; really Alia? I am really ashamed, because of you I am not able to face anybody

Alia : I did nothing wrong, infact you are one who lied to all of us about this memory loss (says Alia without regretting)
Abhi : just my one small lied hurt you this much and what about those big lies, have you ever thought how much thorn I would got, and what enmity you have with this (Arora family) they are simple and innocent people, what harmed they did to you

Alia : inspite of knowing everything you are asking me bhai, what they did
Abhi : look at yourself Alia. you are becoming an animal, I very well know you sent that Varun to molest Pragya and today you bribed that creep Nikhil to torture Sapna, really?
Alia : you don’t know what she did to me yesterday, she insulted me, your sister
Abhi ; don’t you dare Alia, my sister is dead the day she became monster
The whole family is shocked to see the fight Abhi asks Purab to bring Sapna at his house immediately.
Purab : bhai, please she is not in state of going anywhere

Abhi : Purab, please do as I say, bring her here quickly
Purab : okay fine, (hangs up)
Purab brings Sapna to Mehra house. She gets irked seeing Alia’s face.
Abhi ; Sapna, Alia is your culprit after Pragya and her family, you have right to punish her
Sapna : Abhi, I am a stranger to Alia, who am I to punish her
Abhi : the girl I knew always fought for her right, today I want to see that fire in your eyes Sapna
Sapna : No Abhi, whatever she did was wrong with you, we are strangers to her but you are the one who is supposed to punish her, teach her the lesson that a brother would ever do
Abhi drags Alia out of Mehra house and disowns her in front of media .
Abhi : the name you have been using till now, it will no use from today so if you have still shame left stand on your own and then compare with me alright

Sapna mocks at Alia on her condition when is lying on floor
Sapna : so sad, till yesterday on which status you were arrogant, is no more yours
Alia : Sapna, you better watch your tongue or else it will not take me time to cut it off
Sapna : really? Alia you think of yourself and save your tongue for future, it will help you, bye sweetheart (leaves smilingly)
Abhi breaks down seeing Alia’s condition but does not show it to anybody.
Pragya : no matter how much you hide but I know you can never see your sister like this
Abhi : No Pragya, I have to be strong to see all this, it nothing in front of what you and your family went through
Purab is working in his office when Sapna comes to meet him
Purab ; what are you doing here today Ms doctor
Sapna : Mr Khanna, look what time is it

Purab : it is 2, what is new in it
Sapna : I have come to kidnap you here for lunch
Purab I am getting scared, you can’t take my advantage like this
Sapna : shut up, and get up i don’t have time

Purab : and you are interested in wasting my time
Sapna : fine then don’t come, I was stupid to cancel my appointments for you, bye
Purab : wait, I was just kidding, come on lets go, I have important meeting to attend
Both of them goes for lunch together at Purab’s favorite restaurant.
Sapna : wow, Purab this lunch is just fabulous, I wonder you never take care of yourself,
Purab : after Bulbul, I keep myself busy in work to live
Sapna : Purab, its life, everybody needs a companion, for how long you will stay like this (puts her hand on his but Purab takes his hand away)
Purab : Sapna, I am getting late, I will drop you at office come
Sapna (on phone) : hello yes, how is the treatment going, okay let me know if you need any help
Purab : hey, what is happening,
Sapna : nothing I was talking about one of my patient
Purab : okay come on lets go
Sapna : on one condition
Purab ; what?
Sapna ; I will drive the car alright Mr Khanna
Purab ; no way, I don’t want to get into accident alright (teases her)
Sapna : excuse me, I am not a bad driver, not as bad as you, and this is my car
Purab : Sapna, give me the car keys

