SECOND CHANCE (Chapter 31)


Ragini was standing in utter disbelief to see Listings standing in front of her while he was at her. Soon her facial expressions changes to that of anger and she pushes him

L: oh!!!! Aaraam se.

R: what aaraam se? I hate you. Why weren’t you picking up my calls?

L: sorry baba. I had been in flight and after landing, if I had picked up your calls, then how would I surprise you??? (Cupping her face with one hand)

R(jerking his hand): you idiot, I’m not going to talk to you.

She goes and sits on the bed. Laksh goes and sits next to her and says sorry to her holding both his ears to which she melts and forgives him.

R: vaise, thum tho dho din baath aane waale de na???

L: Haan, but I couldn’t stay there without you, so completed all the works there and came here to meet you as soon as possible.
Tho kaisa laga surprise???

R: Lucky, you know what, you are the best and that’s why I love you.

L: I love you too, sweetheart.

They both hug each other.

R: where are your laggages???

L: opps. I left them at the door, while climbing up the balcony.

R: what!! Then let’s go fast and get them, you idiot.

They then gets all the luggages in and together arranges the room for Laksh after which both were exhausted and were sitting on the bed while Ragini was detailing about her day and Laksh was quitely listening to her.

L: Rags, how could you just casually tell someone about your life?

R: Lucky, Sanskaar is my friend. And to buy true, even I don’t know why I told him all that. Actually I feel a bit connected to him.
You know what, he have exactly the same eyes which I had drawn once.

L(angrily clenching his fist): you are just over imagining things. you have not even met him before then how could you feel a connection with him???
I think now he has become more important to you. Jab se aayi hoon I am only hearing about him.

R(sensing his anger): oh…ho… so the possessive lucky is on track now. (holds his hand) lucky why do I feel like you are jealous???

Laksh turns his head to the other side and Ragini makes him face her and then again holds his hand with hers.

R: lucky no one can take your place. I love you.
you are the only one in this world who is actually there for me. you loved me even after me being an orphan.
you held me during my worst time, when I couldn’t even recognise you and among all those insecurities and intuitions you were always there with me. I love you a lot Laksh.

L: you talk too much na. I had always told you never think about all those things. Aur haan, I love you too, sweetheart.

R: and Lucky, you know what, Sanskar gf- Ragini, he said I look exactly like her but she died almost 5 years back. if she had been alive it would have been be so nice na.

Laksh’s facial expression changed but he immediately composed himself without being noticed.

L: ok ok.. it’s too late now. I think we should sleep, vaise bhi we should go out tomorrow right??

R: Haan, even Sanky would be surprised to see a new face accompanying him from tomorrow.
Good night.

L: good night. (Kisses her forehead).

Ragini then left to her room and Laksh immediately closed the door. As soon as he did so his facial expression changed and he was filled with anger that he banged his hand on the nearby table.

L: I shouldn’t have allowed her to come here. why do they keep coming closer how much ever I try to separate them.
Arrgh!!! it’s only because of him that I came early. I can’t let him ruin everything. He will surely have a doubt Rags whether she is actually Raghida or Ragini and I should some how convince him that she is Raghida. But the best thing is he don’t know anything about me.

He then sleeps.


Next Day

Sanskar was standing near his car waiting for Raghida. This was the fifth time he was seeing his watch because today for the first time she was late and that too by 10 minutes.
Just then he sees her coming out and he smiles relieved.

R: sorry, I’m late.

S: that’s fine. Come, let’s go.

R: wait. Pls… Just 5 minutes.
Actually we are not going alone. I want you to meet someone.

S: who???

R: wait na….
Well, why don’t you come in.

Sanskaar goes inside the house along with Rags and he was made to sir on the couch while she served him with juice.

S: who is it Rago??

Just then they notices Laksh descending down the stairs and Ragini immediately went towards him and intertwined her hands with his and bought him in front of Sanskar, who had stood up in order to greet Laksh.

R: Lucky, this is Sanky, my new friend.
(turning to Sanskaar) Sanky, this is Laksh aka Lucky, my fiance.

Sanskar felt the earth under his feet collapse. He was standing there in utter shock and he felt his body fall weak.

L(to Sanskaar, forwarding his hand): Rags have told so much about you. nice meeting you.

Sanskar was not responding so Laksh took his hand in his and shook it due to which Sanskaar came back to reality. he smiled feably and then looked at Rag who had a smile on her face.


The trio were in the car with Sanlak in the front and Ragini at the back seat. Laksh was continuously talking one or the other thing with Ragini and Sanskar was staring at her through the mirror with pain filled eyes.
They went on visiting various places. Laksh and Ragini always had their hands intertwined and this pained Sanskar more.
during the whole journey he wasn’t able to talk to Ragini properly as Laksh kept on interfering between them. Sanskar felt something fishy about Laksh’s behaviour but then after brushed the thought off seeing the happiness on Ragini’s face. Ragini tried her maximum to make Sanskar feel comfortable throughout the journey.
During the course of their journey Sanskar understood that Raghida trusted Laksh so much. he felt she was so happy with him and his mind started believing that maybe she was not “his Rago” after all.

