SECOND CHANCE (Chapter 35)

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@ Hospital

Sanskaar was standing outside Ragini’s ward, looking at her being treated. The few wires attached to her made his heart pierce and he was looking drained of any emotions.
He felt a hand on his shoulder and turned to see Janki, with her tear stricken face. Without a second thought he hugged her and cried bringing out all his penned up emotions from the time she fainted.
Janki came out of the hug and held his hand. She then dragged him and made him sit on the bench near Shekar, who himself was sitting like a lifeless body.

S(sobbing): She….she would be fine na mumma?? This….this is all…..all my fault. I….. I shouldn’t have tried to bring back her memory….. (Pause) (looks at Janki with hopeful eyes) Nothing will happen to her na??.. I…. I don’t wanna loose her….. Again.

Janki nodded her head at him as her reply and squeezed​ his hands as an assurance even when she was having similar feeling.

Just then Laksh came running towards them with a worry stricken face. Shekar stiffened seeing him while Janki kept her hand on his, inorder to calm him down. Laksh immediately went towards Sanskaar.

L: Sanskaar…. What… What happened to Rags??? She was perfectly alright while going to your​ house….. Then what happened to her all of a sudden???? (Sanskaar looked at Laksh, his face having a mixture of emotions, which Laksh wasn’t able to decipher. On not getting any response, Laksh was visibly irritated).
Speak up dammit!!!! What happened to her????

Before Laksh could speak further or Sanskaar could respond, the doctor came out from Ragini’s ward and all of them present there crowded around him to know about her condition.

D: There is nothing to worry about. She might have fainted maybe due to stress. She is perfectly alright now. You can go and meet her.

L: Thank you doc.

Sanskaar let out his breath which he had been holding from the time they had entered the hospital and was about to rush inside the ward when Tanish held him back without being noticed. Laksh went in immediately and saw Ragini sitting on the hospital bed and taking her medicines. Following him entered Sanskaar along with the others.

Laksh went up to her and held her hand. She looked at him and then at his hand which was holding hers. Her gaze then shifted towards Sanskaar, standing right behind Laksh.
Sanskaar who was looking at her felt a different kind of emotion in her eyes, which was completely different from what he saw from the past few days.
Maybe…..maybe it was……
Before he could decipher what it was she shifted her gaze back to Laksh and smiled at him. She then passed a smile at everyone present there.

L: Rags… How do you feel now?? What exactly happened?? Tell me everything clearly…. Doc said you were stressed.

R: Lucky, I’m fine​… Actually, I went with Sanky upstairs to his room and then I don’t remember what happened…. I just remember going upstairs….

L: oh… It’s ok. (Turning to Sanskaar). Sanskaar What had happened that she fainted???

S: voh…. Laksh…. Actually…… (lying) haan… We went upstairs but even before entering into the room she fainted and we immediately bought her here.

L: oh… Fine then. And…

T(interrupting): ahh… Laksh…voh… Doc said Ragidha could be discharged today itself. So me and Sanky will go finish all the procedures.

He then dragged Sanskaar along with him out of the ward so that Laksh doesn’t interrogate more.

T(while moving towards the reception): Thank god Ragini doesn’t remember anything. Or else we could have been caught.

Sanskaar just hummed in response but deep inside he was lost. Lost in his own thoughts.


Next Day.
@ Sanskaar’s mansion.

Sanskaar, Jankar, Naynish, Ragini, Laksh along with AP and DP were gathered around the living room. Sanskaar’s parents had arrived the day early morning itself, when they learnt about Ragini.
Sanskaar had invited Raglak to​ spend the evening with them and also to join them for dinner.

AP(to Raglak): When are you going back beta??

R: Tomorrow aunty. Evening flight.

AP: ohhhh…. So when do we get to see you again. I couldn’t​ even meet you properly.

R(smile): you could always come to Austria and if possible we would also keep visiting you all.

L: Infact, I want you all to attend our wedding next month. And we want you all there atleast a week before the wedding.

All smiles at him and gives ​a courteous nod.

N: I’m getting really bored. Let’s do something. How about we all go watch a movie? Anyways, we have plenty of time for dinner…

T: Not happening. Nayna… you are not supposed to travel around too much.

N(stubbornly​): but I wanna watch movie.

T: oh god! You and your mood swings.

S(interrupting): Guys, that’s fine. Let’s watch movie…at home. We’ll set up the projector here and watch any of the movies from my collection.

N: That sounds cool…

After much arguments between Naynish on the movie to be watched as Nayna was adamant on watching a horror one while Tanish clearly denied it saying it could harm the baby, all sat for watching a rom-com one.