Sapna : no way, (starts running around in the garden)
Purab : Sapna, stop being childish, we are getting late for our work
Sapna grabs a pipe and sprinkles water on him.
Purab : what are you doing, put that down
Sapna : nobody can save you today from me
Sapna : Mr Khanna, do whatever you want but today I will drive the car
Purab : I can’t believe so much prank for driving a car, okay fine
Sapna : okay, now get inside, quickly
Purab : damn, Sapna how did you pass your medical exam, you are such a drama queen
Sapna : sometimes its good to be childish, I am not workaholic like you always
Purab : stop it and how are you driving, slow down the car
Sapna ; don’t worry Purab, I always drive at this speed

Purab : who were you talking to, which patient
Sapna : actually that was my first case, I joined my internship six months ago and that time I got that patient, she was severely injured, her face was completely ruined
Purab : where was she found?
Sapna ; I don’t know some villagers found her from lake, she had bandages on her face, I felt she had bad accident
Purab senses something wrong but while talking Sapna loses the balance on the car.
Purab : watch out, put the brake (turns the steering wheel around)
The car crashes on the tree causing Sapna to get unconscious and hurt his head
Purab : Sapna, wake up, are you okay, get up please
Abhi and Pragya rushes to hospital while Purab gets completely worried.
Pragya : Purab, are you both okay

Purab : sis don’t worry I am fine
Pragya : Purab what happened, how did this all happen
Purab : sis, ask this girl, how rashly she was driving that too in small area
Pragya ; Sapna, what was the need to drive like that, what if something had happen to you both, what would your family think
Purab looks at Sapna’s tensed face when Pragya mentioned about her family
Sapna: sis, the car’s break were failed thats why I lost control
Purab ; what? brakes were failed?
Sapna : I am telling truth, I dont’ know
Pragya : thank god you both are safe now

Abhi remembers Purab’s concern for Sapna and tells Pragya about it. Doctor gives discharge to Sapna
Purab : be careful , now sit here I will bring juice
Sapna : listen I just had a small injury in my head not got fracture
Purab : if you say another word I will definitely fracture your leg, now drink this juice and finish it
Sapna recollects her feelings for Purab and admire him doing the work.

Sapna : Purab, you know how to cook?

Purab :why? you want me to make some food for you, I am sorry but I don’t cook for hyper people

Sapna : you (throws pillow at him)

Purab : hey stop being violent, did somebody feed you a high sweetish candy

Sapna : nobody would dare to do that, get that straight, and now I should go home

Purab : you think I would let you go in this condition, check your brains

Sapna : you cannot keep me here forcefully

Purab : do you really want to know the meaning of force (comes close to her)

Sapna : Purab, stay away

Purab keeps coming close to her as she closes her eyes. He laughs looking at her reaction

Sapna : today you will be killed by my hands, wait I will show you (runs behind him)

Sapna accidentally throws pillow on Pragya who is coming inside.

Purab : did you see sis, how she is torturing me

Sapna : torturing, really? now I will show what is torturing

Pragya : shut up both of you (says angrily) or else I would have to show you what a professor can do, alright

Sapna and Purab stands like student getting scold from a teacher.

Purab : sis what are you doing here

Pragya ; oh yea, I forgot that Purab, Abhi called you for some work at the studio

Purab ; you came all over here to say this, you could have called me sis

Pragya : I came to meet Sapna, I thought I will take her with me till she gets recover

Sapna : Pragya sis, sorry can I call you sis

Pragya : why not?

Sapna : its completely fine, I will manage

Purab ; yes sis, she is a superwoman, right Ms doctor

Sapna : Purab

Pragya : stop it, Purab will you stand here,

Purab : sorry, I will go bye sis

Pragya : and you come with, come on get ready

Sapna does not argue anymore with Pragya and goes with her to Arora house

Pragya : mom, this is Sapna

Sarla : you never told me about her? who is she

Pragya : mom, she is Purab’s friend from college, she saved my purse that day from thief

Sapna : aunty, I told Pragya sis not to bring me here, bur she forcefully brought me here

Dadi ; Pragya is right dear, you can stay here till you recover completely

Sapna : okay, thank you

Sarla : Pragya, take her to your room and I will prepare the food

Sapna : sis, you can’t imagine what your dear husband will do when he comes to know you are staying here with me for few days

