Second chance- A Swasan ts by kashu part 8

Hey friends..Thanks for ur lovely comments on previous part. Here is the next part….

It continues from Swara telling her past to Sanskar..
Swara: So I left and came here…After that, I started to live in the NGO and completed my graduation. It took me two years for further studies. During these 2 years, I realised all my mistakes..I realized the true value of having family. I used to feel so much lonely. I know I was such a big mad who thought that money is everything.

While saying this she was having tears in her eyes. But she wiped it away. On other hand, Sanskar was just sitting beside her. He was feeling very confused now as if he don’t know what to do now. But he quitely listened her.

Swara:U know what Sanskar, I belonged to a lower middle class family. We did not even had enough of money to fulfill our wishes. I used to sacrifice so much much for my siblings. So, from my childhood I dreamt of a luxury life…But, now when I look back, I realized that though money is important but it is the love and togetherness of the family members which matters the most. I used to cry every night remembering all the happy moments spent with my family. I really miss them…

Now, tears were rolling down from her eyes which she tried to hold on for too long. Sanskar was feeling bad to see Swara in this state.

Sanskar: Swara..I know its painful for u but all that was done by u only..u destroyed ur life and now there is chance and only u can make everything fine. U know, u can come with me back and I promise that ur family will accept u. I know that Uncle and Aunty are angry with u but they really love u and miss u very much…

Swara was just staring him unbelievably. She was shocked to see him so much concerned about her even after knowing how I betrayed him…

Swara: Sanskar…Can I ask u something??

Sanskar just nodded…

Swara: Why r u doing this?? I mean I did so much bad with u but u r trying to solve my problems…Why??

Sanskar was not knowing what to answer her but now he himself was shocked and confused. He just stared her.
Sanskar: Woh..Woh…..

Swara: Its okay if u dont want to answer..I can understand..

Sanskar: Okay..Its enough for today all the emotional things.. Its too much..Now just stop crying. (He gave his hankerchief to her) So now, Come lets have dinner outside…

Swara: With me??

Sanskar: No with ur bhoot..Stupid girl..Now lets move…

Swara just smiled and they moved towards his car. There was awkward silence in the car. Swara was just staring out of the window lost in the thoughts And Sanskar was driving with a smile. He just remembered about the kiss and thought to tease her…

He cleared his throat to get Swara’s attention. Swara turned towards him.

San: Can I ask u something??

Sw: Yeah..sure

San: Woh.. Woh jo tumne aaj office mai…I mean mera matlab woh office mai jo tumne mere saath kiya…woh q kiya??

Swara was not understanding. She tried to think what had happened in the office.
She got what he was trying to ask..
Swara: U mean that kiss. Can’t u ask directly?? Woh bas aise hi..Tum kavita se baat karre the.. And I was standing there for so long and listening ur bak bak. I felt very angry..Iss liye..I hope u got it.

Sanskar just stopped his car with a jerk and was staring Swara unbelievabely. He was shocked by her response.

Swara: What???

Sanskar just shook his head as no and started driving..While Swara just smiled at his antics…
They reached the hotel and had their dinner. Than Sanskar dropped her inher NGO and left for home…

So done with this part. Hope u all will like it. Please comment if u liked it.
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