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today I will introduce sanskaar (finally). And ha from today I will indicate S for Sanskaar and SG for Shekhar inorder to avoid the confusion.

one week later
@ Mumbai international airport

SG & JG comes to the airport and as Shekhar gets out of the car people surround him, especially the media and started asking him questions. then JG tells him that it is better he stays in itself and she would go and bring Ragu and SG nods in agreement reluctantly.

A girl comes out of the airport entrance wearing a white crop top and denim shorts. she took off her sunglasses and her eyes were searching for someone and it halted at a particular spot and she gently walks upto there and hugged the lady saying missed you mumma.
she is Ragini and the lady was JG.

J(excitedly): missed you too Ragu.

R: mumma where is dad?

J: he is in the car. actually you know people surround him for their usual questionnaires. so I asked him to stay inside the car itself.

R: oh! ok then lets move.

saying so, she picked up her luggage and started moving, just then JG holds her by her hand.

J: Ragu, is there anything wrong. u seem so dull.

R: nothing mumma, its just that I am a bit tired after the journey.

J: pakka na, bcoz u don’t seem to be my usual chirpy Ragu.

R: no mumma, I’m perfectly fine. come lets move.

they reached the car where SG was waiting for them and when Ragini entered he gave her a tight hug.

SG: oh I missed you so much my baby doll.

R: me too dad.

SG: Ragu, is there anything bothering u . I mean

J(interrupting): Shekhar, its nothing like that. she is just tired after the journey.

JG assures him through her eyes. then, they drove off.
after sometime, they reached the Gadodia House(GH) and Ragini was led to her room. She rested for some time and then came down for dinner. she didn’t even speak in the dining table so Shekhar started the conversation.

SG: princess, I have done ur admission in RSA college from 2nd yr. the classes for the next academic year starts from tomorrow (Ragini nods) . If you want u could join from next week onwards.

R: no, I will join from tomorrow itself.

later they talked or better to say SG and JG tried to converse with their daughter and Rags replied everything in a word or two and rarely a complete sentence.
after dinner Ragini went to her room and took out a book from her bag and started reading it until there was a knock at the door and JG appeared. she came in and sat beside Ragini.

J: omg, Ragini and books. from when have you started reading books?
(Ragini smiled)
JG then asks concerned: princess are you alright? bcoz u have been behaving weird.

R: I’m fine Mumma.

J: but you don’t seem so. the girl who can never keep quiet, who always had a smile on her face, who was the most jovial person I have ever known, who hates being alone and never turns up to read books, is now doing these.what happened to you beta?

R: nothing mumma u r just overreacting. I’m perfectly fine.

J: Ragu, beta phir bhi, just remember , we are there for you and……

before she could complete a fully frustrated Ragini bursted out
R: I am not a kid anymore mumma, I know how to handle myself . so please stop pestering me like this. give me my private space and let me be alone for sometime.

JG had tears in her eyes and she walks out crying and reached upto her room where an eager Shekhar was waiting for her.

SG: jaanu, what did she tell?? u talked to her, right? vho teek haina?
arre, jaanu why r u crying.?

J: I don’t know Shekhar, something is really bothering our princess and for the first time in her life she shouted at me.

SG: what! Ragu shouted at u ? but….

before he could complete , Ragini enters the room with her head bowed down and she hugs both of her parents and cries and says sorry to them. they gave her time to cry her heart out and even they cried along with her.

after a few minutes

R: I’m really sorry mumma, I shouldn’t have talked to you like that.

J: its ok beta.

R: Mumma, Dad. I wanna tell you both that many things have changed during this 1 yr. actually I have changed a lot in this 1 years and I am afraid I will not be able to tell you or explain to u the reason behind this change. I need time to come out of it and I hope you would never question me about it . I’m not even sure whether you’d be able to get your old Ragu back. please try and understand.

SG: its ok beta, but always remember we are always there for you by your side . you could tell us anything and everything whenever you feel without any hesitation because we are your parents and we understand you.

R: Dad, I needed a change of environment, that is what made me shift to India and also I was thinking of joining college from 2morrow itself

SG: I understand princess. ok now stop all these rona dhona and lets sleep.
Ragu u go da ur room, tomorrow is a big day for you.

R: dad, mumma kya mein aaj aap donom ke saath so sakthi hoon?

J: why not. Even I was thinking the same.

SG: if things are settled, then can we sleep

J: haan haan

rags smiles and the trio slept in the same room.

next day

@ maheswari mansion (MM)

AP is doing pooja and DP is standing beside her. she then gives the aarti to dp and both smiles.

AP: hey bagwan, ye ladka bhi na. he haven’t woken up till now. wait I will call him.

DP: u wait, I will go and check on him.
DP then goes towards a room , where inside a boy was sleeping peacefully spreading his hands and legs on the bed with the blanket partially covering him. DP goes near him and wispers in his ears

DP: Sanskaar, wake up or else ur hitler mom is gonna come here.

S(sleepy tone): but dad, Just 5 minutes. pls

DP: nope

S: 4 minutes

DP: no

S: 3 minutes. plssss

DP: I said no

S: ok then 2 minutes. pls pls plsssssss.

DP: ok fine

after 2 minutes there was a splash of water which hit Sanskaar’s face due to which he gets up with a jerk almost shouting.

S: dad, what was that??

DP: ur 2 minutes are over.

S: but dad….

DP: no but vut. now go and get ready. u have to go to ur college or have forgotten that? ur 2nd yr classes are starting today.

S: yeah dad, u may leave now. I will come down after freshening up.

DP: hmmm fine . come fast.

S: yeah

saying this dp goes out and Sanskaar heads to the washroom.

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