Pragya : chill, he wil understand me don’t worry, you freshen up and lets go for dinner

Abhi ; fuggy, thats not fair, I can’t believe you are trying to help a person who is doctor

Pragya : so what she is doctor? it is the matter of only few days and I will be with you

Abhi : fine then, I will not talk to you till you come back, have fun (cuts the call)

Pragya : he is still a kid

Sapna : why are you torturing that poor guy

Pragya : very funny, now can eat I am starving badly

Sapna : wow, aunty panner curry, I love it, you make such delicious food, even mom had similar taste (says sadly)

Dadi : dear, where are you parents

Sarla understands seeing Sapna’s face and signals Dadi

Dadi : sorry dear, I didn’t meant to hurt you

Sarla : beeji, you made her upset unnecessarily, Sapna you eat this and drink this, your leg will heal quickly

Sapna ; thank you aunty,

Later Pragya makes bed while Sapna looks around the room which have Bulbul’s picture

Sapna ; I must say sis, Bulbul is so beautiful, no wonder Purab love her so much

Pragya : this house was always noisy with my Bulbul’s sweet voice, but after she left, this house is not same without her

Sapna : I am sorry sis, Purab told me everything, even an enemy should not get sister like Alia

Sapna gets a call from the hospital about the improvement of her new patient

Sapna : thats great news, listen Ruby, I will come personally to see that in three days

Pragya : hey Sapna, what is going on

Sapna : sis, six months ago I got a patient as my first case, and she had several injuries on her face, like a heavy thing fell on her face

Pragya recalls Bulbul’s accident and then suicide attempt

Sapna : sis are you okay?

Pragya ; no nothing at all, so who is that patient, does any of her family member know

Sapna ; Actually, I am could not find anything about her family, from last six months she is in hospital, and good thing is she is improving lot, we are almost done with her face surgery

Pragya : you are doing very noble deed Sapna, you see god will reward you for this, and I will pray you get success

Sapna : sis, just pray that girl recovers soon, I could not talk to her because she is very disturbed from something, I want something from you

Pragya ; yes, go ahead

Sapna : even though I came into this house today, I can feel incomplete in this house, I want to bring that happiness in this house

Pragya : what are you saying

Sapna : Sis, I know I can never take Bulbul’s place in all of your heart but can do one thing I can fulfill that happiness in your life

Pragya gets teary eyes hearing her words. Sarla and Dadi too hears the conversation

Sapna : aunty, when I came in this house I felt I got my family back, can you consider me your daughter

Sarla : daar, child does not ask for her rights, he should claim on it, come (opens her arms)

Sapna too hugs her emotionally.

Dadi : Sapna, if you want to befriend me I have one condition

Sapna : what dadi?

Dadi : this (shows her the bottle of vodka)

Sapna : you drink?

Pragya : dadi, you are showing that to wrong person (whispers her)

Dadi : why? whats wrong

Pragya : she is doctor, she will get rid of your habit in a moment

Sarla : you are doctor?

Sapna ; yes aunty, and I heard what sis said, dadi we both will enjoy that, what do you say

Dadi ; did you see Pragya, she will support me today, right dear

Pragya : Sapna, are you serious ? you will drink, you might be kidding

Sapna : my dear sis, you know my nanny is like her, I got fed up of getting rid of that habit, I will not try that on her

Pragya : fine you go ahead but I will not join you, good night

Sapna get highly pitched drunk and puts head on Dadi’s lap

Sapna : you know dadi, you are really awesome (giggles more) I remember, my nanny always forced me to drink like this but I was never with her

Sarla : Pragya, after this girl this house is chirping again

Pragya : I know Maa, but I want to ask you something, what do you think about her

Sarla : what do you mean

Pragya : I feel if somebody can bring happiness in Purab’s life is this girl

Sarla : but we don’t know what does they think about each other

Pragya : I have seen with my own eyes, there is so much caring between them

Sarla : but Purab will not agree to this

Pragya : he will mom

Purab comes to Arora house when he hears Sapna laughing noise

Purab : sis, did she went crazy after accident

Pragya : seems like she got high

Purab : what? oh my god sis

Sapna comes down with Dadi and starts getting dizzy.

