Second chance- A Swasan ts by kashu part 7

Hey friends…Thanks for ur lovely comments on previous part. Here, is the next part.

Swara finished her work and had left the office early so that she can relax herself. She was very nervous. Soon, she reached the park and was waiting for Sanskar.
Sanskar, on the other hand was very excited and happy coz he somewhere was aware deep inside of the reason why Swara called him to meet. He knew that Swara had feelings for him and she wants to set everything fine. With a new hope arising in him, he also left for the park…

At park:
Swara was waiting for him in the park. As it was evening time, Swara stood there seeing the sun setting. She was walking here and there calming herself. As it was almost dark, there were not many people in the park. After some time, even Sanskar reached the park. He saw Swara walking here and there and smile at her cute antics, then he went towards her. He called her:

San: Hiii, Miss Gadodiya!!

Swara: Hii…So..So….
(Don’t know what to say further)

San: Relax!! First lets go and sit at that bench..

They both went and got seated on the bench which was at corner of the park.

San: Now listen, See Miss Gadodiya….I want to tell u one thing. Please now dont hide anything. Just note that I m going to be with u, whatever the truth may be. So please, be clear…

Swara took deep breath and calmed herself.
Then she started telling…
Sw: Thank u Sanskar…And I m going to tell u everything…
U know Sanskar, it was my dream from childhood to get married to a rich man who could provide me with a luxury life. But when I got to know that our family members had fixed our marriage, I was not happy because u was not rich. U and I were very good friends but U belonged to a middle class family. So, I thought to run away before marriage. And to my luck, Sahil proposed me right before the marriage. So, I thought to get married to him as he was well setteled and belonged to a rich family.

Saying this, she looked at Sanskar who was staring her unbelievabely…
San: Please continue…

Sw: Then we got married, but after few days of marriage Sahil showed his true colours. He used to trouble me everyday. He just married me to make his ex gf jealous..We used to fight a lot. So at last I divorced him. Then I left that city and shifted here…

Swara again looked at Sanskar who was little bit angry.
San: I know all this Swara…But after leaving him u could have returned to your family. Why did u left the city?? It was such a foolish decision made by you…

Swara was shocked after listening that he knew what she has said..but answered his question…
Sw: After my divorce, I called my parents..But they were not even ready to talk with me. So I had no other option…I thought to leave everything behind and start my life again. So I left and came here….

So guys, done with this part. If u liked it than please comment. Now, only 3 more parts are left. So will try to complete it soon.
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  1. pravee

    Kashu no one will accept a girl ike she fall in love wirmth sanskar just because he is rich now

    • Kashu



      Hey dear pravee..who told u that Sanskar is gonna accept her..I would just like to tell u that wait till the last part to know how the story will end…there is a twist ahead…If u want Keep reading!!

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