@ London

A New Sunrise with new hopes and new dreams. but the room which used to be filled with laughter and happiness is in a complete mess today. everything is lying shattered on the floor.
A phone bell is heard and Ragini, in the corner of the room with her head covered with the hands who was cuddled on the floor like a baby gets up with a jerk and slowly lifts her phone and sees that her mumma is calling her and that there were already 3 missed calls from her earlier. wiping off her tears, she attended the call.

J: hello Ragu, where have you been and why weren’t u picking up my calls?
since ur first yr classes r over, u might be having ur vacations, right?? so as usual u would be completely busy with ur office works till ur classes starts again after 2 weeks right??
hello …. Ragu…… r u there? r u listening to me?

R (cracking voice): haan mumma. I am listening.

J: Ragu….. why do u sound dull? kuch hua hai kya? and why weren’t u picking up my calls?

R(holding her tears): nothing mumma.
aur mein kal ke party ke baath dhak gayi di tho so gayi and I didn’t notice ur calls till now. nothing else.

J: pakka na, koyi problem nahi hain.

R: no mumma. par aap donom ko zaroorath se zyada miss kar rahi hoon.
Mumma, dad hai wahan pe?

J: yup. he is getting ready for a meeting. you wanna talk to him. wait. I will hand over the phone to him.
Shekhar, see our doll wanna talk to you. come fast.

Shekhar comes rushing down.

S: gimme the phone
hello Ragu. beta. how are you? are u missin your dad?

R: yea dad, aap donom ko bohot miss kar rahi hoon. mann chahtha hai ki abhi vahan aa jao.
(she pauses for a while and after thinking something)
Dad, kya mein India aa sakthi hoon? I mean bakhi ki padaayi vahan karu. bcoz it’s quite lonely out here and since I had completed my first year, I could continue from the second yr. pls dad.
and I am sure Alex could handle the business here for 2 yrs till I complete my MBA and we come back from India and don’t worry I’ll supervise everything from India itself.
pls dad pls

S: Ragu…… till date, had tere been any case where I had denied u or said a no to u.
u just pack ur bags. I’ll book tickets for u for a date after 10 days and I will also ask Alex to complete all the formalities in ur college regarding ur transfer. and in these 10 days u’ll also get time for coordinating the office works and all.

R: tnk u dad, tnk u so much.
ok then, bye.

S: bye
(to Janki) Ragu wants to come to India and complete her course here. so she will be coming in 10 days. she was saying that she felt lonely there but she had stayed in Scotland all alone for few years. don’t know why , but I felt something strange in her behaviour. she seemed dull. there was no energy, happiness or enthusiasm in her voice.

J: I felt that too. but now that she is coming here , then we will get to know what it is.
anyways, u should get going now or else u would be late for the meeting.

S: yeah. bye

he pecks her forehead and leaves.

@ London

R( to herself): its better if I stay away from here for sometime, till I’ll be able to come out of this trauma. each and every moment here is killing me. within 2 yrs dad’s business in India will get settled and my course will also be complete. by then Laksh will have also left the place. If not then I will shift to Scotland for handling the business there, as I don’t wanna take a risk of encountering him ever again in my life. and these 10 days I will engage myself with so much of work, that I don’t get time to think of anything else.
But why am I getting a strong instinct that this journey is gonna change my life forever……


a stylish black limo arrives in front of a multi stored office building. SG gets out of it and sees the name board — maheswari industries
(see in the previous chappy I had mentioned about a meeting that SG had to attend).
he gets inside and the receptionist leads him to the conference hall.

S: I’m really sorry u had to wait for me mr. maheswari

DP: oh it’s absolutely fine sir.

S: well, actually I was conversing with my daughter who is in London right now due to which I got late or else I’m a man of punctuality.

DP: Even I have heard of it sir and its fine.

S: so, lets start with the meeting.

after the meeting

S: I’m really impressed and I would like to deal with you.

DP( happily): its an honour sir that my company could do business with you, atleast with one among ur different sectors.

S: don’t call me sir since we are business associates now and my daughter used to say that there shouldn’t be any hierarchy among people as all are humans. so, u could call me Shekhar, mr. maheswari

DP: in that case you could call me DP.

both then shakes hands and then signs the contract papers and then heads out of the conference hall.

S: so, dp since we r business associates now, i would like to know u better. so, lets just have a chat over a cup of coffee.

DP: sure, lets sit in my cabin

they then started talking about themselves

S: so, u have a son . is he ur only son.

DP: Yeah, Sanskaar. currently he is doing his 2nd yr MBA from RSA college

S: even I am having a single child- a daughter – Ragini.
currently she is staying in London and studying in ABC college, and also she is the one handling my business there. but she ws telling that she was missing us and she wants to shift here with us until we all return back to London in a couple of years.

DP: Looks like you love ur daughter very much bcoz since the start u were always talking about her.

S: yeah, she is my princess.
vaise, dp could u suggest me the best college in Mumbai for MBA so that I could enroll her there from the 2nd yr batches.

DP: RSA is the most reputed business college in Mumbai, in fact in India and even my son studies there. If u want I could help you enroll her there.

S: that would be really nice of you. I will send you all the necessities by tomorrow.

DP: Yeah

SG looks towards his watch and exclaimed: oh its really late. I had promised my wife that I will take her out to purchase for Ragini.
I will have to leave now. bye. I will mail you the certificates.

DP: yeah sure bye

then SG leaves and he takes JG out on shopping and buys everything according to their dolls wishes.

sorry guys I know its boring but this was necessary and don’t worry sanky will enter in next chapter.

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