Second chance- A Swasan ts by kashu part 4

Hey friends, I m so sorry for posting it late. Actually, I got hurt on my right hand so it was difficult to type..So here is the next chapter….

Next morning….
Sunrays fell on Swara’s face disturbing her peaceful sleep which she had got after a long time. Rubbing her eyes slowly, finally she got up. She was feeling some unknown happiness and she was very excited to meet Sanskar. So she got up and got ready, had her breakfast and left for office…

On the other side, Sanskar was ready and sitting on the dining table all lost in his thoughts…
Sanskar’s POV:
Think Sanskar think!! What can I do?? I have to make everything fine.. But first of all, I think I should tell Shekhar Uncle about Swara….No, I think I should first ask her that why she did not returned to her home after divorce?? I am hell confused…Oh Man!! One day I will become mad because of her…Okay, first I will talk with her and then decide what to do??
Sanskar’s POV ends

Soon he came out of his Thoughts listening to the laughing sounds of his family members. He finished his breakfast, wished everyone and left for office..

At office, whenever Swara entered in Sanskar’s cabin, he tried tried to talk to her about the past, but she smartly avoided the topic. She was not ready to tell him anything.
At evening, most of the office got empty as the employees left. But, Swara was still working. She was having some problem in completing one file, so she went to Sanskar’s cabin. She knocked at the door.

Sanskar: Yes, come in.

Swara: Woh sir, I actually had some doubts about this file, So could u please see it??

(Sanskar nodded. Swara showed him the file. He explained her about the mistakes.)

Sanskar: I hope now ur doubts are clear…

Swara: Yes Sir,

Sanskar: Okay, so now its my turn. I also have many doubts and only u can clear it.

Swara understood what he is trying to say. So she again tried to avoid it.

Swara: Sir, I am getting late. I should leave.
(She turned to leave but Sanskar hold her wrist and turned her to face him. Swara was shocked to see his behaviour)

Swara: Sir, what r u doing? Please, leave me.

Now it was enough for Sanskar. He twisted her wrist more tightly. She was shouting in pain.But Sanskar didn’t cared. He started shouting at her.

Sanskar: Are u mad Swara? Why are u avoiding me? From morning I m trying to talk to u but u r behaving in such rude manner. I just don’t understand why u have so much attitude??Would u now like to answer me???

(By now, Swara was having tears in her eyes. But she knew that she is not going to answer him. So she also started shouting)
Swara: Sanskar, why don’t u understand that I m not at all interested to talk about it. I m not tell u anything. I hope u get it.

Saying this, she jerked off his hand and ran from there. She went to her desk, collected her things and left the office. As soon as Swara came out of the office, she sat on the bench near by and started crying.
Swara’s POV:
I m sorry Sanskar…I m really really Sorry. I can’t tell u anything right now. Because I know if u will know the truth u will leave me once again. And right now, I m not ready to face heartbreak again.

Swara’s words were loud enough and it was heard by Sanskar. He had seen her running out of office. So he followed her. But now he was very hurt to see Swara in this state.

Soon, Swara stopped crying, relaxed herself and took taxi and went to NGO. Sanskar also took his car and followed Swara cause he knew today he is going to solve all misunderstandings between them…

So guys, if u r liking the story than please comment. Both positive and negative comments are welcomed. And if u want me to change the plot than please do tell me. Bye…


  1. Mars


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    Amazing dear just loved it. I hope everything get clear between swasan.
    Continue soon
    Thanks and take care of yourself.

  2. AbrahamEzra


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    This is not fair yaar. Its too short. Anyways the epi was awesome. And plss post next one. Hope our hand is completely fine now. Take care

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