SECOND CHANCE (Chapter 32)


.7 years ago

After Ragini stormed out of the college auditorium, Laksh was standing there with his friends, James and Francis.
James kept his hand on Laksh’s shoulder and he jerked it and walked off from there.

From the next day onwards, even while in classes, Laksh was always thinking about Ragini and his eyes were unknowingly wandering in search of her. But he couldn’t find her anywhere as she didn’t attended the classes for almost a week and this made him more frustrated that during this one week, he realised that he actually loves her and the only thing was that he realised it only now.
He was really happy and he decided to apologize to Ragini and gain her love back, come what may.


Laksh went to Ragini’s house and found it locked. He then enquired about her in college and found that she had discontinued her studies there.
This came as a strong blow for him and he decided to enquire about her with her office staffs and her p.a-Alex.
But he was informed that they had strict orders to not to reveal about it to anyone.

Laksh was very much distraught. He searched for her frantically in every possible places in London, where she might be likely to stay.
Eventually he started searching for her in every possible ways, except in India because he believed that as Ragini was heartbroken and shattered, she may not be able to face her parents.

Finally after finding no clue about her, he decided to try his luck in India too and extended the search there also.
By this time, he was totally obsessed with her that he decided to make her his by hook or by crook.


5 years ago.

Laksh was standing in his room in London facing one of Ragini’s portraits.
His whole room and most part of his house were filled with photoframes of Ragini. It had almost all their moments together and he used to talk with these photographs always.

L: Ragini, finally, I have found you. After 2 years of frantic searching, I’ve finally found you. Soon, I’ll be in India and this time I’ll make you mine forever. I’ll make everything right.


Once he landed in India, he found that Ragini was in love with someone else. His blood boiled learning this and his anger knew no limits. He was so obsessed with her that he was ready to go to any extent to get her.

On the day he came to know about Sanskaar and Ragini, he came in all frustrated to his hotel room and started messing up all the things.

L: you are only mine. Only mine. No one else has a right on you. I’ll get you, even if that means killing someone.

Laksh took the complete details about Sanskaar and his evil mind was planning way more evil ways to separate Sanskaar from Ragini. He always kept a track of them. It was almost after one week of his arrival in India, he came to know about Naynish’s engagement and he made a full-fledged plan against Sanskaar.


On the day of the engagement, Laksh had placed a man at the venue to execute his plan while he stayed at the hotel room itself caressing a photograph of Ragini.

After Ragini and Sanskaar had went inside, the person hired by Laksh came upto Sanskaar’s car and cut the break wires and then stealthily moved out from there without anyone’s notice.

Man(on call): sir, your work is done.

L: good. Now, inform me when he gets inside the car.

Man: ok sir. (cuts the call)

After sometime, the man saw Ragini getting in the car and as soon as she started the car the man called Laksh to inform him.

Man: sir, a lady had gone out in that car.

L: lady????

Man: yes sir. A tall, lean and thin lady. The one who came in the same car along with the man.

L(screaming): Ragini!!!!!
You blo*dy moron, follow that car and keep me updated about it. I’ll reach soon. I swear if anything happens to her, you won’t be alive.

He then rushed from there and on reaching a lonely road, the man had informed him, he saw the car with Ragini crash on to a tree. He immediately rushed towards it screaming her name and saw Ragini lying unconscious inside the car with blood oozing out from her head and hands.
He was so shocked to see her like that and he immediately picked her up and bought her out of the car. During this process, her chain fell on the ground (the one which Sanskaar gifted).

Laksh started continuously tapping her face, calling her name.
Just then something striked him and he immediately picked her up and placed her in his car. He then came back and threw a lighted matchstick into the petrol tank of the car which resulted in the blasting of the it. He then drove off with Ragini to a hospital, where no one would come searching for her.


Ragini was inside the OT and her operation was going on. Later the doctor came out with his head hung down and Laksh immediately charged at him holding his collars.

D: I’m really sorry to say this Mr. Mehra, but she had slipped into coma.

L: what!!!!
But how can this be possible?? Will she never recover???

D: see Mr. Mehra, a person in coma can take days, months, years or even a life time to come out of it.
I can never give you any false hopes or guarantee as of when she will recover.
And haan, she had got a severe injury on her head, so, I’ll only be able to tell you anything further only after her reports arrives.

This came in as a even heavier blow for Laksh and he sat on the chair with a thud.


After a few hours, Laksh was called to the doctor’s cabin.

D: pls take your seat Mr. Mehra.

Laksh becomes seated.

D: after seeing her reports, I need to tell you something really important.

L: what is it, doc?

D: see Mr. Mehra, it’s just that, from her reports it’s clear that some of her brain nerves have been damaged due to the injury. So, even if she comes out of coma, there are 98% chances that she will loose her memories. Maybe she may even fail to even recognise herself but it depends, you see.

Laksh was first shocked but then his lips twitched into a smirk, which went unnoticed by the doctor. He then immediately composed himself.

L: doc, if you don’t mind, can I take her with me???

D: you see Mr. Mehra, it’s upto you but I would still recommend you to keep her under doctor’s observation.

L: ohhh… Don’t worry doc, actually, I was planning to take her abroad, where we actually stays. And I’ll accomodate her into the best hospitals there, if this shifting doesn’t effect her health.

D: no, that’s fine.
You could come tomorrow and complete all the discharge procedures.

L: thank you doc.

He then comes out and seated himself on one of the chairs outside the ward.

L(thinking): where will I take her??? I can’t think of taking her to London, then where???
Haan!! Austria.
She had never visited the place before and she don’t even have any acquaintances there. Since some of my friends are there, it would be easy for me.
So that’s final- Austria.


Ragini was shifted to Austria and Laksh also shifted his business there. He then made all the fake documents which portrayed Ragini to be Raghida. He even convinced an orphanage, offering a huge sum of money, to act accordingly and prepare the documents that proved Raghida was a part of their orphanage.
Eventually, he built a fake wall against Ragini, such that whenever she will recover, she will have to believe what she was being told.


After 2 years (3 years ago)

Laksh was sitting in his cabin when he got a call from the hospital, after attending which he rushed there immediately.
On reaching there he was informed that Ragini showed slight movement in her hands.

Laksh was standing beside Ragini’s bed, when he noticed her fingers moving, again. He immediately called for the doctor. Laksh then noticed her eyes flickering and she slowly opened her eyes and scanned around the place. The doctor came in just then and started checking her. He then congratulated Laksh for her recovery.
The nurse then made her sit on the bed while Ragini was staring at her with a blank expression. Laksh hugged her immediately but she didn’t responded.

L(breaking the hug): Rags, I’m so happy you are fine. Thank God.

Ragini stares at him for a moment.

R: who am I?? How do you know me??? (clutching her head) Arrgh!!!! My head….. It feels like a volcano had erupted inside….. Arrgh!!!!

Just then the doctor comes in hearing the commotion and he gives her an injection which makes her sleep.


Hello guys, hope you all would like it and sorry if it was short. I’ll try posting the next part soon….
Till then, bye.
Take care.

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