They spent the whole day roaming around and around 5 they decided to go for shopping. So Sanskar took them to a mall.
Ragini had purchased many items and Sanskar and Laksh where carrying all the bags.
soon they entered into a music store and Ragini began exploring it well while the boys sat on a couch holding all these bags.

S: Do Raghida knows to play any instrument??

L: ya, violin.

S: ohh…(he was in deep thoughts)

L: no, nothing. I was just wondering if we will have to carry that one too.

Both let out a smile, though a forced one.

S: hmmm… If you don’t mind can I ask you something??

L: sure

S: how long have you two been in a relationship???

L: well… For 7 years or so.

S: ohhh….

Just then Ragini comes back without purchasing anything.

L: why didn’t you buy one?

R: voh actually, none attracted me.

L: but your violin had been damaged and you wanted to buy new one from India itself.

R: ya, but maybe we will buy it some other time.

Just then Sanskaar’s phone rings and he moves out attending it. After a while he came back with a smile.

R: kya hua Sanky? You look happy.

S: voh, I have told you about my friend Tanish, right?

R: ya, the one whom you ditched without going to NY.

S(smiles): vahi.
Actually the meeting went well and all the works are over, so he had returned yesterday. Now he is in Mumbai and would reach here by tomorrow morning with his wife, Nayna.

R: that’s great.
(Turning to Laksh) Lucky, I think we will get a whole lot of friends before we go back.

Laksh just smiled at her and the trio left to their homes after their dinner from one of the restaurants.


Sanskaar helped Raglak in getting the shopping bags inside and he was about to leave when Ragini stopped him.

R: Sanky, tomorrow your friends would be coming na.

S: hmmm

R: you will have to spend time with them, so you won’t be able to accompany us tomorrow, right?

L: don’t worry Rags, we will go out.

R: actually Lucky I was thinking, why don’t we stay in and meet them. All of us can enjoy a lot. (turning to Sanskaar) Only if that wouldn’t bother them.

S(smiling): no, never. Infact they would love to meet you.

R: what say Lucky?

L(bowing): Your order is my command, your highness.

Ragini chuckled and they both shared a small hug, while Sanskaar left from there immediately, bidding them bye.


Next Day
@ Sanskaar’s mansion.

Sanskaar was checking some files when he heard the door bell ring, so he went and opened the door.
At the entrance stood Naynish with a broad smile. Both engulfed him into a hug and they all went inside.
All the three were sitting in the hall and talking.

T: haan tho Sanky, you were telling you met someone who looks like our Rago.

S: hmmm. Raghida.
Actually, I thought she was our Rago itself.

N: Sanky,. You know na, that….

S: hmmm.
But even now I think maybe she is someone else.
Vaise bhi, she is engaged and even her fiance is with her- Laksh.

Just then Ragini entered the house and knocked at the door. Sanskaar excused himself and went to check.

S: hey.

R: hey. Have they reached?

S: ya

R: well, actually I think I left one of the bags in your car itself, so came to get that.

S: ohhh. You just wait. I’ll check.

R: sure.

Sanskaar took his car keys and went towards his car while Ragini took her steps inside. Nayna who had been talking with Tanish became numb for a second and was staring at her. Tanish noticed this and he too turned to look in the same direction as his wife’s. He too was rooted to his place, all shocked.
Both of them had tears in their eyes. Ragini who saw thrm waved her hand at them and went nearer.
Nayna hugged her immediately and cried. Ragini felt a strange connection with her but brushed the thought off. Just as Nayna broke the hug and was about to say something, Sanskaar came in holding the bag and gave it to Ragini.

R: thanks Sanky.

S: Rago, this is Nayna and this is Tanish.

R(to Naynish): hi, I’m Raghida.

Naynish: hi.

R: Sanky, I should leave now. Bye. (turning to Naynish) Bye guys, see you soon.

N: why so hurry? You could stay for sometime.

R: voh, actually, Lucky is alone there. I’ll go and come with him after a while.

Saying so she left.

N: Sanky, when you said she looks like Ragini, I never thought they would look exactly the same.
I think she is our Rago itself.

T: Haan Sanky, maybe she had a memory loss or something, like you see in movies and all.

S: actually guys, she had met with an accident and infact she had a memory loss.

T: see. I told ya.

S: but that accident happened 3 years back not 5. Infact she said she had many things that proved herself to be Raghida.
…. I don’t know yaar. I just wish…., she was my Rago. But…..

He sits on the couch and Nayna placed her hand on his shoulder ensuring him and Tanish too consoled him.


Raglak entered Sanskaar’s house and was greeted by all the other three. Ragini bonded well with Naynish and Laksh was not happy about it. But he remained calm and mingled with all with a plastered smile. They all talked a lot, played games that they didn’t noticed the time slip.

S: guys, I’ll order dinner for all of us.