Purab : who told you to drink so much when you can’t handle it

Sapna : stop lecturing me, my head is getting high and you are boring me

Pragya : Purab, take her inside please, dadi I told you not to make her drink

Dadi : oh Pragya, I didn’t forcefully made her drink

Sapna : i want to go out, leave me

Purab : you want to go out, even in this state your mind is not working

Purab covers her with duvet and is about to leave when Sapna holds him back

Sapna : where are you going

Purab : I am going to temple to pray that god give you some wisdom

Sapna : at least stop your grumpy mood sometimes, Purab you know I have waited 5 years for you and now you want to go away from me

Purab gets confused to hear her

Sapna : you didn’t even notice that I loved even before Alia was engaged to you

Purab gets shocked as well as Pragya who is brining lemon juice for Sapna

Purab : what?

Sapna : yes Purab, why did not realize that somebody was waiting for you from long time, (puts head on his lap)

Purab puts hand hesitantly on her head and leaves with tensed face. Pragya gives lemon juice to Sapna

Sapna : sis, did you see how he left again, do you really think he would ever love somebody

Pragya : Sapna, we will talk tomorrow okay, its too late good night

Purab drives the car and gets in dilemma hearing Sapna’s words, Though he sees Bulbul’s reflection in her but deep down knows he will not love anybody

Next day Pragya talks with Purab about Sapna’s confession

Purab : sis even after knowing you are telling me, and anyway she was drunk

Pragya : any person would say truth in that state Purab, you knew it right now but I knew that from the first meeting that she loves you

Purab ; sis, I know you want me happy, but you should get that I am happy with Bulbul’s memories (says bit angrily) , why are you forcing me for something I don’t want to do

Abhi scolds Purab for misbehaving with Pragya

Abhi ; Pragya, go from here, I want to talk with him alone

Pragya : okay (wipes her tears)

Purab : sorry Pragya sis,

Pragya : no its okay (leaves)

Abhi : Purab, i haven’t seen you like this before, and why, fine its your life but we cannot forget that you and Bulbul lost your happiness in our battle, how can we be happy when you are suffering

