Second chance- A Swasan ts by kashu part 9

Hello friends… Thanks for ur comments on previous part. So, here is the second last chapter. Hope u all will like it….

At MM:
Sanskar came home after dropping Swara. He was very tired by all the happenings of the day. So he straight away went to his room, got freshed and changed into night clothes and went to bed. He was lost in his thoughts…
Sanskar’s POV:
Uffff..It was such a tiring day. So many things happened today which I never thought would happen. I don’t know but I m bit confused about Swara’s behaviour. I m happy that she told the truth, she accepted that it was her fault and she was selfish. But now I am having second thoughts regarding her. How can she change so much suddenly? I think she is again behind me because now I m rich enough. I know that I m not sure but now I think I should not be in hurry to decide anything. I need some time to understand everything…
Sanskar’s POV over
Thinking all this he slept..

On the other hand, Swara was feeling very relieved as if she is free of the burden she was carrying in her heart from past 2 yrs. She was very happy..
Swara’s POV:
I m feeling very happy today..and its all because of Sanskar. He is helping me even after knowing the truth. I have a hope that he will solve all the issues and will make everything like before..I trust him but I know that he would have a doubt about me like how can I change so much, I m behind him because he has money…. But, he dont know about my feelings towards him. I m going to tell him everything, how I missed him till 2 yrs.. How jealous I was feeling when I saw him with his so-called girlfriend..How I fall for him more and more everyday… I m going to tell him everything when the time comes…
Swara’s POV over
Soon she also dozed of with a smile…

Few days passed. In these days, Sanskar had informed about Swara to his family members and even to Swara’s parents. Though at first they all were very angry on her, but somehow Sanskar managed to control their anger. He said them all about Swara’s past…Everything.They realized that afterall Swara is their child and they love her a Lot and they too missed her a lot. They were ready to forgive her. Swara didn’t knew about all this. But something changed between them. Sanskar started to distance himself from Swara as he was not ready to trust her again but he cared for her. And Swara also realized that Sanskar doesn’t trust her and he needs time. So she also controlled her feelings and did not force him to talk with her…

At Office:
Swara was working when Sanskar called her in his cabin. Swara went there and knocked at the door..
Sw: Sir, can I come in??
San: Oh yes Swara, u can come in…

Swara went inside..
Sw: Sir, why have u called me?? Did I made any mistake in the file??
San: Oh no Swara.. I just called u to tell that today after office..Don’t go to NGO. U r going to come with me at my home..

Swara was shocked to listen this..
Sw: But why….How can I come to ur house?? How will ur family react after seeing me…
San:Don’t worry… U just come with me. I will handle everything. Just trust me…
Sw: No Sir…I can’t face them..
San: If u trust me than u have to come…
Sw: Ok..
Saying this she left from there as she knew that there is no point in arguing with him.. But whole day, she was lost in her thoughts. She was very worried.
After some time, Sanskar took Swara and they reached MM:
Swasan were standing at the enterance.
Swara was very afraid to face them but Sanskar hold her hand and said…
San: Relax Swara.. Everything will be fine.
Sw: Hope so Sir..
Sanskar pressed the button of doorbell. He looked at Swara and smiled seeing her tensed face..
Uttara opened the door
Uttu: Hii bhai.. and hello Swara …
Swara didn’t knew what to say so she just smiled..
Uttu: Why r u standing at the door. Plz come inside.
Swara looked at Sanskar with confused expressions. Sanskar took Swara inside..
As soon as they reached the living hall, Swara was shocked to see her family members. She just couldn’t control anymore.. She left Sanskars hand and ran to her dad. She hugged him and started crying.. She somehow composed herself and told to everyone..
Sw: I m so so sorry..
Before, she could complete Swara’s Mom said..
Sharmishta: No need to tell anything.. Sanskar told us everything. But u r such a stupid girl.. Once we said u that we r not going to talk with u.. U left the city.. U r such a mad girl. U could have atleast tried to talk with us.. But just leave al that. We all forgive u..

Swara was ver happy after listening all this. She met everyone and asked sorry again. At last she just went near Sanskar and stood staring him….

So guys done with this part. If u like than comment. And I will post the last part tomorrow.. Till than bye and take care…


  1. veena

    it is good…but how can sanskar forgive swara that easily?i want to see swara suffering..i mean in this ff,i felt like swara’s character is not justified that all r accepting her so easily..she suffered for her own doings..but her family n sanskar suffered bcs of her mistake!still they forgive her😓i loved it…but just want to express my views..sorry if i hurted u😔

    • Kashu



      Hey dear veena..I m really glad that u expressed ur view dear.. And u should not be sorry coz u r right at ur own place. But u know what I seriously am not getting any idea and I dont want to drag the story. So I m ending it in the next part. And thanks for commenting😊😊….

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