Second chance- A Swasan ts by kashu part 10

Hello friend… First of all thank u so much for ur comments on previous part. I know that this ff was not that much nice as I wrote something for the first time, but still u all read and commented on it. Really speaking, I thought I would get only 4 or 5 comments on my this ff but I got unbelievable response.. Thank u so much. So, this is the last chapter. Hope u all will like it..

At MM:
Swara stood there staring Sanskar with tears in her eyes… She just wanted to tell him about her feelings to Sanskar. She was just searching an opportunity to talk with him alone but all family members were busy enjoying. After some time they all had their dinner and they were busy chatting with each other in the drawing room. Swara was just standing at the corner not believing how her life changed within minutes. She got all her happiness because of Sanskar. She messaged him..’Sir, could u plz meet me alone. I want to talk with u’.

Sanskar’s phone beeped. He took out his phone and read the message and smile at Swara who was looking at him. He gestured her to follow him. Sanskar went towards the garden attached with the balcony followed by him. They setteled at the chairs kept in the balcony. Swara tried to initiate the talk…
Sw: woh Sir.. I mean Sanskar.. I don’t know why u did this? I betrayed u but still u did so much for me? I don’t how should I return u all this back. Thank u.. Thank u for everything….
San: No need to thank me Swara. I just helped u afterall we r friends, right??
Sw: Just friends??
San: what do u mean?

Swara finally took a deep breath and calmed herself and said:
Sw: Don’t u know what I mean?

Sanskar dont know what to say…
San: Woh Swara.. I
Sw: u don’t need to say anything. I know what u think about me.. But I want to tell u something. I can tell na???
Sanskar just nodded his head as yes

Sw: Ohk.. So I would straight away say u.. I love u… Yes, I love u verrrrryyyy much. U know what, when I left u and married that mad I thought I would get all the happiness but I was very wrong. When I was in that phase, I completely reslized that money can not buy happiness, love and respect. After divorcing him, I realized ur importance in my life. I started falling for u. But that time, I didn’t knew we will ever meet again. Its the sign of universe that we met again. We got a second chance to be together. So We should accept it. And about ur gf, I know it was ur plan.

Sanskar was just sitting there with confused face dont know what to say. Finally he thought to clear all the things. Swara was just sitting there with a hope in her..
San: See Swara, I think u know that I have feelings for u. But let me be clear, I don’t trust u. Its true that first I wanted u back in my life but now I m not sure about it. I know my words have hurted u but its truth and I can’t deny it.

Swara was now having tears in her eyes. She got the biggest shock of life. She never accepted this ans from him. She didn’t knew what to say. She was just staring him with tears rolling down.
Sankar was feeling sad seeing her in this state but he was not knowing what to do further.
San: See Swara, plz stop crying. I know u r hurted. I m sorry Swara. So sorry.
Sw: U don’t need to be sorry Sanskar. U r absolutely right at ur own place. I know its my punishment and I m ready to accept it. But I want to say u one thing that in I m not going to leave u so easily. I will keep troubling u till u accept me. Is that fine with u.
She said with a smile.

Sanskar too smiled at her and said.
San: U know what whenever I feel that u I can trust u completely, I will accept u but till than plz don’t do any stupid things like this in future..
Sw: Yeah sure..

Later, they went and started enjoying and chatting with their families. Swara was very sad but she have full hope that Sanskar will accept her some day. And Sanskar was knowing that one day he will surely accept her but he needs time…

Swara’s Pov:
I know that Sanskar u r not going to accept me easily but I will make u fall for me again. So from today, ‘Sanskar Manao Mission’ starts….

So guys the last part is over. And there is one request to u all, if u have read the ff than plz comm coz I just want to know how many of u have read it. Love u all. And haa I will try to write my next ff in a far better way. Please do read it….
Tille than bye and take care…


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    Hey Kashu , hope you remember me i have commented on two chappies then i ask for links but you don’t know how to send then i also got i picked up all links and finally read.

    All the chappies were just fantabulous.Loved it each and everything.

    Love yaa SwaSan

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