Purab : at least you understand me

Abhi : alright, from today nobody will force you for marriage but get one thing carefully just because you lost your love you cannot snatch right to love from anybody else, you decide (leaves)
Purab goes into flashback of his and Sapna’s moments from college and previous days
Pragya : what happened, what did he say
Abhi : look Fuggy, I told you this before and repeating myself, forcing him would not make any difference infact it will increase problem
Pragya : what do you mean? should we let him stay alone whole life
Abhi : and making him marry to a girl who he does not love, ruin his and that girl’s life, do you want that to happen
Pragya : I guess you are right, who can understand better than us what loveless marriage is
Abhi : look Pragya, even I want my friend to get settled again but putting his happiness on stake, lets say he will also get married for our sake but what after that, when he will not be happy how would he keep his wife happy
Pragya : alright fine, I will not talk about this, I have to go home and check if Sapna woke up (leaves sadly)
Arora house
Sapna wakes up with heavy head recalling her confession to Purab yesterday
Pragya : good morning
Sapna : sis, did I say something yesterday I should have not
Pragya : no, forget about that get ready quickly
Sapna : you are hiding something from me (holds Pragya’s hand)
Pragya : Sapna, the first day I met you, I realized your feelings but then I know Purab will not accept you
Sapna ; but why sis, am I so bad, what do I lack that he cannot love me
Pragya : its not because you lack anything but you still understand Purab will never give Bulbul’s place to any girl
Sapna : sis I know that but I thought I would make my place again in his heart
Pragya : Sapna, you ask me what happens when you live in compromise marriage, I suffered that pain
Sapna : but at least Abhi loves you now
Pragya : not in every relation it happens and in this case do you really think Purab will forget Bulbul, I am saying for your betterment, just like he lives with Bulbul memories, you learn to live with his friendship
Sapna leaves heart broken hearing her words
Pragya : I am sorry Sapna, I could not give you that happiness even if I want to
Sapna does not pick Purab’s call feeling guilty for hurting him with her words.
Purab : this girl is so stubborn, now she will not even pick up my call
Purab texts Sapna to meet him at her house.
Sapna : now what does he want, the more I try to stay away from him more he comes to me by either ways
Purab reaches Sapna’s house to talk to her
Sapna : yes what do you want to talk, and i am sorry for yesterday, I know i said things I should have not told
Purab : you are right, you should have not called me grumpy, I mind that
Sapna ; what? I would grumpy person grumpy not sweet right
Purab : anyway I came here to talk something important
Sapna : then what auspicious time you are waiting for
Purab : you might have known by now that my families want me to get marry to you but I want to tell you that I will not be able to give you the right of wife which you deserve
Sapna does not find it surprising as she knew it would come sooner or later
Purab : look, you are my friend and I really like you but not the way you see me, you are a wonderful person to be loved but unfortunately I am not that lucky one
Sapna : my nanny always told me that for marrige more than love what need is respect and understanding for each other, I am ready to compromise for you putting my love on side
Purab ; why do you want to spoil your life with a person who will not love you
Sapna : I will not force you but yes, one thing I believe is love is not required for every relationship
Purab get into thinking hearing Sapna’s belief on love and marriage
Sapna : choice is yours, Purab, your respect will stay same for me even if you refuse
Purab : i need time to think Sapna
Sapna : yea sure why not, I will wait for your answer
Purab leaves in his car from Sapna’s home
Sapna (talks to her mom’s picture) : mom you taught me that another name of marriage is compromise and today your daughter is also going to have same fate, but I will win Purab one day and he will also accept me
Purab looks at Bulbul’s picture asking why she left him in the altar
Purab ; Bulbul why did you go away, what will I do without you, I cannot marry anybody else though Sapna loves me like you did
Purab sees her shadow standing in front of him and runs to her
Purab : Bulbul, (goes to her) you know i missed you so much
Bulbul : you know I am always with you like shadow, will never leave you
Purab ; Bulbul, please don’t go
Bulbul : I am in your heart Purab but you cannot take somebody’s right to love, there is somebody waiting for you like you always waited for me (vanishes before Purab says anything)
Purab gets answer to his question and goes to Mehra house. The family is having dinner together after long time happily.
Abhi : hey Purab, come have something
Purab : bhai, I came to tell important thing
Pragya : what is the matter Purab? why are you so tensed
Purab : bhai, I am ready to marry Sapna
Everybody is left shocked hearing Purab’s decision.
Abhi : Purab, are you sure? there is no rush, you can take time
Purab : no bhai, I have decided that I will move on in life if that is what in my destiny
Pragya gets happy with Purab and informs Sapna about it and calls her
Pragya : congratulations both (feeds sweet to them) I am so happy but Purab you are sure this time?
