When Second love become life ( RAGSAN OS)


Hey here is Lovely! I’m here with an OS I hope you will like it 🙂

We can see a girl waiting in a middle of the bed in bridal attire. She is looking awesome, in fact, no word can describe her!
Someone open the door and she looks up shying and fearing. The man enters he is handsome and hot. He looks at the girl and speaks

Man- Dekho Ragini you are my friend, but I don’t love you. I just married you for my mom sake. I’m sorry I cannot give you the right of my wife. I love and still love Swara, I’m sorry.

Ragini was shocked and hurt but doesn’t say anything. She has some tears in her eyes but wipes them. She stands up and goes to bathroom, but the man stops her

Man- Ragini you won’t talk to me?

Ragini sight, but doesn’t turn up- Sanskar, what you want me to tell you? You know I love you but don’t worry I won’t take Swara’s place.

Sanskar- Ragini, please

Ragini- Sanskar please let me change myself.

Sanskar- Look at me please, I’m feeling guilty

Ragini- You can, because you destroy my life. You could say no to your mom but you agree! I was happy, I thought that you start to love me too. Lekin nahi, you know if you said no to your mom, I will feel hurt but with time, I would forget you. Now I have to maintain this relationship for life. I will be a good daughter in law, and a good wife too, even if you don’t give me this right.
You can go to your Swara if you want, I won’t stop you. And yes don’t think because I love you, you have to care for me, I don’t want your pity on me! Till now I have hide my feelings for you, now that we are married I told you all this, not for having your love but just to be honest with you.

Sanskar- Please I’m sorry

Ragini- Your sorry won’t change anything!

Ragini goes to the bathroom. She turns on the water, she let the cold water calming her, but that doesn’t work. She cries and the water suppress her cry. After some time, she comes out wearing a blue nightie. Sanskar was not in the room, she thinks

Ragini- Maybe he goes to Swara! Why I’m feeling bad me, myself told him to go if he wants. Yes, I told him, but I didn’t think he will go.
She looks at the room and saw many pictures of Swara and Sanskar, she is hurt and is angry seeing them like this.

She takes all the photo and put them in a corner. She feels sleepy so she goes to the bed and sleep.

NEXT DAY, she wakes up and doesn’t find Sanskar. His side was same like yesterday night, untouched. She thinks of calling him but then stops herself and goes to washroom. She comes out and find Sanskar in the room like he was waiting for her. Sanskar saw her and think

Sanskar- I know you are hurt, I shouldn’t play with your feeling, but I cannot do anything now.
Before he could speak Ragini say

Ragini- I have put all your and Swara picture here, I don’t know what you will do with, but I don’t want them in our room. I don’t care if you like or not, but I’m your wife and I cannot see the photo of another woman in our room!

Sanskar- Why are you behaving like this? I know I shouldn’t marry you while I love Swara, but what is my fault? Mom literally force me into this relationship! I couldn’t do anything

Ragini- Tell me honestly do you want this wedding to continue?

Sanskar- I consider you like my friends

Ragini- Swara were not your friends before you falling for her?

Sanskar- Yes but

Ragini- But what? I too fell for you while we were a just friend! I like your nature, your way to be, your smile everything. I will not impose you my love, and in return, I don’t want you to mention the name of Swara because it’s hurt when you love someone but he doesn’t love you. You don’t this feeling because you are in love with Swara and she too loves you. Believe me, it’s hurt a lot

Sanskar- I understand you

Ragini smile sadly- No you don’t understand me Sanskar, but forget it!

Ragini goes down and comes to Sujatha. Sujatha saw her and smile

Sujatha- Good morning bahu
Ragini- Ma don’t call me bahu, I’m your daughter hai na? Or are you just pretending as I’m your son wife?

Sujatha- Nahi chori, you are my daughter too. I love you both in the same way.

Ragini smile at Sujatha.

Ragini- Hi ma, what I have to do today?

Sujatha- You have to go to your mom place for the ritual

Ragini- ok mom I will go

Sujatha- Sanskar has to come with you

Ragini tensed- Hmm… Ma it’s ok I will go alone, I don’t think he wants to go

Sujatha understand- Nahi Ragini he has to go. I will call him now

Ragini- Nahi ma, I think we should not force him

Sujatha- Did he told you something yesterday night?

