Second Chances – Swaragini [Ragsan] – Episode 4

Ragini’s POV

A sudden knock at my window made me jump and squealed in dismay, I put my hand over my hastily beating heart and look out of the window to see familiar face of Singhania’s butler. He ordered me a sweet apologetic small smile, which I returned gladly.

I rolled down the window, “Hey.” I greeted. “Hello, Ragini. Sorry I scared you. You have been sitting alone in the car for past ten minutes. You okay?” He asked. Ten minutes? Wow- I didn’t know I’ve been in my car for ten minutes. “Yes, I was just thinking about something.” I said, while stepping out. He back off and replied with curt nod. “Hey, will you please help me with these cupcake boxes? I’m afraid I won’t be able to hold these two containers at a time.” I asked while opening the back seat door. “Of course, Ragini. Don’t worry about anything. You go and join the guests, I will take these two in for you.” He replied. I smiled gratefully, “Thank you so much.” I said. “Of course.” He replied short and took out the two containers of cupcakes.

I sighed and locked the door, before forcing myself to walk inside the mansion and act naturally. The mansion looked as magnificent as always. None of the furniture was missing, they are probably leaving it here. And why won’t they, they aren’t short on money to buy new- unlike me. I look around to see many of the unfamiliar faces chatting with each other while some of them were at the buffet- trying on some food.

I was desperately looking for someone familiar but, I couldn’t spot one. There was also no sign of children in here, they must be in garden area- maybe I should go there as well. Before I could move from my spot I heard a familiar voice. “Oh! you are here, Ragini. How are you?” Mrs. Singhania walked towards me with a huge smile on her face. I must say she looked absolutely beautiful in her red and black Saree. She opened her arms and embraced me in a hug. She never treat me like a employee or servant – that’s why I adore her.

“Hi, I’m good. How are you? And, by the way, you look stunning today.” I complimented her and returned the hug. “Thank you. You look pretty yourself.” She complimented back, probably for the sake of formality – though, I don’t look near to pretty. I tugged a string of my hair behind my ear and smiled.

“Thanks.” I blushed a little. Well, I’m not very used to compliments.

“Come on, let me introduce you to my guests.” She said while holding my hand and dragging me towards the group of people talking to each other. Before I could stop her, I was already being introduced to couple of handsome gentlemen. “Hey everybody, this is Ragini. Riya and Rishi’s nanny.” She said aloud, getting everyone’s attention from the group.

I gulped and tried to hold my ground, as my knees felt wobbly because of so many eyes on me at once. My heart rate was increasing after every other second and my palms were getting sweatier. “Hi.” I said almost inaudibly.
“Hello, Ragini. I’m Shaan Singhania . The kid’s father.” The guy with grey suit on said while offering his hand for a handshake. I hesitantly shook hands with him, before whipping off the sweat with my dress.

“The kids talk about you a lot. They really like you.” He added with a sincere smile. “Thank you. You have wonderful children.” I replied. I was feeling better than before but, the gaze of guy standing next to Mr. Singhania was very nerve whacking. So, I tried my best to ignore him. After chatting with Mr. Singhania for few minutes, I was actually liking him. I find him a very kind and generous man. Pity, I never met him before, he never visited his family for the past one and a half year.

“Well, brother. Won’t you introduce us with this beautiful woman.” The guys whose gaze was still fixed on me said, causing me to blush hard. Everyone’s complimenting me way too much today. I finally met his gaze, he didn’t look more than thirty. I must add he’s very handsome.

Mr. Singhania chuckled, “Well, Charlotte. This is my youngest brother, Rohan. Rohan, this is Riya and Rishi’s nanny, Ragini.” He introduced us each other. “Hello.” I greeted him short. This guy’s mischievous gaze was making me more and more nervous.

He stepped forward and took my hand in his before brushing his lips on my knuckle. I shivered from his soft but intense touch and politely unbuckle my hand from his. I’m sure, my face must be red by now. I mentally noted to stay away from this guy- he’s a bad news. His playful smirk says it all. Before Rohan could say anything, I heard Mr. Singhania speaking. “Oh! Isn’t it the great, Sanskar Maheshwari!” I heard Mr. Singhania’s joyful voice. My gaze travelled towards him to see him looking behind my shoulder. That time, I didn’t care about a gorgeous man standing right in front of me. I gulped nervously when I felt a presence behind me. He’s here. “Da da.” I heard a melodious voice as well, before someone lightly tugged my hair from behind. I smiled, not he- they are here.

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