Second Chances – Swaragini [Ragsan] – Episode 1


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Ragini’s POV

“Ragini, it’s okay. You’ll get another job. Stop worrying.” Swara Gadodia, my best friend said sympathetically. We have been best friends since we were in diapers. She knew everything about me and I literally knew everything about her.

“It’s not about losing job. It’s just — I got way too attach to Rishi and Riya in the past two years, and now all of the sudden they are leaving. It’s just too hard to accept that they’ll be gone within few days. I’ll miss them terribly.” I sniffed and whipped off the tears off my face.

Rishi and Riya are the kids I have been taking care of the last two years and now they are migrating to Delhi, where their father works. It’s just too hard to say goodbye to them. I got overly attached with them, and now I can’t stop weeping. Call me an overly emotional person but, that’s who I am– I never react moderately. It is either extreme or nothing. I can literally get attached to someone or something within a minute.

“Come on, Ragini. I know it’s really hard to say goodbye but, sometimes we are forced to do things we don’t want to do” Swara Solaced.

“You are right.” I sighed.

“You know what? Let’s go out for lunch today. Just you and me, and then maybe we could catch a movie as well. It has been so long since we’ve spend some quality time together. What do you say?” Swara suggested.

“Sound good but, what about we call in for pizza and watch some comedy movie at home? I am not in mood to going and anyways, this sweatshirt is way too comfortable to change.” I asked.

“Of course, you don’t want to.” She rolled her eyes playfully. “As you say, my buddy. So pizza it is?” She asked while standing up from couch. I just nodded in reply and watched her vanishing in her room.

I’m very social awkward. I don’t feel comfortable in crowd, I don’t make friends easily and I definitely don’t go clubbing or some senseless parties. I am very homey kind of a girl. So, if anyone would ask me to go out or call in for pizza. I’ll definitely choose pizza.

I believe in my own comfort, even if it doesn’t impress others. Everyone used to call me boring in school. I remember how no one even asked me out — but then, I didn’t mind because I had my eyes on only one guy. I’m very sensitive person and I don’t want heartbreaks – I’m afraid of falling in love and getting rejected, again.

“Alright! So, the pizza will be here in thirty minutes.” I heard Swara’s voice snapping me out of my thoughts. “So, Ragini would you like to drink some cold drink along with it?” Swara asked me walking back from kitchen. I turned to face her, “Since when did you start liking wine? From what I remember you hated cold drinks.” I asked.

“That’s not true. I used to drink cold drinks before – just not much.” She answered. Liar. She once tried it and immediately started disliking it.

I rolled my eyes, “You know Laksh is really spoiling the good girl.” I commented. “Hey! he isn’t spoiling me.” She protested.

I chuckled at her response, “I never said it was you.”

“Funny.” She said while rolling her eyes, “Alright fine, yes – last week he asked to taste this one cold drink, and, my dear it was so good. Expensive but, extremely good.” Swara said dreamily. I laughed at her expressions. She herself chuckled and sat on the couch beside me.

Swara and Laksh are ex husband and wife. They got divorced because of some misunderstandings, but after clearing it they remained as friends.

“Hey, speaking of Laksh- I haven’t seen him for the last few days. Where is he?” I questioned.

“London” She answered, “Laksh and Sanskaar, both had to go to London. They’ll be back the day after tomorrow.”

It’s funny how I feel butterflies in my stomach, whenever I hear Sanskaar’s name. Maybe, it’s because, of his adorable kid, Ishani. Or because he scares me a little-okay, a bit more than a little.

Credit to: Liba Afaf

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