Second Chances – Swaragini [Ragsan] – Episode 3

Ragini’s POV

I took out the last batch of triple chocolate cupcakes from the oven and placed them on the counter to cool down. I stole a glance at the clock and almost shrieked in horror- it was already two in the afternoon and I have to be at Singhania’s farewell party at four. Rishi and Riya wanted me to bake them their favorite cupcakes for the last time and I couldn’t say no. I hastily started preparing for the frosting when my cellphone started to ring.

I groaned and without even looking who it was, I received it. “Yes?” I said irritatedly.

“Woah- clam down, lioness. What happened?” Swara’s amused voice greeted me. I sighed, “Cupcakes happen. I’ve so much to do and I haven’t done half of it. And I have to be at Singhania’s at four. I’m seriously freaking out.” I tried to balance my phone between my ear and shoulder, while adding cream cheese in a bowl. “Alright, I’ll be at your place in half an hour.” Swara said.

“Really? You are the best buddy ever. I’m waiting.” I said.

“Of course, I am. Alright bye now. See you.” She chuckled. “See you.” I replied. Living alone sucks. You have to do everything by your own. You don’t have anyone to talk to, no instant shoulder to cry on, no one to make you food when you are sick and my list can go on. I really wishes I had a family- just like Swara’s. They have always treated me like a family, they gave me love I was seeking for but, still I wish I had my own small crazy family.

The most hurtful thing is that I had a family – I had my parents. They loved me, I was their only child but, their mysterious death left me alone. I was so young when they left or died- I don’t know. One morning they left for camping and never came back. The local police never found their body but, they said that their camp looked like it was attack by a wild animal. They didn’t found and blood or remaining on the scene so, they searched for them but after months of searching they gave up and concluded that they might have eaten by an animal.
I was devastated, I went into shock- I was even stupid enough to attempt suicide but thankful, Sumi Aunty saved me. I just couldn’t believe that parents were gone, just like that. I sighed and sniffed to stop tears from falling. I shouldn’t thinking too much about them, it would only make me sadder. So I pushed it in the back of my mind and started whisking the ingredients together and just like that after half an hour I was done with frosting. I placed the frosting in the fridge and waited for them to rest for few minutes, in the mean time I started separating all the cupcakes from the cupcake paper.

After few minutes I heard my main door opened and then closed, “Oh God, it smells delicious in here.” I heard Swara’s soft voice from the lounge. I smiled, “Yeah? Well, why don’t you come in kitchen and taste one for me.” I suggested. “I’d love to.” I heard her amused voice before she entered in my small kitchen. “How’s everything going?” She asked as she pick one of the cupcake from the tray. “Where’s the frosting?” She asked while fetching a butter knife from the drawer.
“In the fridge. And everything is going great but, I have so much to do and the time is limited.” I said, while separating the last cupcake from the paper. “Oh. My. God.” I heard Swara’s voice, I twirled my head to see her stuffing her mouth with the cupcake, “There is a party going on in my mouth. These are so good. I’m having one more.” She tried to pick one more cupcake but I slapped her hand before she could grab another.

“Hey! What?!” She complaint.

“These are for kids, Swara. I will make you more some other time- I promise.” I said. “But- urgh! Promise?” She said.

I nodded and chuckled, “Yes, promise.” I replied. “Damn, it’s too hard to stop myself.” She complaint. I giggled and threw the used cupcake papers away.

“Anyways, bring these cupcakes and frosting out in lounge. While I frost the cupcakes, you go and take shower. Seriously Ragini, you smell like chocolate.” She said while walking out. I chuckled and followed her out with cupcakes and frosting in both of my hands. “You are a life saver.” I told her, while she made herself comfortable on my couch. “That I am. Anyways go and shower. It is three already.” Swara ordered while I put the tray of cupcakes and bowl of frosting in front of her. “Alright. Thank you again, girl.” I said while rushing into my small but cozy room. From the lounge I heard Swara saying something but, I couldn’t hear her right. But, that wasn’t the real issue. The real issue was to get ready in an hour.

After I took a shower, I dried my hair and fetched a nice yellow and white colored sundress, which ended just below my knees. After changing into that dress, I slip into white and yellow flat sandals and wore white bracelet and a really cute heart-shaped locket around my neck. I, then brushed my silky long hair, untangling them and applied a little mascara, a thin layer of eyeliner and a cherry color lipstick. After applying perfume I walked out of my room with my clutch in my hand. “You look beautiful, Ragini.” I heard Swara as soon as I entered in the lounge. I smiled and blushed a little, “Thank you, Swara.” I replied. She chuckled, “I’ve packed the cupcakes, they are in the kitchen. You’re welcome.” She smiled cheekily. “Thank you so much.” I hugged her, which she returned enthusiastically. “Why don’t you join me? I’ll be all alone there.” I pouted. She chuckled, “I’m not invited, plus Uttara is in town and she needs my help with shopping for her boyfriend’s birthday, I’m meeting her at the mall at five. So-” She answered with a shrug and sat on the couch, “I can’t.” She exhaled audibly.

“Oh alright. Well, I should be leaving then.” I said while straightening my dress with my hands, “Lock the door when you leave. I have keys with me.” I said while making my way to the kitchen. My gaze went on the perfectly packed cupcakes, an instant smile came up on my face, Swara did an amazing job while decorating the cupcakes with colorful sprinkles and m&m’s. I pick the two containers and walked out of the kitchen. “These looks beautiful, Swara, Kids gonna love it just by its look.” I complimented. “Why, thank you.” She said. “Now you go. And don’t worry I’ll lock up the house.” She added.

I smiled and after giving her a quick hug- I finally left for the Singhania’s farewell party. After driving for thirty to forty minutes straight, I finally reached at Singhania’s place – or should I say, mansion. From what I’ve heard Mr. and Mrs. Singhania has also invited few of their close friends. I remember how few of their guests made me feel extremely uncomfortable with their irksome remarks last year at Riya’s birthday party, not that Singhania’s are similar – they actually didn’t even know what their guest did. I don’t want to humiliate myself like last time, so I’ve planned to keep myself busy with kids and leave as early as I could.

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