SECOND CHANCE (Chapter 30)


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Sanskaar’s car halted in the middle of the road in between both their houses. both then got out of it and Sanskaar stood leaning to the car.

R: thank you so much Sanky, for such a great day and bearing me for a whole day.

S: since we have become friends now, don’t you think you are violating the ultimate rule of friendship?

R: oh ya… sorry.
oops! well, I take that back.

Sanskaar smiled at her childishness.

S: so, have you made the list of places you wanna visit tomorrow?

R: since we have become friends, I think I will give that liberty to you. take me to all your favourite places.

S: done. vaise……

he was cut in by the phone call that came in Raghida’s cell and a wide smile spread on her face seeing the caller ID.
she then immediately turned to Sanskaar.

R: well, see ya tomorrow.
good night and be ready at least at 10 (she chuckled).

Raghida then went in attending the call with her joyous smile, without even turning back to Sanskaar or waiting for his reply.

Sanskaar went inside his house and laid down on the bed after freshening up. his clock struck 9.
A smile crept up his lips thinking about their day out.

Sanskar was driving his car when Raghida spotted a chat vendor and asked him to stop the car. they then went towards the stall and orders vada pav. Raghida was so excited to eat it as she had never tasted it before but as she took the first bite her eyes welled up and tears started flowing down. Sanskar immediately got water for her and she gulped it down in one go. after a few minutes she came back to normal.
Sanskar was laughing the whole way till they reached the Taj Mahal and Raghida was pissed off with him.

R: Sanskaar, stop laughing you fool. what’s so funny in this?

S: there is nothing funny in what happened but its just your face. it all together turned red especially your nose. you really looked horrible.

R(annoyed): very funny.

S: acha baba, sorry. I won’t laugh anymore.


Sanskar smiled thinking of different antics of Raghida and slept thinking about the same.

Inside Raghida’s room, she was talking on her phone detailing about all that happened with her today, to the person on the other side. after ending the call she jumped onto her bed and slept hugging her favourite pillow, which she had bought all the way from Austria and thinking about all the things that her life would have treasured for her for tomorrow.

Next Morning.

Sanskar was all ready and came out of his house and was heading towards the Raghida’s house to call her when he saw her coming out of her house while talking on her phone and so he stopped near his car.

R(on call): haan yaar. even I’m terribly missin you and our whole gang (giggles) ya… (she then notices Sanskaar and waves her hand at him and he too reciprocates). ya, actually Sanky is waiting. ok I’ll call you at night. take care.(blushes a bit) bye.

R(to Sanskaar): oh ho… you are early today (he smiles as a reply). tho chalo, lets go.

Both sat in the car and drove off. Raghida was enjoying the song coming from the music system with her eyes closed and she was tapping her hands on the dashboard along with slight movement of her head. Sanskar looked at her and this reminded him of Ragini who used to do exactly the same thing whenever a music played. it was then he noticed another car approaching theirs and he immediately tilted the car and got back on the right track Raghida opened her eyes with a jerk by the sudden twist in the car.

R: oh hero, maarne ki irada di kya???

S: sorry, voh…mein….. voh…

R: dude, I was just kidding. (giggles) man, you should have seen your face.

S: Rago, this is too much (pouts)

R: ok ok, sorry (holding her ears)

Both then smiled at each other. soon they reach their first destination and Raghida came out of the car excitedly to know where he had taken her. but her face fell as she noticed she had been brought to see the Taj Mahal.

R: arre yaar Sanky, we came here yesterday na.

S: haan, but you asked me to take you to the places I like and I just love this place. (to himself) after all, this was there I proposed my Ragini.

R: fine then.

They roamed around there for sometime and then had ice cream and 4 awhile sat on a bench chit chatting and after that both left. Sanskar took her to all those places Ragni used to love and where he and Ragini spend most of the time whenever they were in Delhi.
Raghida felt strangely connected to all these places and she felt as if she had been there already. but she brushed off the thoughts thinking it won’t be possible. they then went to a cafe at evening as Raghida was dying for a coffee.

S: what do you like?

R: hmm….. 1 cup Americano and blueberry cheesecake. and you?

S: well, I would prefer an expresso with vanilla cake.

soon they were enjoying the delicacies in front of them.

S(thinking): Ragini never like Americano and Blueberry cheesecake.

he remembered how she said she don’t like them, when all the four of them went to a cafe for the first time.

R: Sanky, where are you lost?

S: nowhere. I was just wondering where we would go next.

R: let’s go to some beach. I really wanna enjoy the cool breeze and I literally love visiting beaches at the time of sunset.

S: ok fine then let’s go.

They paid their bills and both Sanskar and Raghida get into the car and drove off to the beach. Raghida was so excited about seeing the sunset and Sanskar recalled how Ragini would go crazy about seeing the sunset and enjoying the climate.

Soon they reached the beach and both got down the car. Raghida stretched her hands to capture the cool and soothing wind in her heart.
both were then walking on the shore talking on some random stuff.

R: how about we have a race?

S: race?

R: haan, running race. the first person to reach that rock (pointing to far off rocks) will win.

S: fine. get ready to loose.

R: Rags never loses to anyone.