Sanskaar was being extremely worried as the movie was proceeding and he felt his heart hammer against his chest at a high pace. He had clasped his hands together and was watching Ragini every now and then.

All were keenly watching the movie and all of a sudden the screen changed and a different video starts playing.
It clearly ​showed Laksh confessing everything that he had done to himself. Sanskaar glanced at Laksh and saw him sweating profusely.

Just then they hear a knock at the door, but no one ​cared to notice it except for Tanish who opened the door. He found the cops at the door as expected and led them in.

Everyone including Sanskaar stood there holding their breath anticipating about how would Ragini react.
Ragini’s face was devoid of any expressions. On the other hand Laksh was having a mixture of emotions of which fear and shock depicted more. He was literally startled when the cops made him stand. He then jerked there hands and held Ragini’s palm in his.

L: Rags… Don’t believe this. This…. this is all fake….. It’s just made up…. Believe me…. They….

Before he could complete she withdrew her hands from his hold and her eyes held pure hatred and disgust for him. She then took a few steps behind bringing in distance between them.

L: Rags…

R(showing her palm): Stop. I don’t wanna hear ​anything.

L: Ragidha….

R: No! It’s Ragini…. And for your kind information, I remember everything, from the time I woke up on the hospital bed yesterday. I didn’t say anything yesterday because I wanted to know how much more low you would stoop. I remember every damn thing….
(After a pause) Why did you do this???

L: because I love you….

R: no…. You never loved me….. If you had then you would have never done all these. You would have let me be happy….
You were just obsessed with me…. You were so obsessed that you even tried…(chocking and looking at Sanskaar who was looking back at her teary eyed and even tears tripped down her cheeks)….tried to kill Sanskaar…

L: ENOUGH!!! I don’t care you calling what I feel for you as love or obsession. All I know is I want you and I can go to any extent to get you.
(He then looks around and snatches the gun from one of the cops and points it towards Sanskaar) You…. This is all because of you…. You shouldn’t have come between us (cops tries to get him but he shoves them threatening to shoot). But don’t worry I’ll make sure you don’t interfere any more….

With this he fires the bullet and everyone​let out an audible gasp while the cops caught hold of him and handcuffed him.

Sanskaar who had expected the bullet to hit him looked forward not feeling anything. The sight before him had his breath hitched.
Ragini had came in between him and the bullet and she had been shot on her arm. Sanskaar rushed towards her and immediately scooped her off her feet as she was falling unconscious. He was continuously calling out her name and tears refused to stop. All the others gathered around the two while the cops took Laksh away with them.


@ Hospital

Everyone was inside Ragini’s ward talking to her while Janki and Shekar sat on either side of the bed caressing her hair. Each one present there had relief on their face and were beyond happy to finally have their Ragini back.
Just then the doctor arrives having her reports.

SG: how is my daughter now doc?

D: she is perfectly all right. Infact the best thing is that the clot that she had in her brain had completely melted. And even the bullet wound wasn’t much deep. You could take her home tomorrow. Let her be here for today for observation. And only one of you could stay here.
But she is still weak. I’ll give you a diet chart. Follow that for the next two weeks.

As soon as the doctor left there was a slight commotion between all those who were present with her about who would stay with Ragini.
Janki noticed that Sanskaar was standing silent in all these and was watching only Ragini. She thought to make it more easier for him ​and gave her final verdict that Sanskaar would be staying at the hospital, giving no space for argument.
After a while, while all the others were leaving, Sanskaar gave a thankful smile to Janki to which she just blinked and left.

Sanskaar sat on the chair near to Ragini’s bed looking everywhere except her. Ragini who had propped up on her bed felt hurt seeing him not talking to her. She kept her hand on his and he immediately looked up at her, his eyes brimming with a whole lot of unsaid emotions.
Without waiting for even a second, he engulfed her in a bone crushing hug.

S(hugging her with his chin on top of her head): Finally!!!! Finally you are here… With me…. In my embrace…. It feels so good…. (breaking the hug and cupping her face with his one hand) You can’t even​ imagine how I had spend my life without you for 5 damn long years….. Each day felt a decade….(holding both her hands) I love you.
(After a pause, drawing his hands ​back) But you know what…. I’m really angry on you. (Ragini looks at him with a questioning look) Why did you took the bullet on you…. It should have been me…

R(interrupting and holding his hands again): Sanskaar…. I won’t even be able to breathe if something happens to you…. And this was all…. all because of me…. (tears brimmed at the corner of her eyes)

S(placing a finger on her lips): sshh… Let’s don’t talk about it. We’ll just forget it as our worst nightmare, okay?

R: but Sanky… What if….what if Laksh comes back?