Purab : yes sis, god gave me answer that everybody gets second chance. and if I did not got my love I don’t have right to snatch somebody else’s right
Dadi : Purab, you took a wise decision I am proud of you
Purab : thank you dadi
Sapna ; Purab, I didn’t expected you to agree for this marriage
Purab : you only told that every relation does not need love, it needs faith and respect, I want to give our relation one chance
Sapna goes to hospital to meet her patient who she has been treating from last six months.
Sapna : Anu, how is she now
Anu : you won’t believe her surgery is successful
Sapna : I can’t wait to see her now, come lets go and see
Both girls goes inside the room. Sapna gets biggest shocked to see it is none other than Bulbul on the bed. She takes her step behind on wall and is about to lose balance
Anu : Sapna, are you okay. drink this water, what happened
Sapna : did she regain consciousness, her voice and everything
Anu : not yet, doctor said we have to keep her under observation for 48 hours and then see what happens, I am sure by tomorrow she will come to senses
Sapna : fine, you call me when regain consciousness
Anu ; sure
Mehra house
Pragya informs Sapna about the auspicious day for marriage is after four days and another one is after three months
Pragya : how can do it in four days, what about Mehndi and sangeet
Sapna : sis, we don’t want it to be grand wedding, please make it simple
Pragya ; but its your first wedding, won’t you fulfill your dreams properly
Sapna : when my such big dream will come to reality what else do I want sis
Pragya : as you wish, but then I called the mehndi call tomorrow so you come on time for at least haldi and mehndi ceremony alright
Sapna : okay sis
Abhi : what is happening girls (with his usual drama)
Pragya : its our personal talk Mr husband
Sapna : nothing Abhi, we were talking about ceremonies (look around for Purab)
Abhi : looks like your eyes are searching for somebody
Sapna : nothing like that
Abhi : your eyes clearly says you are lying, you are just like Pragya very truthful
Pragya : excuse me, what are you trying to say I am always looking for you
Abhi ; I never mentioned about that, thank you for confessing it
Pragya : you (Starts feeling dizzy and falls on floor)
Abhi : fuggy what happened ?Sapna what wrong with her
Sapna : take her upstairs, I will be back
Abhi : is she alright
Sapna : yea, she is fine, she just fainted due to weakness, don’t worry
Abhi shouts at Pragya for not taking care of herself.
Pragya : stop shouting at me (pouts like child)
Abhi : that pout is not going to work with me Fuggy, from now you will stay here and before you tell me, Sapna is perfectly fine she can take care of her unlike you
Sapna sees Purab doing some work and gets hesitant to go to him after seeing Bulbul
Sapna : why am I feeling so restless? should I tell him about Bulbul, no he might not be able to see her condition and I might lose him forever
Purab : would you stand there like statue or come inside, don’t tell me you need permission
Sapna : I won’t even ask permission (says with attitude)
Purab : overacting suits only few people and you are definitely not from one of those
Sapna : thank you so much for that lovely complement, as I came here to hear that
Purab : do you even have something important to tell me
Sapna : tomorrow is Karva chaut, I wanted to keep fast for you
Purab is taken aback by her words which makes her bit concerned
Sapna : only if you want
Purab : you really don’t have to, but if you want then I won’t refuse you, go ahead I will tell Chachiji to send sargi for you
Sapna gets happy to see change in Purab and thanks him
Purab : you are welcome, but are you sure, as far as I know staying hungry is not your type
Sapna : don’t challenge me Purab, I can stay hungry whole day
Purab : fine all the best
Sapna (in her mind) ; Sapna, in excitement you said you will keep fast but Purab is right I cannot stay hungry for even half day, god help me tomorrow
Next day Dadi gives sargi to Pragya for karvachaut while Chachiji sends things to Sapna for karvachaut.
Pragya : you too kept fast for Purab?
Sapna ; I asked him before keeping fast and he agreed
Pragya : not bad, last year my Bulbul was starving to death, silly girl
Sapna : even I can’t stay hungry but will have to do it for Purab’s long life
Pragya ; okay, get ready by 8, we will do prayer, you told Purab right to come by 8
Sapna : yes sis I told him
Anu informs about Bulbul regaining conciseness and walking on her feet.
Sapna : thats great, tell her I will meet her tomorrow finally
Anu : okay
Later in the evening everybody gathers for the occasion. Abhi is mesmerized by Pragya’s look with red saree and curly hair.
Abhi : somebody is looking gorgeous today
Pragya : thank you for that
Sapna waits desperately for Purab who is stuck in traffic.
Dadi : hey look, moon is here
Abhi : this moon came so early, we missed our beautiful moon
Pragya ; so convenient, we are staying hungry from whole day and you are making fun of us
Abhi : I am just kidding, first let me call Purab where is he
Purab : bro I am stuck in traffic, tell Sapna she can open fast by seeing my picture
Abhi : okay, but try to come early, she is waiting
Pragya : Sapna, he is right, you break fast by seeing his picture
Sapna at the end agrees when everybody convinces her
Pragya shows her how to do puja. Sapna takes the sieve and brings it down after looking at moon, She opens her eyes and sees Purab standing in front of her.