Ragini- nahi ma, but to be honest with you, Sanskar still love Swara, and I don’t want to be between them.

Sujatha- If you don’t want, I will because he is married to you not this girl. You love him na, so why are you quite like this?

Ragini- Ma, I cannot force him to love me.

Sujatha- What if he gives you divorce?

Ragini- I will accept it

Sujatha- But chori you love him?

Ragini- Haan I love him and I will try to win him because I cannot lose him. Lekin if he still loves Swara, I could not do anything.

Sujatha- I will never accept her

Ragini smile- If your son loves her you have to.

Sanskar heard everything and think- Ragini I know you love me, and now you are angry at me. I will give a try to our relation. You are a nice girl, you understand me, even now. Every girl would cry at their fate, but you show me that you are strong. Today you prove me that you are a true friend.

Ragini crosses him in the stairs, he is lost in his thought. Ragini shakes him

Ragini- Sanskar I need to go to my place

Sanskar- this is your place

Ragini- I mean at my parent’s place

Sanskar- Ok I will come with you

Ragini- No need, just drop me and come to pick me at night

Ragini goes to their room and picks her purse, then come down. Sanskar waits for her

Ragini- Ma I will try to come home early

Sujatha- Nahi chori go and enjoy with your parents. After all, I take their only girl

Ragini- Ok ma and thank you

Sanskar opens the door for her, and then he starts the car. During the drive, no one speaks, but then Sanskar breaks the silence

Sanskar- Ragini I want to be friend with you, can I?

Ragini- What are you talking Sanskar we are already friend!

Sanskar- Yes but I want to start afresh

Ragini smile- Ok

Sanskar gives his hand as a shake- Hi I’m Sanskar Maheswari and you?

Ragini- Ragini Mah… Ragini Gagodia

Sanskar- Nice meeting you Ragini Mah Gagodia

Ragini- Same here

They arrive at her parent’s place, and the day passes like this with masti. Sanskar all the day stare at Ragini

Sanskar ( in mind)- I must say she have a beautiful smile.

They go back to MM. Every day start with Ragini coming with tea for Sanskar and end up with their talks. They become close, whenever Sanskar is near Ragini, his heart beat fast, same for Ragini.
Now it’s been three months that they are married, and Ragini’s parents invite them to a reception.

Ragini- Sanskar ma and pa invite us to a reception

Sanskar- We will go

Ragini- Yes but I don’t have any party dress

Sanskar- It’s ok we will go shopping, I know girl love shopping

Ragini frown and put her hand on her hips- I don’t like shopping

Sanskar- Yes BIWI JI you are not like other girls, that’s why you are my wife

Ragini blushed and Sanskar understands why. There was a pin drop silence, but then Sanskar broke the silence

Sanskar- So challe?

Ragini just nod. They came to the mall Ragini take Sanskar hand unknowingly, and Sanskar didn’t bother to take them off. In fact, he enjoys this, he takes his hand on her waist.
Ragini finds her dress and goes to try it. Sanskar just waits for Ragini, but then someone hugs him from behind. Sanskar was shocked to see Swara here.

Sanskar- Swara tum yahan?

Swara- Haan baby! You know even if you don’t call me I still love you. I cannot forget you, I know you love me too

Sanskar- Swara please I’m married now

Swara- Toh? Even I am now, but that doesn’t mean I have to forget you? Our moment, our love!

Sanskar- Yes I want to forget them

Swara- Please don’t tell me that now you love your wife?

Sanskar- It’s not your business

Swara hugs Sanskar and cry, Sanskar tries to comfort her, and by the time Ragini come out and see all this. She was jealous and more than that she is hurt.

Ragini ( in mind)- I thought that Sanskar starts to love me, but I was wrong. He still loves this woman.

Ragini come to them- Sanskar if you are done we can go to OUR house now.

Swara look at her- Hi I’m Swara, Sanskar girl-friend

Ragini- Ex-girl-friend! Now I’m his wife and you, a stranger! I don’t like another woman touche my husband! Cannot you chose another man rather running behind MY HUSBAND? Don’t you have some shame?