S: He won’t. I’ll make sure that he rot in jail for the rest of his life…. (Wiping her tears with his thumb) Now no more rona dona… Everything is sorted. (Holding her hands) I promise you that I’ll not let anyone and anything come between us.
Aur haan even you will have to promise me that you won’t pull out such stunts like today’s, in future.

Sanskaar extended his hand and Ragini keeps her hand on his with a smile adorning her face.

S: Rago…. Vaise…. I think I should whip you out from here right away. I had waited for 5 years and I can’t wait anymore.

R: toh chalo… Bhaag jaate hai….

S: haan…. Idea bhura nai hai.

Ragini just giggled at him and smacked his arm.

S: What? I’m serious….

R: oh god Sanky… You look so cute.

She wrapped her arms around his waist and kept her head on his chest. He too hugged her back and placed his chin on top of her head and kissed her hair.

R: I love you

S: I love you too


2 Years Later.

Sanskaar came rushing through the corrider of their company and barged into Ragini’s cabin. He found her sitting on her chair leisurely tapping a pen to her lips and studying a file. As soon as he saw her figure infront of him, he heaved a sigh of relief.

Sanskaar immediately strod towards her. She tilted her head and a wide smile spread upon her lips on seeing him, stretching from her one ear to the other.
She stood up instantly and engulfed him in a bear hug.

Sanskaar held her by her shoulder and examined her thoroughly, breaking the hug. On finding her fit and fine he visibly relaxed.

S: kya hua Rago? Why did you asked me to return all of a sudden?

R(casually): bass aise hi…

She keeps her file in the drawer and starts arranging her table without paying much attention to Sanskaar.

S: What!! I had cancelled all my meetings​ and flew down all the way from London in a private jet, just because you called me yesterday morning and said you need to see me as soon as possible or else…or else you would divorce me. Seriously…. Divorce?? Anyways… after all these, you are saying (imitating her) “bass aise hi”.

Ragini chuckles hearing him. She turned towards him and ​held his hand and started walking towards the exit of the cabin.

S: arre… Now where are you taking me???

R: ghar. Aur kahan?

S: right. Ghar…. Par kyu??

R: kyu ka kya matlab? You would be tired na. So, ghar jaake aaram karte hai.

S: huh???? Par…

R(interrupting): ab zyada nakre dikhana band kar aur chup chap chal mere saath. God!! Ithne nakre toh ladkiya bhi nai dikhathi.

Sanskaar keeps a pout face and Ragini had this sudden urge to kiss his pout, but then brushed the thought aside and walked out smiling to herself.

Both Ragsan entered their house and Ragini pushed Sanskaar to the bathroom to have his shower. After a while Sanskaar came out and saw Ragini had already changed into her casuals and was sitting on their bed.

Seeing him enter she immediately stood up. He walked upto her and raised his eyebrows.

R(looking around nervously): Sanskaar I wanna tell you something.

S: toh bolna…

R: voh…. Mein… Tum….. I mean hum….

S: ye tum kya keh rahi ho?? Mujhe kuch samajh me nai aaraha. Seede seede bolo na, kya kehna hai.

She gave him a glare and he instantly shut up. Ragini took a deep breath and released​ it gently. She then took his hand in hers and placed it on her tummy. She then looked at him wanting to decipher what she intended to say.

S(confused): arre kya hua… Are you having a troubled stomach.
(Gulped earning a glare from her). Arre… Tum aise code language mein baath karogi toh how can I understand???

She sighed audibly and then took out an envelope from the drawer and placed it in his hands. He looked at it confused and then widened his eyes.

S: Rago… See, we will talk over it, jo bhi ho. Ithni choti si baath par divorce…

Ragini face palmed herself and then took another deep breath.

R: Mr. Idiot Maheshwari. Pehle voh envelope open kar kar pad toh lo kya likha hai usme.

Sanskaar opened the envelope and on reading it his eyes went wide open and his lips stretched into a wide smile that reached upto his eyes. He shifted his gaze to Ragini who was blushing profusely and he picked her up and twirled her around.
He placed her on her feet gently and hugged her tight.

S: I’m so happy Rago…. I’m gonna be a father. We are going to be parents… I’m so happy…
(Cupping her face). Thank you….. Thank you for coming into my life, thank you for loving me, thank you for everything, thank you for making me complete.

R(placing her hands on his chest): Thank you Sanskaar…. For standing by me, holding me whenever I fall week, for not letting go of my hand no matter what.
I love you Sanskaar…. I love you so very much…

He dipped down a little and kissed her lips slowly and passionately. They broke apart after a while and joined their foreheads with closed eyes.

S: I love you more….


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