Haathon mein pooja ki thaali
Aayi raat suhagon wali
O chaand ko dekhoon haath main jodoon
Karwa chauth ka vrat main todoon
Tere hath se pee kar paani
Abhi and Purab makes Pragya & Sapna drink water and feed sweet
Sapna is about to touch his feet but Purab stops her smilingly
Daasi se ban jaaoon rani
Aaj ki raat jo maange koi woh pa jaaye re
Ghar aaja pardesi tera des bulaye re
Ghar aaja pardesi tera des bulaye re

Purab ; sis look at her face pale, as if she will get unconscious right now
Pragya : stop making fun of her Purab, you are getting influenced by your friend too much
Abhi : thats not fair Fuggy, you cannot drag me into this
Purab : Sapna, get ready we are going out for dinner
Both goes out for dinner and enjoys the moments. Sapna too cherishes the moment.Next day Sapna goes to meet Bulbul who is walking on her feet
Sapna ; wow not bad, now you are walking and can hear everything
Bulbul : yes doctor, thank you so much, I was told you are the one who cured me from last six months but who brought me here
Sapna : actually, some villagers brought you from nearby town, and then I had my internship over there, I decided that I would give you the best treatment
Bulbul : I don’t have anything to give you, but one thing I can do that in life whenever I can do something for you, just call me I will be there
Sapna : I will ask when time comes and I am sure you won’t refuse for that
Bulbul : by the way can I know your name
Sapna : Sapna Malhothra
Bulbul : I am Bulbul Purab Khanna, well my original name was Bulbul Arora but I got married to somebody I loved and he loved me the most, I don’t know how might my Purab will be
Sapna starts getting disheartened hearing her words
Bulbul : I don’t know how my family might be in this six months, just let me go and I will bring justice to my sister and Purab, when can I go home doctor
Sapna : until I feel you are completely fine, so after three days you can go home
Bulbul : I want to meet my family, I am missing them so much
Sapna : now you have waited so much, wait for three more days alright,
Bulbul : okay doctor, as you say but I can go back to house right
Sapna : of course you can, okay I have to go outside for some work, you can call me if you need anything
Bulbul : sure, thank you for everything
Sapna : no problem, it was my duty
Mehra house
Pragya : where were you? I told you to come at time
Sapna : sorry sis I was in hospital, that patient I told you she is feeling better now
Pragya : thats amazing, but I hope you remember that your wedding is in two days, and you haven’t done your shopping
Sapna : oh I completely forgot, you know I called the designer at home so don’t worry
In the evening Pragya and Sapna selects the the wedding dress of Sapna.
Pragya : you will look gorgeous in this bridal dress
Sapna : I will buy this one, Kaya (designer) pack this one, and it should be ready by tomorrow evening alright
Kaya ; don’t worry ma’am
At night Sapna looks at the stars questioning to God about her fate
Sapna : why does this happen to me, what did I harm to anyone, I asked only one thing and you could not give me that, fine if you cannot give me I know what to do
Sapna calls somebody and talks about bringing Bulbul somewhere
Sapna : Anu, bring her to my house by 5 tomorrow
Anu : but why
Sapna : can you please do as I say
Anu : alright fine, I will bring her but what will I tell her the reason
Sapna : come on, you are at least that smart to bring her, stop asking me silly questions and yes bring her carefully, there should not be any problem on way
Anu : this girl is crazy
Next day everybody starts the preparation for the wedding. Purab is looking at Bulbul’s picture apologizing to her.
Purab : I am following your advice, Bulbul, today I will bind to somebody else but my heart will be your forever
Abhi : Purab, how long are you taking, that Sapna will be dreaming of you, come on we are getting late
Purab : yes bhai, coming
At venue
