days were passing by and the lovebirds were lost in eo. once there was a party held in connection with the silver jubilee celebration of their college held towards the end of the academic year.
Laksh was already there in his formals. he then noticed Rags coming in a shoulder less black gown with her hair in a bun with few strands dangling in front of her face. he ws totally mesmerised to see her. he held her hand and dragged her to a corner.

L: u luk gorgeous
( rags blushes)

Laksh holds her hand and pulls her closer and held her by her waist and whispered in her ear

L: save some blush for some more time u have a surprise to go through.

R( excitedly): what surprise? tell na

L: arre, then it won’t be a surprise anymore. so, have patience my lady love.

saying this lucky pecks on rags cheek and leave while rags stood there wondering about the surprise.

@ the party

host: hello everybody. why nit make this party more energetic. lets have a dance competition. so, everybody just grab ur partner and burn the stage. the pair who dances till the end without interruption will win.

R: lucky, lets do it.

L: no yaar, u r such a splendid dancer and I can’t even place a step along with u.

R: come on yaar pls pls pls… mere liye ( pouts cutely)

L: ok fine , now don’t make that face.

then the song plays and everyone started dancing but slowly everyone withdraws except our lovebirds who were lost in each other. they didn’t even notice that now they were the only couple left and was continuously dancing and ended up in a fairytale pose.rags was lost in Lucky’s eyes but was brought back to senses by hearing a loud round of applause and later they were declared the winners.
rags was really happy and both hugged eo.
later the party gets over and everyone started to depart. when rags was about to leave lucky asks her to stay to which she complies.

after some time

R: lucky everyone left except us. I think even we should get moving now.

saying so she turns but doesn’t find anyone there and suddenly she felt a piece of cloth being tied around her eyes and she was held by a masculine hands which she knew was of Lucky’s and he started to make her move.

R: lucky, were r u taking me.

L: relax and have patience my lady love.

he took her to the college garden and made her turn and opened her blindfold. rags was awestruck and her eyes were as if it will fall out their sockets .

the college garden was fully lit up and a large heart shaped cutout completely studded with red roses was kept in the garden. the entire garden was decorated with roses.
in the middle there was a small round table with 2 chairs. in the centre of the table there was a candle stick with lighted candles and a champagne bottle along with 2 glasses and also a chocolate mousse cake was kept on the table.
rags was staying motionless as she wasn’t able to digest these things.

L: surprise. didn’t you like it???

R: like it! I loved it.

lucky then extends his hands and she keeps her hand on his. he takes her to the table and both sit facing each other.
lucky then pours champagne for both and they talk for sometime sipping it. later lucky excuses himself and goes and just then all the lights goes off.
Rags calls out for Laksh but doesn’t get any response. suddenly a spotlight falls on her and it starts moving as if indicating her to move along with it, which she did. Then she notices another spotlight not much far from hers encircling lucky. her spotlight then merged with Laksh’s and now both were in the same spotlight.
Laksh went on his knees and spoke

L: rags, I know all these are not necessary because already I have your heart (Ragini smile) but I thought the situation where we confessed our feelings could have been better. all thisis to tell you how much I love you and I can’t imagine my life without you and I need you in my life as much as I need air to breathe.
I love you so much and I wish to be a part of both your happiness and sorrow . I wanna be that someone in your life with whom you would cherish each moment of your life. who would be your partner in crime for all your pranks & those little Adventuresof urs.
I want to hold your hand for all my life and even beyond I love you and promise to keep you happy for a lifetime.

saying so he forwards a diamond ring from his pocket and holds it in front of rags and continued

L: so, miss. Ragini Gadodia, will u b a part of my life and allow me to fulfill all the promises I made a while ago.?

Ragini became teary eyed and says yes and shows her hand and lucky slides the ring onto her finger. he stands up and they hug and the lights light up again while the spotlight vanishes.
Laksh then takes Ragini back to the table, where they cut the cake and fed eo. just then the music starts and they started to dance ( ballroom dance).

while dancing

R: lucky, today is the most beautiful day of my life. I can never forget this day .
and I love you too to the core and promise me you would never leave me.

L: never ever

they danced qnd chatted for some more time.

R: lucky I think I should leave now. its already very late. also I have to go for a meeting tomorrow evening so I need to be fresh for the presentation and also double check the files. come let’s leave.

L: Rags u leave. I will go after making this Garden back to normal.

R: do you need any help?

L: no yaar rags, I’ll manage.

R: ok then, bye

Ragini leaves in her car , her face glowing with happiness.

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