Inside Sanskaar’s room

Sanskaar was getting ready infront of the mirror. suddenly he gets a call and he sees the number and picks it up.

S: hello, tani

T: hey bro

S: what made to you call me in the morning itself.

T: bhai, u had reached the college na. bcoz I’m on my way and will reach within 15 minutes after picking up Nayna. I’m so excited….

s: WHAT! u are excited about going to college, vho bhi this early. teri thabiyath tho teek haina.

S: stop pulling my leg sanky.

and don’t tell me u haven’t started.

S: nope. but what is so special that I need to be there this early?

T: arre sanky, this is the first day of our second yr classes. which means…… we are not juniors anymore. we have become seniors from today. and the most important part, we will get to rag the new comers. It will be so much of fun.

S: oh haan . how can I forget that? I’ll be there within no time. ok bye..

T: yeah bye

S(looking into the mirror): juniors here we come.

he then descends down the stairs and sit to have breakfast. he eats 2 rotis and starts to prepare to leave.

DP&AP: Sanskaar, finish ur bf first.

S: oh mom, actually I’m in a hurry. have to reach college fast. If I feel hungry I’ll eat from the canteen. ok now bye. (he hugs both ap and dp and kisses ap on her cheek and leaves)

AP: Arre par….
yeh ladka bhi na

DP: chodonna Annapurna. this is his tym to enjoy and let him do that.

AP: u r the one spoiling him.

DP: oh ho….. jaane dho na.
(he hugs her and leaves for office)

@ RSA college

BMW comes inside the parking area and Sanskar gets out of 8 wearing a black jeans and the navy blue shirt taking off his sunglasses. all the girls were staring at him and was roaming around him just to get his attention. without saying much heed to them he walks on and waves his hands towards a boy and a girl who were coming upto him.

boy: Sanskar you are late.
we have been waiting here since the past half an hour.

S: chillax Tani. It’s just because of traffic.

T: but you could have started early na. and…..

girl(interrupting): come on guys…. stop it

T: but Nayna

N: I said stop it. there is no point in fighting here. come let’s head inside.

T(annoyed): fine. come lets go.

he started walking leaving the both of them behind.
Sanky hugged Nayna

S: thank you so much…. or else he might have eaten me raw..

N: dosti mein no tnk u no sry

then both smiled at eo.

T: now what are you people waiting for? come let’s go.
( the trio then heads in)

meanwhile a stylish Jaguar comes into the parking lot and Ragini comes out of it wearing a thigh length floral dress in navy blue colour with black print on it. many boys were seen staring at her qnd even the girls were doing the same. she looks around the college and lets out a sigh. she didn’t had any particular expression on her face. she started to walk towards the corridor searching for the deans office.

just then she heard someone calling out ” hey u, the one in the blue dress. come here.” she looked around and started to move but was again caught by the same voice calling ” here. come here.”

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