The second chance~by Aashiya OS

It’s a Sunday morning and all I’ve been doing since the time I’ve been awake is to adore him. He isn’t a teddy bear with whom I used to sleep in my childhood. He isn’t furry but he’s my soft toy. He’s a hard muscular man,well built ofcourse. He’s a guy who spends hours in gym and forwards his pictures just to flatter me. He is the guy who still watches those cartoons and laughes, and cries if his favourite character is in mishap. He is none other than my dear husband. He’s my best friend and he’s my guide. At times he’s even the drama king but he’s mine. I love him but he says he loves me more. Maybe,yes. He might do that. He’s loved me throughout. But I wasn’t worth him in past. I broke his heart into tiny million pieces. I never regarded him as someone who loves me. I treated him as if he was forcefully into my life. He wasn’t ever there in that way. I blamed him for things he never did. Sometimes, I ask myself. Do I really deserve him?

In those days,my answer used to be a no. But now, I know I love him. But those days had been dark. I had been a stupid person busy in my childish world. I never credited this man who had done so much for me. I considered him to be someone who’s into me out of nowhere. I used to hurt him day in and day out. But,my boy didn’t say anything. He smiled,maybe coz he knew I was mad. He is a man of great patience. Afterall handling me isn’t that simple! At times,when I used to frustrate him,he didn’t use to look at me. Somewhere I used to feel the guilt in my heart. But my brain said he’s into you from nowhere. So just don’t give a damn. But,I was wrong. How could I even think of someone who has saved me from demons and who has changed my wrecked life into a beautiful one to be worthless?

I’m mindless I know. But there’s a turning point in everyone’s life and I too have one. That day was the darkest of all,but was the end to the darkness in my life. He stood before me,trying to save me from those devils. He said he would die to save me? That time I realised that somewhere inside my heart,I has something for him. He was at the gunpoint of the devil:that was all I could see. And as I saw the bullet approaching him, I did nothing but came in font of him and took it in my chest. I smiled and fell to the ground. I was happy that I had saved him. No matter how much pain I was bearing, I was happy. I didn’t hear anything and it was a blackout. Maybe,I died. Sooner or later, at some point of time,I found myself in the hospital ward,between numerous machines and wires.

I knew I had been saved. But this wasn’t what mattered! Where was he? Was he good and safe? My head was aching with these questions. But, to my luck,I found him looking in my eyes. I wanted to say sorry. I wanted to tell him what I felt for him. But before anything I could do,he hugged me tight and said” baby I love you! Don’t leave me!” My throat was choked. I wanted to shout I love you too but all I could do was to cry. Cry in his arms. Cry to eternity. Not coz I was physically in pain,but for the pain my heart was experiencing for not valuing this innocent soul.

All I can say is that the day was a life changing chance for me. Everyone isn’t blessed with a second chance. But I was fortunate enough. Today,I’m here adoring my baby like husband for his cute antics. I’m here feeling blessed by having him in my life. Past won’t be repeated and that day won’t be regretted. This chance that life has given me will be appreciated forever and ever.

Hey Tashan E Ishq lovers. Aashiya is back here to annoy you people with another one shot (claps?)
I really don’t know if this is good or not. Oh okay I’m always confused I know. But I can’t help?.

I’ve been given warning by someone(ugh miss someone,did you get yourself?; see I’ve posted it) to post this and if I don’t do the needful,It won’t be good for me. So here I am,presenting this piece of writing before you. I would be highly obliged if you guys let me know your opinions regarding this piece. Thank you guys fir commenting and liking on my previous writings. It really means a lot. Your comments are the reason to my happiness. Love you people.

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  1. ParichayHin

    Wow really nice os….
    Words and description of the story is superb.Love is reflecting clearly through character’s monologue…. Really enjoyed it.

  2. Presha

    Loved it..
    Too good..
    Sweet but yeh TEI page pr post nahi hua h..
    Tum TU mai contact kr k isko TEI page pr transfer karao
    Love u…

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