Hi guys. I am a silent reader and a heart core fan of ragsan.
So this is a RAGSAN ff. But there are few things I want to make clear
1. this would initially start as raglak ff.

2. entry of sanskaar would be only after few chapters
3. the story has no connection with the actual one
4. there is no swara in this ff

so now I would be giving an intro of the characters.
(note: there would be two intros. The second one would be after a few chapters.)

INTRO —- 1

One of the top 5 businessman in the world. A loving husband and a caring father. Can go to any extent for his only daughter. Has his business base in London and is continuously expanding his business.
Loves his wife and daughter to the core. Had been settled in London even before he was married.

Wife of SG. She used to work along with SG but started restricting herself to the household once her daughter was born and later completely stood out of business world since her husband and daughter are looking after it.
Sweet, caring and loving wife and mother. Loves her daughter very much.

The only daughter of SG & JG. Sweet, bubbly and loves her parents very much.
Had been in Scotland doing her BBA. She had also managed their business there along with her studies. Now shifted back to London and had planned to do her MBA there itself.
Talented, a good dancer, plays the violin, a great explorer, chirpy, above all a great prankster. But very down to earth and makes friends with everyone easily.

Rich spoilt brat. Handsome, dashing, young man. A flirt. Stays in London inorder to complete his graduation. Stays alone as his parents are in New York. Studying MBA ,had done BBA from the same college.

(more info about the characters as the story proceeds.)

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  1. Megha123

    Amazing waitingfor it

  2. Ragsan

    Wow thanks fors ragsan ???

  3. Ragz_teju

    Nice keep writing

  4. Ragsan

    Cant wait for first part and vors sanskaars Entry ???

    1. Atharya

      Sanskaar would enter only after 8/ 9 chapters

  5. Superb one

  6. Hemalattha


  7. Thanks for keeping it Ragsan and giving importance only to Ragini and not swara. Update soon?

    1. Amazing intro….
      Update Soon
      And Good wishes for ur ff…
      Lots of love dear???????????

  8. Sherin

    nizz intro…seems interesting and thnx for ragsan….the sweetest cutest couple…

  9. AMkideewani

    Awesome thanks for Ragsan, they’re so cute?

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  11. Love this ff

  12. Super cool intro yaaar….. N rags charecter is jst amaznggg!!!! Post d episodes ASAP plzzzz….keeep rockng dea n stay blessed???

    1. Atharya

      I had already posted the 1 mst chapter but it is not uploaded yet
      Tnx for liking it

  13. Sreevijayan

    Woow..a ragsan ff…

    Great start dear…loved it….

  14. loved it

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