Days were passing by. they became best of friends and also partners in crime as Ragini was always a prankster and Laksh always help her accomplish our plans and also her saviour at times . Ragini had never mentioned about lucky to her parents till date even she don’t know why, but there wasn’t any conversation between them where she had to mention about lucky . ragini had started falling for him but never realised it. but now I think the time has arrived for her to realise it.
one day raglak were roaming around i. the streets of London bunking classes and chilling out in the sniw of mid November.

R: hey lucky , see those hot dogs. I would love to have them in this cold and it feels as if they are calling me. come kets enjoy those.

L: ok ok rags chill , show some patience. wait I will get them right away, you stay here. I will return in a jiffy.

R: (saluting): yes sir.

he gies there and buys hit dogs and when he turns, a black turbo stops in front of him and some people comes out of it and started beating him. Ragini who saw this came running to him and was trying to free him with some of her karate moves , she was also crying vigorously while doing so.
Laksh was trying hard to resist the goons but was falling weak. he noticed a goon pushing Rags and she falling on the ground gaining a small cut on her forehead. Laksh became really angry and hr the goons to blue and black. then the goons backed out and drove off. Laksh was half conscious and he was rushed to the hospital.

@ the hospital

rags was sitting outside the hospital room and was praying. her wound had been cleaned. just then the doc comes out.

R: how is he doc?

D: he is fine now. he became unconscious because of stress. don’t worry it’s just minor fractures. u can meet him.

rags rushed into the ward and saw lucky trying to stand.

R: ghabardar! don’t try to move. you need rest.

she comes near him and nd and holds his hand

R: bohot dard ho raha hai?
(Laksh nods no)
its all my fault. I shouldn’t have asked you to bunk classes. if we had not gone out , then this wouldn’t have happened.

L: pls don’t say that. It’s not ur fault, jho hona da ho gaya. we never knew this was gonna happen.

ragini hugs him tight.

R: lucky ek minute ke liye I thought I lost u. I felt like the world stopped for me. I ‘ve never experienced such emotions and I know this is not the right place to tell this but I need to do it now. I don’t know, when or how it happened but I realised it a while ago that I…..
I LOVE U and can’t live without u. I know u consider me only as ur frnd and its fine but this should not effect our frndship.

L: ab bas bhi karogi aur mujhe bolne dogi?????
rags, I never knew I would fall for a girl in my life. but today when they hit u , I almost wanted to kill them. only then did I realise how much I love you.
yes, I LOVE U TOO.

They both hug each other and just then the doctor enters .

D: mr. Laksh u would be discharged now itself. make sure you take rest. the nurse would be here any minute with ur discharge papers.

after a couple of hours Laksh was discharged and raglak went to Lucky’s house and Rags helped him lay on his bed and she sat beside him.

R: so, u live alone here. ( Laksh nods). just wait, I will cook something for you. (she was about to leave but stops) but I don’t know how to cook. ( pouting).
ok for now I will order something from restaurant. par pakka I will learn to cook.

she takes out her phone and ordered food, after the arrival of which Laksh was left shocked.

L: what vegetable soup for me and pizza for u. it’s not fare. u know na I hate veg soup.

R: I know but its good for your health and you have to have this.
aur haan, if u complete ur soup then I will think of offering a part of my pizza.

L: but
R: no but vut

left with no other choice he had to follow her.

R: its gettin late . I think I should leave now.

L: now. but only a while ago I got a promotion and I didn’t even enjoy it properly.

R(confused): promotion?????

L: haan, best friend to boyfriend.

R(blushes): ok ok now don’t do these drama. I am leaving, see u tomorrow.

L(sadly): ok

rags leaves and comes back pecked on Lucky’s cheek and left immediately without uttering a word while Laksh sits there shocked holding his cheek.

@ night

there was a knock at the window pane of Lucky’s room and as he was not asleep he immediately went to check and to his surprise he saw Ragini hanging on to the railings and was shocked.

R: arre what r u looking at? pull me up.

L: but what r u doing here.

R(annoyed): first will u pls pull me up?????

Laksh pulled her up and due to the force they hit each other but composes themselves immediately.

L: arre rags, what r u doing here at this late hr? have u even noticed the time? it’s 1 am.
and why did you come up through the window? u could have used the main door.

Rags was standing there unable to speak as Laksh was continuously blabbering.

R: oh ho , ithne saare questions tho exams mein bhi nahi aayenge. lucky ab bass bhi karo. I will tell you y I came, first lets move inside.

later she forwarded a packet and asked him to open it. L took it with a confused expression.

L: what is in this

R: agar jaanna hi hai tho golkar dekho.

he opened the packet and saw a tiffin box , opening which he found rajma chaval.

L(eyes almost bulging out): rajma chaval, my favourite Indian dish. but how, I mean from where???

R: i made it.

L(double shocked): what but u don’t know how to cook.

R: i didn’t. actually I called mumma and asked her the recipe. I told her that one of my frnds loves experimenting with new foods and that I had promised her the recipe.
accha ab bohot hogayi baatein, now taste it and tell me howz it.

lucky feeds himself a spoon full and is wonderstruck as it is really tasty.

L: maanna padega yaar, you are such a quick learner. I mean its really tasty.

R: aur nahi tho kya. mein tho

before she could complete he puts a spoon full of rice in her mouth.

L: u have talked enough. now let’s have this.

both started feeding eo

L: vaise, u could have entered through the door then y did u chose the window?????

R: Ragini tho har kuch hatke karthe hain.
vaise, I wanted to get that adventure kind of feeling and also to make these small small moments memorable.

Laksh hits his head with his palm.

L: accha baba, but go back through the main door. ok

they fed eo and chatted for sometime and later rags left. (through the main door of course)

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