N: no need, I’ll cook na.

She was about to get up but Ragini pulls her back.

R: haalath dekhi hai apni? You shouldn’t do much work in this state.

N: but…..

R: you don’t take tension. I’ll cook food for all.

She gets up and turns to Sanskaar.

R: do you have any problem if I use your kitchen. Don’t worry I won’t mess it up.

S: why would I have a problem? Come I’ll show you the kitchen.

He takes her to the kitchen and instructs her with the places different ingredients are kept.

R: sach kahu Sanky, this kitchen is exactly the same way I would have preferred it to be. I think our tastes match.

S: actually, this is how Ragini would have loved it.

He then walks off while she stood there for few more seconds and then proceeded with her cooking skills, while the other 4 were busy chit-chatting with each other.


After almost an hour

Ragini comes with a bowl and all the 5 gathered around the dining area. They all pulled a seat for themselves.

N(about to open the lid of the bowl): now, let me see what have you made.

L(even before the bowl is opened): Rajma chavval.

Nayna opened the lid and all of them except Raglak were surprised to see Rajma chavval in it.

T(to Laksh): but, how do you know??

L(smiling): because the only thing she knows how to cook is this one.

R: ya actually, Lucky loves Rajma chavval, so I learnt it for him. I don’t know anything else to cook except this one.

All started eating and Naynish and Sanskaar praised her cooking skills.
After dinner all again settled themselves on the couch and began to talk and play various games. All were looking happy.

R: oh Lucky, only if I had my violin with me, I could have played it now.

Sanskaar excused himself and went to his room and opened his cupboard and he took out a stylish black violin, the one which belonged to Ragini.

S: I haven’t allowed anyone to touch this let alone play it and I don’t know why I’m doing this right now but I feel like doing so.

He then takes it downstairs and held it infront of Rag. Naynish was shocked with this move of Sanskaar as they knew how much he was attached to it.
Rag was super excited seeing the violin. Her eyes reflected how much she liked it and she immediately took it.

R: wow Sanky, this one is just awesome. I just loved it. It looks so stylish and beautiful. Nice selection yaar. But you never told me you knew how to play it.

S: actually,…….. This is my Ragini’s.

Laksh’s face color fell hearing this but he immediately covered it up before anyone could notice.

S: well, you guys carry-on. I’ll bring something to drink for us all.

He then goes to the kitchen and here Ragini was playing different tunes in it and all were enjoying it and inside the kitchen Sanskaar was also shaking his head according to the music.

But then all of a sudden he felt shocked to hear the music that was being played. He stood rooted to his place and the glass tumbler that he had held slipped from his hand. Tears tripped down his eyes and he smiled a bit through his tears.

Rag was playing the same music which Sanskaar had composed, which always used to be Ragsan’s private music, which had their love filled in it, in each of its notes.
Sanskaar’s face had an ocean of emotions and he knew that finally his heart has won.

S(to himself in a chocking voice): Rago, its you, it’s really you. I can’t believe this.
No one else knew about this music except us, not even Naynish.
I can’t even express how much happy I’m to get you back.
Oh god, it’s really real.

He was smiling widely until.someone shook him by his shoulder. Sanskaar took that person immediately into a bone crushing hug. He then broke the hug and again smiled widely while a few lone tears escaped his eyes.

S: I’m so so happy, Tani.

T: kya hua? I came to check what is taking you so long.

S: she is actually Ragini, my Ragini.

T: what!!! I don’t understand what…

S(interrupting): Raghida is Ragini.

T: kya!!!! But how?? And how did you get to know about it?

S: that music. Actually, I composed it. It was only known to both of us. Now I’m damn sure she is my Rago. He then explained him some things which resembled Raghida with Ragini and how she told him that she had drawn his eyes even before meeting him.

T: I’m so happy. Finally we got her back. After 5 long years.

S: hmmm….
But there are some links which still confuse me and I need to find that out.

T: like what?

S: she said she had her accident 3 years back. She also mentioned that she was an orphan and that the orphanage authorities had all the documents that showed her to be Raghida.
She even said that there were many photographs and videos of Raglak too, but how???
Laksh told me that they had been dating each other from the past 7 years or so. But how is that even possible??? I feel there is something fishy. Even I felt something weird in Laksh’s behaviour towards us.

T: me too.
Well, we will find that out soon. But before that I’ll inform this to Janki aunty & Shekhar uncle and also your dad & mom.

S: hmmm….
But we don’t have much time. They would be leaving within a week or so.

T: anyways, you come fast and lets act like nothing happened.

Sanskaar nods and Tanish leaves from there.

S(smiling to himself): I’ll get you back Rago and this time I won’t let you go.
I won’t let go of this second chance.


That’s it guys. Hope you all liked it.
Belated Merry Christmas to all of you. Hope everyone had made this one memorable.
Anyways I’ll try posting the next part soon. Next part would start with the fb itself. Hope you would like it.
Bye and take care. Hope to meet you all soon.

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