@ coffee shop

raglak are sitting inside and the waiter comes there and asks for orders

raglak: 1 cup Americano and a blueberry cheesecake.

both of them stare at each other shocked while the waiter leaves. then both starts laughing.

L: so, even you like it

R: like it! I just love it. those are my favourites
hey, lets play a game till the coffee arrives.
I will tell u a particular thing , then we have to at a time say a word which comes first to our mind when we hear it.

L: ok u start

R: hmmmm….color

raglak: red
R: i think we have many things in common.

L: ya, now my turn…….. actor

R: brad pitt

L: salman khan

R: seriously!!!!
welll, anyways… movie

raglak: boyhood

just then the waiter comes with their order and places it on their table and leaves.

R: so I think we have so much in common

L: ya, vaise, Ragini is a bit traditional name

R: I know, my grandpa kept it. actually I will tell you a secret — it is the name of grandpa’s first love, who died in an accident.
but my mumma and dad call me ragu. you could also call me the same if you want.

L: welllll, how about rags? a name which only I cab call you.

R: sure , and I will call you……. let me think…..ha.. lucky.

L: perfect
vaise rags , how long have you been here???

R: me. I was born and brought up here.

L: matlab , you have never been to India.

R: never. but I would like to visit the place. what about you?

L: I don’t even have a distant memory of India even though, i had lived there. my parents shifted to New York when I was 5 and after that we never returned back.

R: ohh so ur family is still in NY

L: yup. dad has business there and mim is a home maker . I too want to assist dad, so thought if studying MBA. thats what made me shift here.
wht about ur family???

R: well, its been almost a month since I have been staying here all alone. mumma and dad had gone to India for expanding his business there and would be staying there for a few years till things comes into terms.
tab tak, I will manage the business here. and that is y I planned to do my MBA in London itself whereas I had dine my BBA from Scotland.

L: oh, so that is why u rush after college . vaise, wht is ur company ‘s name?

R: R2G internationals

lucky who was taking a sip from his coffee choked hearind ‘R2G’.

L: what! u r the daughter of Shekhar Gadodia , the trillionaire! one of the best business man around the globe. but you haven’t mentioned it earlier.

R: relax…..
there was never a situation where I had to tell you that.

L: vaise, I had always wondered, what does this R2G stands for? how do you manage both college and office? and how can u be so down to earth even after being so rich?

R(interrupting): hey, hey, hey. breath. so many questions at one go I will answers all your questions. R2G stands for Ragini Gadodia Group, i.e, R and 2 Gs. secondly about how I manage both college and office. all thanks to my PA– Alex. he handles things very well that I am not left with much work pressure. and it’s not necessary that rich children are always spoilt brats. my parents have given me enough freedom to enjoy my life and I love my life and want to live it to the fullest. so I don’t wanted to be wasted by behaving like a spoilt brat.

suddenly she notices the time.

R: oh damn. I have to go. have an important meeting . come quickly I will drop you.

L: no thanks I’ll go by myself. the meeting is more important. all the best.

R: OK then, bye. see you tomorrow at college.

and she rushes out.

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