Swara- Listen you MS

Ragini- Not MS but MRS Ragini Sanskar Maheswari! And please I don’t want to talk with you. Sanskar come

Sanskar was happy to see some possessivness in her- Lekin Ragini your dress?

Ragini- I have many at home. COME

Ragini drag Sanskar out of the store.


Ragini- How dare she to touche you! And how dare you to let her touche you ha?

Sanskar was amused to see her jealousy- Ragini calm down

Ragini- What calm down, I know you still love her, but that doesn’t mean I have to support this!

Sanskar- I don’t love her

Ragini- Ya ya that’s why you let her hug you! Don’t you see that she was acting like crying? Don’t you have eyes?

Sanskar- I can see that you are jealous

Ragini- Me jealous no way!

Sanskar- Yes you are

Ragini- No I’m not

Sanskar- Yes

Ragini- No

Sanskar- Yes

Ragini- No


Ragini- Yes

Sanskar- See I told you-you are jealous
Sanskar comes to her, and Ragini goes back till she hit the wall. Sanskar leaned toward her
Ragini stammers- San… Sans… Sanskar wh … what are you.. you doing?

Sanskar- I love when I saw that you are jealous, you nose become red, like your cheek when you blushed. And I want to tell you, I don’t love Swara, Yes I loved her, but now I’m in love with someone else.

Ragini looking at Sanskar disbelief- Kaun hai wo churail now?

Sanskar chuckle- I won’t tell you

Ragini- You cannot you have to tell me who is that witch! BTW Sanskar don’t you have some shame, you are a married man, and still you cannot love me, but you can love someone else?

Sanskar- I never told you that I’m in love with someone else?

Ragini- You told me that you are in love!

Sanskar- Yes

Ragini- And who is that wi.. woman?

Sanskar- You know her. I will introduce you to her

Ragini was heartbreaking now, but she doesn’t show Sanskar.
Sanskar shows the hurt in her eyes.

Sanskar casually- Ragini start to prepare yourself now.
Ragini nod


Ragini was dull and Sanskar notice this. He tries to talk with her but she is angry at him.
She is standing below the candlestick. In no time, the candlestick falls down and someone pushes Ragini. Ragini was too much shocked that she didn’t react. She looks at the person and saw Sanskar unconscious. She starts crying holding Sanskar. Someone call the ambulance and they take Sanskar with them. Ragini follow them and wait in front the OT.
After 4 hours, doctor came to her and tell

Doctor- I’m sorry to say but he is very critical

Ragini- Doctor how dare you, you have to save him, it’s your duty

Doctor- Yes it’s my duty, but I’m not God

Ragini cries. After sometimes, Ragini looks at the window and watch Sanskar fighting for his life.

Doctor came out- I cannot say anything now, we have to wait him coming conscious. We will shift him to the normal ward

Ragini stay with him all the time, till she fell asleep. When she wake up, Sanskar stare at her. She immediatly hug him, Sanskar pull her apart and then say- Who are you?

Ragini was shocked- Sanskar what are you saying I’m your wife?

Sanskar- No I’m not married to you

Ragini- Sanskar see it’s a bad joke, I’m your wife, we are married!

Sanskar- Do you love me?

Ragini- Yes I love you, I love you very much please try to remember

Sanskar- Do I love you?

Ragini- I don’t know?

Sanskar- And you pretend to be my wife?

Ragini- Yes you married me without your will, and you don’t love me.

Sanskar- Oh but now I love you.

Ragini was stunned and Sanskar Smile at her.

Ragini- What?

Sanskar- Yes Ragini I love you?

Ragini- So you don’t lose your memory?

Sanskar- No

Ragini in an angry tone- Why you react like this?

Sanskar- Because I want to know if you love me or not. You could have told me that I love you but you chose, to be honest, that’s why I love you.

Ragini hug Sanskar. Sanskar got discharge few day after the accident.
They live a happy married life.

At the end, Ragini got her love and Sanskar love her more than anything. Being honest is very important in a couple, without these small think, a wedding end with a divorce. Unfortunately, this is what we saw now, wedding then divorce! Wedding is not a joke, we have to understand this.


Credit to: Lovely

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