Purab reaches the venue with happy face. The garland ceremony takes place. Sarla tells Sapna to go in room till the time comes wedding time starts.
Pragya : Sapna, (knocks the door) are you ready, do you need my help
Sapna : yes sis almost (says from inside), you can come in
The bride opens the door but has full veil on the face.
Pragya : why are you covering, you will fall down
The bride stops her from opening it.
Pragya : okay fine come on, lets go, everybody is waiting (takes her downstairs)
The priest tells the meaning of seven wows. Purab decides to fulfill all his duty towards Sapna though he would not love her.
Priest : now you both stand up for the vows,
Purab and bride stands up for the vows. He fills the vermillion and puts the mangalsutra around the neck.
Priest : from today you both are wife and husband
“Congratulations Purab” a familiar voice echoes from back. Everybody turns around and is shocked to see Sapna.
Pragya : if she is here then who is in mandap
The bride finally opens up the veil which is biggest blow to everybody as it is none other than Bulbul.
Pragya : Bulbul (runs quickly to hug her sister) my sister, you?
Bulbul ; sis (gets in tears)
Pragya ; but what is happening ? you in bride’s place and Sapna this is our Bulbul
Purab is completely in shocked on what is going on
Pragya : Sapna, you did this?
Sapna looks at Bulbul
Anu brings Bulbul to Sapna’s house the night before wedding.
Bulbul : Sapna, why did you bring me here
Sapna : Bulbul, try this wedding dress and let me know if the fitting is perfect
Bulbul : what kind of joke is this?
Sapna ; didn’t you say you will do anything in return, I want you to get married tomorrow
Bulbul ; no way, I am married
Sapna : really? but not anymore read this (shows her the wedding card)
Bulbul is dumbfounded reading Purab and Sapna’s wedding card
Bulbul ; no its not possible, Purab cannot do this, he will not cheat me (tears the card)
Sapna : yes, because there is only one girl residing in his heart, and thats you, I want you to get married with Purab tomorrow
Bulbul : but how will I, tell me everything
Sapna reveals everything to Bulbul which makes her emotional
Bulbul : you could have got married tomorrow with Purab, why did you bring me
Sapna : I don’t want to set my happiness by ruining somebody else’s life, got it so you will stay here with me and tomorrow I will dress you up, I don’t want to do any drama on the wedding thats why listen to me carefully
Flashback ends
Abhi : Sapna, you did not bother to tell us about Bulbul, and brought her like this
Pragya : and you did all this for Bulbul
Sapna : sis, I do not regret on whatever I did, and I took this step for myself not for anybody else
Pragya : what?
Sapna : till today I thought that every marriage is compromise, one just needs an understanding but first time in life i was wrong, when I met Bulbul I realized that love is what needed in every relation,
Everybody gets teary eyes hearing her words
Sapna : I could have married Purab today by cheating on you all (goes towards mandap) I got selfish for a moment but then it is not my nature, I heard somewhere that when somebody is saved their life is of that person who saved them, how can I take that girls life whom I gave new life
Bulbul : sis, one thing is for sure, nobody can love Purab like Sapna does, even I could not love him this much
Sapna : won’t you say anything Purab
Purab : you have left nothing to say, you have grown up (wipes her tears) today, and promise me you will drive carefully from today
Sapna (laughs little bit) : I will, sis I enjoyed the moment I wanted to with Purab, I kept that fast not for his long life but for his happiness and see God fulfilled that desire too
Later Purab and Bulbul after all rituals goes to their house.
Purab ; Bulbul, do you have any idea how much I missed you, each and every day was so difficult for me (says intensely)
Both of them are finally united after long brawl in their life. Two soul mates becomes one for lifetime

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