S: but I will make sure you do this time. I am really good at running.

R: let’s see.

Both then starts running. Sanskar was ahead of Raghida by few feets and he was about to win when Raghida over took him eventually winning over him.

R: see I told you I never loose.

The both then sat on the rocks with waves hitting the rocks, splattering on their feet occasionally. both sat there enjoying the sunset and a deep silence prevailed between them.

R: you really miss her, right?

S(looking at her): who?

R: I don’t exactly remember the name but it was somewhat similar to mine.

S: Ragini. but how do you know about her?

R: dumbo, you were calling me by that name when I first came to your house, remember.
well if you don’t mind me asking, why did she leave you?

a tear escaped Sanskaar’s eyes which rolled down his cheek.

S(lost): she didn’t leave me, instead she was snatched from me.

R(confused): what?

S: well, 5 years back there was a car accident in Mumbai and the car blasted after hitting on to a tree and she was driving the car.

R: oh…. I’m so sorry….. I shouldn’t have reminded you of her and all.

S: no, don’t be. because these memories are the only thing that had kept me alive till now and you never reminded me of anything, because I never ceased thinking of it.

R: can I ask you something?

S: hmmm

R: why did you call me by her name?

S(smiling): you won’t believe it if I tell you.

R: just say na.

S: you look exactly similar to her, just like her carbon copy. I felt like I got my Rago back when I saw you.

R(shocked): you mean ditto me!! (Sanskaar nods)
oh my god! I thought all those things happen only in those Bollywood movies.

again silence prevails between them and they stay like that for a few more minutes.

R: Sanky, all those places that we visited today were her favourite ones, right? (he nods).
Haan, you didn’t answer my question. do you still miss her?

S: ‘miss her’ would be such a small word to express what I feel without her.
Its just because of my parents and my friends that I am able to cope up.
and ha, her eyes, her smile and each and everything about her have filled my memories that I cherish them again and again.

there was again silence between them and unstoppable tears were flowing down Sanskaar’s cheeks and both had their heads facing towards the sea.
Even Raghida’s eyes were welled up and a few lone tears escaped her eyes.

R(without tilting her head): you know what, you are really lucky. you atleast have her memories with you and also you have your whole family to support you. but……(she stops).

S: kya hua?

R: Patha hai, I’m an orphan. I don’t even know who my parents are. I have been brought up by an orphanage in Austria.
if this was not enough, I had met with an accident 3 years back, while I was returning from a party and when I woke up on the hospital bed, I couldn’t even recall who I was.
I lost all my memories, atleast you had them.

S: but….then….how…..

R: I know what you might be thinking. how I got to know about myself.
well, my friends, the orphanage authorities, photographs, videos and most importantly (smiling) him. he just bought me back my soul and….

just then her phone rings and a smile crept up her lips while picking it up.

R: hello, Alice…..oh really… nothing, I’m fine….no, I’m at the beach……ya I called him in the morning….ya… you once I reach..bye….(laughs)…. take care.

Raghida cuts the call and then she lets out a deep sigh. Sanskaar was about to ask her about ‘him’, when she cuts him in.

R: Sanky, lets go. I’m famished.

S: sure.

they then left from there and entered into a restaurant and were proceeding with their food. both remained silent and after the dinner they were sitting in their car, driving back home.

S: vaise Rago, if you had lost your memories, then how could you believe all those people? I mean, what they were saying was true or not?

R: well, at first I didn’t get it, but then, they had all those records of me with them and there were many other things and those could never be fake.

S: ok.
well, hmmm…who was this Alice, whom you were talking on call?

R: she is one of my best friends. I hadn’t actually called her after reaching India, so she called me instead.

soon they reached their destination and Raghida got down from the car and waved goodnight to Sanskaar and went in while Sanskaar entered his house.


Raghida was continuously trying a number and she was really pissed off.

R: oh my god! why haven’t he called me till now? nor is he picking up my calls. I’m gonna kill him once I get him.

she then agains tries the same number and to her bad luck, no one answered them.

R(looking at the phone): dho din baath jab tu ayega na, thab dekhna, what I’ll do to you.

she sits there frustrated.

R: but why isn’t he picking up my calls? may be he would be in a meeting. bit still, he never leaves my calls unanswered.
urrgh!!!! I’ll show him once he comes.

she keeps on trying and it was past midnight and now she became really angry.
Raghida then gets up from her bed and goes to get water for herself and soon comes back. she was keeping the jug on thr table that she didn’t notice a silhouette entering her room through the balcony.
it approached nearer to her, through the open window.

Raghida was murmuring something to herself, most probably curses for that person who didn’t attended her calls.
just then the person who entered her room was standing right behind her and he hugged her from her back.

person: ithna gussa sehad ke liye accha nahi hota.

her eyes went wide open hearing the voice as this was something unexpected and a wide smile crept on her face when she recognised the owner of the voice and she immediately turned towards him and he kept both his hands on her waist while she was staring at him in disbelief.
the person was smiling at her while all she could utter was “Lucky”.


so guys, thats it. finally Laksh is back. now let’s just see what happens.
sorry guys for the delay and also if it was boring. my next update would only be after 24th, i.e, after my xms.
till then, bye and take care.

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