Second chance- A Swasan ts by kashu part 5

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Swara reached her NGO and straight away went to her room. Sanskar also reached there but was stopped outside only. Though Sanskar insisted many times to meet Swara, he wasn’t allowed to even enter inside the NGO. Sanskar was very angry but having no other option, he left from there and reached MM. When he was climbing the stairs, Uttara stopped him.

Ut: So bhai, lets straight away come to the point. What r u trying to do??

(Sanskar didn’t understood what she is trying to say.)
Sa: What do u mean uttu?? What m trying to do??

Ut: Bhai, I m talking about Swara. I know that she is working as ur PA in ur office. So what is going on??

San(shocked): How do u know all this??

Utt: when I was cleaning ur room, I found Swara’s file…

San: Oh..okk. Come to my room, I will explain u everything.

Soon, Sanskar explained her everything. Uttara was very happy to know about Swara as once they both were best of friends.
San: Uttu, I really love her and I want her back…Will u help me??

Utt: Ofcourse bhai, infact I have a plan.
(Uttu told him the plan) Toh bhai, how is my Idea??.

San: Its awesome, but from where will we bring my girlfriend??

Utt: U don’t worry, tomorrow she will come in ur office.

San: Means u know the girl?? U know what uttu, I love u sooo much.

Utt: I love u too bhai.( She hugged Sanskar) Okay, now have ur dinner and sleep well. Good night. And more thing, Stop blushing bhai.
Saying this she ran away from there while Sanskar stood smiling…
Sanskar’s POV:
Wow yaar, I m so happy today. Uttu gave me such a great idea. Now u see Swara, how u urself will come and me the truth. I m eagerly waiting for that day.
Sanskar’s POV ends.

Swara was laying on her bed:
Swara’s POV:
I don’t know why I m so confused about Sanskar. Sometimes, I feel like I should tell him and confess my love, but I know that he does not love me. So, I think I should tell him everything and be ready to face whatever comes.
Thinking all this she slept.

Next day at office:
Whole day Swara was trying to talk to Sanskar, but he was avoiding her. Swara was feeling very bad, but on other side, Sanskar was enjoying seeing Swara so much restless. At evening, when Swara was leaving the office, she saw Sanskar in the parking area. She was shocked to see his state. Sanskar was hugging a girl.
Swara thought she was dreaming. So she rubbed her eyes to check whether Sanskar was really there or not..
Swara’s POV:
Oh!! I m totally shocked to see Sanskar hugging that girl. But who is that girl? And why Sanskar is meeting her in parking area ?? I really dont know what is happening.. I will go and ask him only..
POV ends

Swara went towards Sanskar. Swara saw that Sanskar was standing with a girl. She was wearing black crop top and red short skirt.Sanskar saw her coming towards them, he smirks and holds the hand of the girl.
Sanskar (Said while hesitating): Oh hiii, Miss Gadodiya. What r u doing here?

Swara: Woh sir, I was passing by from here. Then I saw u here so came.

Sanskar: Oh…ok!! Let me introduce u both. Swara, she is Kavita… was shocked to here this) and Kavita, she is Swara, My PA…

Kavita smiled at Swara. Swara too smiled back sarcastically.
Swara: Sir, I think I should leave.

Saying this she left. And Sanskar and Kavita started laughing. On the other side, Swara was utterly shocked. She pinched herself to see whether she is dreaming or no. She thought…
Swara’s POV:
Oh God, What I Heard!! Sanskar is having GF. I can’t believe this. But she is so beautiful. But how could Sanskar do this?? He was hugging her, holding her hands… When we were about to get married he never did all this with me…He has changed so much. Swara, what the hell r u thinking. Have u lost it.?? He has moved on. So, stop thinking about him.
POV ends.

Swara took the cab an went to NGO. She had her dinner and went to her room. Whole night she was only thinking about Sanskar and Kavita. She was feeling very irritated.

On the other hand, Sanskar was enjoying all this.
Sanskar’s POV:
Oh God!! I m actually enjoying seeing Swara so restless. How she was shocked when she heard Kavita was my Gf. How she smiled sarcastically seeing her. It was so hard for me to control my laughter. But one thing is sure that uttu’s plan is working. Enough Sanskar, now sleep!! Tomorroww again u have to trouble Swara..
Thinking all this he slept with a smile on his face…

So guys, done with this part. Hope u all will like it. Please if u r liking it than do comment. Both positive and negative comments are most welcome. Bye and take care…


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    Awesome and nice to sabne bol Diya so from my side it’s fabulous😘😘😘

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    Aww my swara is jealous and sanky is teasing her. Not bad. Hope their love story will bloom soon and swara will tell him about her past. Post soon

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