Second Chance (characters)

Siddharth Arora: a rude and arrogant businessman. He is the eldest son of Shashank and Neeta Arora. Recently got married to Sneha Verma. Only uses women as tissue paper and has many flings. Age: 27 years.
Sneha Arora: a very shy and traditional 20 year old girl. Belongs to a very conservative family. Her mother left her with her cruel father and his family when she was born. She is very fragile and easily gets scared. Recently got married to Siddharth Arora as a part of business deal between the two families.

Manik Arora: Step- brother of Siddharth Arora. Illegitimate son of Shashank Arora which is why hated by Neeta. Despite all the hatred he receives, he finds reasons to stay happy. His father and brother hate him but he loves them. Recently returned from London after completing his studies. Forms a good bond with Sneha. Age: 22 years.
Shashank Arora: Father of Siddharth and Manik. Loves Siddharth and hates Manik. A very money minded businessman.

Neeta Arora: Wife of Shashank and mother of Siddharth. Hates Manik from the core of her heart. Always finds reasons to hurt him. Hates Sneha too because she is not the one she chose for her son. Tortures Sneha a lot after marriage.

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