Hello guyz i dont kno but i feel lyk m better in writing one shots πŸ˜› so here is an other os hope you like it too…
“Oh god thAt girl is crazy” this was my first reaction when i saw her first….i still rember that day she was student of masters final year n i was the guest speaker….while entering in the college she collided her car with mine…i was fuming in anger …i steped out of car and look at her and her car by the time she has parked her car n was coming towards me i said”cant you see u hv collided ur second hand cheap car with my brand new audi” i keep on insulting her n she just said ” try to find happiness in moments n memories value them more rather than things” i couldnt say anything i was numb for a min that why she said that to me….the whole day i was thinking about her n was wondering about her after my speech i was waiting for her near her car i punchured the two tyres n i want her to come with me in my car i dont knwo wether it was love at first sight or revenge at first sight but i just want to kno her deeper….n finally may wait has over she came she saw the tyres then at me i was hell shocked to hear her reaction she just said-itz ok m nt angry at you….if u want u can punchure the other two tyres also( then she smiled n hire an auto n left) ….she again gave me a shock….at night i was wondering why she behave like this is she behave lyk this with everyone or m special…..then suddenly a past memory flashes in my mind n i again lost in my thoughts….its been monthes i hv met her but that small interaction changed smthng in me….i strted living life i started living life not only breathing i am living…i hv hired a detective to kno more about her n i came to kno about her bitter past ….how after her father’s sudden deth her uncle has thrown her mother n sister out….her sis loves a guy n he has ditched her after playng with her dignity…she has sufferd alot she went in depression n fight back with depression all by herself….i feel so inferior i was so wrong i value money always but she value the pepole most….i use to wait for her outside her college n slowly we became frnds…then best frnds…one day i told her about my passion for writing n she asked me to write bt i refuse to write as in past in hv bitter experince she said “u should try again afterall LIFE IS ALL ABOUT SECOND CHANCE” her words touched my heart so much i decided to write but only aftet when i propose her for marriage….i called her n ask her to meet me nxt day at 11 …i was waiting for her ..i waited ….waited…n waited i was wondering what happend to her i asked her the reason for not comng she told me she is out of town n will be back by next week…i waited for a week bt then again she didnt come i called her bt she didnt pic thought she might be bzy in preprating for her exams…i was her exam i was waiting outside her college she didnt come..i became restless…i use to wait for her in all her exams bt she didnt come…many thoughts were running in my mind what happnd to her? Is she alright? Then i jerkd the thoughts n said to Myself she will be alright sanskar dont worry…then on the day of convocation i went to her colg n confrnt her frnds abt her …their answer snached my world…they said she passed two monthes ago….i was numb i dont kno what to say how to react…tears started falling off my eyes as if they want to console me….i drove straight to her house i talked with her mum n sis they were shattered they told me she was suffering from a desise which cant be cured hence she died…i asked them to shift to my place …bt they refused to go i somehow covence thrm to come with me….her sis ragini handed a letter to me n told me that she asked her to give that leter to me when i come to her home….i took her mum n sis with me…her sis become my sis n her mum become my mum i felt complete after having them in my life as hv never experinced luv of family being an orphan…but today i hv everything i hv mum i hv a loving sis ….but s.thng is missing..that YOU …i gatherd some courage n atlast read her letter γ€Šdear sanskar…m sorry bt i hv to go n i kno u luv me n i also luv u alot ….i kno u hv come to my house n hv takrn ma n ragini with u….(sanskar was shocked to read tis…hiw she knoes)….dont be shocked i kno u better than u kno urself…achha leave it so now u hv a family u hv a mum u hv a sis sanskar….value them…life has once snached ur family but now its giving u ur family back u lno y cz LIFE IS ALL ABOUT SECOND CHANCE now stop crying n promise me u will give ur Passion a second chancs ,you will give ur luv a second chance…..you will move on…love u
Sanskar’s swara”

I was in tears reading this bt only cz of her m now a human n leading a happy life….she is missing but she is in my heart n will be forever”
He felt a hand on his shoulder n smile n say”roshini tum”
Roshini- kya sanskar aap aj b ro rhe ho…swara kya sochegi k mai apni pati ko rulati hoon(keeps a pout)
Sanakar-ummm she will think that m nt a goid hubby thats y my swwmeet wifey always makes faces(laughs)
Roshini-sanskar u r too much i will not talk to u(angry)
Sanskar hug her frm back n kissed her cheeks in the mean tym shomi come n says ahemm if u r done with ur romance can we leve its too late …
Roahini- yes maa we are coming..

γ€ŠToday islaunch of sanskar fir book”SECOND CHANCE” after swara’s death he moved on he gave his life a second chance…he marry roshini n luvs her ….he has now a complete family a loving wife…caring mum…naughty sis…just because he has given his life a second chance….never give up try for second time you will win》

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  1. hey meher… dear u r jusst amazing writer dear…..
    u r stories r damn emotional…
    stop making me cry each n evry time….. lol…
    bt seriously… keep smiling..
    n keep writing…

  2. amazing.Loved it

  3. Aapki story bht achhi h bilkul ko heart touch kr dene wali

  4. It’s just superb……UR all one shots r fantastic I love ur one shots…….I love the way u describe ur all emotions nd strong in just one shot loved it……….Im a big fan of ur one shots

  5. Amazing…

  6. I m crying really plz don’t make any one of them 2 die its my request

  7. i am just speechless.it touched my heart.

  8. emotion …
    very nice ..

  9. Why always swara suffers in ur ff
    it was heart touching

    1. Next to next tym sanskar will suffer (lol) πŸ™‚ πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰ well i was joking nthng lyk that …..thnk you for support

  10. A really heart touching story yaar!!!!! And ya even ur previous os incomplete sage was awesome….loved it yaar and really ur very good at writing one shot!!!!!

  11. Awesome yrrr its amazing

  12. That was a sad but cute love story

    Love you ??

  13. But plzz write somewhat happy OS rather than sad ones..it’s a gud one..but plz write a jolly..happie..ns romantic OS ..!

    1. I promise next os will be a happy go lucky os n thnx for apreciatng

  14. Too good and the moral was really nice. “Time waits for no one so we have to move on. Not for us but for our loved ones. Everyone have a bitter past but only we can make our present , future sweet by giving it a second chance to heal. SO LIVE THE LIFE.”

  15. Awesum yaar..yess..LIFE IS ALL ABOUT A SECOND CHANCE…awesum…

  16. It is awesome…I loved it..keep writing…

  17. it was awesome please write another one also

  18. Tank you guyz for supporting me n encouraging me…n i intentionly dont write emotional stuff itz just a random thought that converts in os…..
    Again thank you it means alot to me

  19. Nice not totally swasan but swara’s understanding she knows sanskar so well wow true love

    1. Tnku actually I want to show case two mature relationships one is of swasan n other is of rosan…. N thanks ?

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